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Edited because what I wrote was not very nice.
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Wow, I'm sortof in shock here!!
First off, I don't know where you're doing your research, but your info on pregnancy is only valid if say we are talking elephants, humans are not pregnant for 12, 18 or 24 months.
The OP did indeed ask for advice, repeatedly, only to tell everyone why it won't work for her.
My personal opinion on her "condition" is that she likely suffers from Munchhausen Syndrome. http://www.med-help.net/Munchhausen.html Recently it is seen more and more often to play out in looking for sympathies and attention on the net. Sometimes after having been "blackballed" by many a doctor and other times the net becomes the launching pad for this illness.
For sure your post was extremely aggressive and I'm not sure in which world you would hope to change peoples opinions of someone by assaulting them, their intelligence, their community and their intentions verbally.
I am concerned by your repeated suggestions of paranoid schizophrenics. My gut reaction is to wonder if you are indeed 13th Monkey yourself.
If you care to go back and notice, all of us advised, answered questions for and attempted to support 13th monkey for a month--but it's one of those things, if you're going to complain and whine and complain and whine but you have NO intention of doing ANYTHING about your situation, then frankly, don't waste everyone's time. This may seem mean but frankly, 90% of us who responded are pregnant (yup, for real!) and we're tired, we're uncomfortable, we can't sleep, we're irratable and sometimes we pee our pants, there are many women on this board who do need help and they receive it, in copious quantities, I have limited time and I don't want to waste it on someone who is a constant taker without ever giving back to the community--I could spend that time changing my underwear--again.
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Why can't you insist someone give you an abdominal ultrasound? You can NOT miss a 24 week baby that way.

Basically you've had two bad doctors. Okay, sounds about right. I'm sure everyone here has run into at least two bad docs in their life. I maintain that if you or "13th Monkey" take out the phone book and call every lay midife and doctor in it you will be able to find someone to give you a low cost ultrasound. A nice care provider who just wants to help. Like I said, we've all had bad docs. I went through several doctors for my kids before I found a nice gentle one. You just have to keep calling to get what you want.

You and 13th Monkey are the same number of weeks, 24? Well, the thing is, in 16-18 weeks you guys will know for sure. This won't go on forever.

You'll either have babies soon or you won't........

Good luck.
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This thread makes me so sad.

If she was indeed pregnant, that poor baby in there is being neglected imo. Not all woman need prenatal care (and i respect all of you that do it all yourself - you are brave woman that know what to look out for), but someone who has never been pregnant before and doesn't know what it is like should obviously at least see a dr (or midwife) a few times! 13th monkey is being selfish in not seeking out care. :
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Originally Posted by MistyD
Well, the thing is, in 16-18 weeks you guys will know for sure.
I was thinking this same thing.
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Originally Posted by famousmockngbrd
Maybe it's the paranoid schizophrenic in me, but I can't help but be suspicious about this mysterious new poster, just happening to stumble across this thread, right after it has been resurrected...

Ah well, maybe someday someone will slap my face and bring me back to reality.
Oh I promise it's not just the paranoid schizophrenic in you. Sorry to say this has not been uncommon on other boards I'm on. Someone questions some weird inconsistencies in someone's story and suddenly their best friends/sister/mom or a stranger who's been there too suddenly posts in their defense. Checking IPs often determines they're the same person. And while pics are a nice touch on a chat board I was on we had someone who over the course of about 3-4 years faked an engagement, wedding, pg etc. She was just using pics of someone else. Think about it it's not that hard to do.

I'm sorry bad doctors or no I'm not aware of any doctor that can miss a 24 weeks fetus on an ultrasound. I just don't believe it is possible. We may all have different experiences on when we show, our belly buttons pop or we feel movement etc but there are certain things that are just kind of beyond argument. At the end of 24 weeks of gestation the average fetus weighs more than 1lb and is almost 9 inches long from crown to rump. Can you miss a sac at 7 weeks? Sure? 9 week maybe even 11 weeks I'll buy that. 24 weeks sorry not going to convince me that even the most incompetent u/s tech doing an u/s is going to miss that.
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I'm going to close this thread pending administrative review.
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