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ashleep 11-26-2004 12:33 PM

nak-excuse the typos

hi all! I need some info for my cousin. She is ~34 weeks pregnant and has moderately high blood pressure. She has been put on bedrest and is going to her ob 2x a week to check the baby's hb and her bp. She told me the docs said baby is fine but they 'are going to induce' in a few weeks. Um, if the baby is fine WHY INDUCE?! Are there risks w/ going to term and going into labor on your own w/ high blood pressure? She is in great shape other than high blood pressure. This feels so wrong to me and I want to give her some info that might encourage her to question her ob about this. Anyone BTDT or know someone who has?TIA!

Kundalini-Mama 11-26-2004 12:56 PM

In the Susan Weed book there is a recipe for bringing down your blood pressure and it involves drinking cream of tartar. Unfortunately, I am having way too many contractions (lots of BHs ) to move from my birth ball. So, do a search for susan weed and cream of tartar on these pregnancy forums. It was discussed just recently.

Normal blood pressure=no reason to induce.


Debstmomy 11-26-2004 01:22 PM

Ashlee, high BP that will not come down, with either meds or naturally, is a valid reason to induce. (Sorry, not what you wanted to hear.)
Let me elaborate a bit. If her BP will maintain at a certain rate (moderate is what you said), w/out symptoms in Mom, ie headache, seeing spots, jerky reflexes: could be a watch & see way to go, depends on how high the BP is. If if continues to rise, there is risk of siezures or coma if nothing is done. Good luck to your cousin.

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