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ekblad9's Avatar ekblad9 01:30 AM 11-12-2002
Sorry to hear you're still not feeling well, Leigh Anne. Hopefully the baby will be here soon! I can totally relate on the dh thing. (my "d" doesn't stand for "dear" or "darling", KWIM?). After I found out that the baby is breech and I have to have the version I had to take my dd1 (and the other kids) to Chuck E. Cheese for dd1's birthday. I didn't want to ruin it with my total emotional messiness so we went there for three hours. Then we come home and I leave shortly after to drive the kids and dh to the gym.(dh can't drive the kids, that's a whole nother thread). Anyway, as we're leaving the gym dh is going on and on about this awesome girl he played basketball with. Not just one mention but on and on and on. She was so good, fast, blah, blah, blah. I wanted to beat him up. What the heck is wrong with him? I'm 200 lbs, uncomfortable, can barely pick up a sock off the floor, I'm worried about this whole breech thing and he tells me how awesome another girl is. I'm still not speaking to him. He just doesn't get it. Then when he approaches me as to why I'm upset, I try to tell him and he laughs it off. Then he goes on to say that he's not the least bit worried about me or the baby. What the heck? Thanks for the support honey. It warms my heart to know you care. I wonder if he should write for Hallmark?: Thank goodness I have so many loving and caring friends and family. Thank goodness I have MDC!

tea olive's Avatar tea olive 06:45 AM 11-12-2002
amy, both my previous babes were posterior so i'd been doing everything i could physically to help prevent that. exercises, sleeping positions, posture, etc. when i talked to my midwife about it she, who had only addressed my physical needs at that time, surprised me by telling me i needed to spend time with the baby and the pregnancy, that most ladies she sees with posterior and breech are busy busy women and that i needed to talk this baby into turning around. i was a little skeptical since by then i had figured my body was shaped for a posterior baby. but it required no money and i had nothing to lose, right? well, it worked for me i had to really focus and this baby has been anterior for the past month or so, and it has surely helped that i have been trying to do pregnancy oriented things like the belly cast and getting dh to take pictures of me. thinking about making a placenta print. i know it's hard to make the time and mental space, and i only have a 2 and 4 compared to your clan.

it would help anyway for you and all of us to find some peace before the new babies come. breathe before we get busier.

i thought i felt crappy till i read the new posts. at least my dh is acting like a prince these days, i'm just soaking it up while i can! sometimes men just aren't the best companions for pregnant women, even loving husbands. good food, good vitamins, and red raspberry leaf are the only things saving me, i keep forgetting i need them and then feel terrible, the last thing i feel like doing is ingesting anything. my hematocrit was extra low last week and i've had to realize a hidden fear and get over the fact that the baby will be whatever size, i need to eat. last one was ten pounds even, not the easiest of births with back labor. i am a five foot three asian woman after all, my parents are still horrified it ever happenned. not to mention my present size. still, there was no tearing and his hand came out with his head too, so what am i scared about. and i'm coming to new terms with an abortion i had eons ago. a good friend of mine just found out that her mom has a month to live due to cancer and the mom just had a stroke as well, i guess these kinds of events help put things in perspective.

today i bought more than my list and two of some things at walmart on the last remnants of the credit card.
tea olive's Avatar tea olive 06:49 AM 11-12-2002
ohyah, lisa, thanks for the remind on the garlic!!!!!
ekblad9's Avatar ekblad9 11:58 AM 11-12-2002
Casina - Thanks for the reminder. I do need to do more things for ME! I did get a massage a few times this pregnancy but felt guilty everytime. I love my red raspberry tea! I love good food from Whole Foods but feel guilty going there. I think I will go there this week. My doula also told me to talk to the baby. The poor guy. I mean, I'm so unprepared for him vs. how I was with the other kids. I made so many plans even up to and through his due date. I had a few days sketched out that would be "open" for delivery dates. Isn't that awful? Well, I've since cancelled anything extra that we had planned. That just leaves gymnastics on Mondays, Kindermusik, dance, and guitar on Wednesdays, and art on Fridays. Not too bad. I guess I shouldn't sit around waiting for dh to help me feel better, right? Thanks for the reminder!
Vixenmama's Avatar Vixenmama 12:01 PM 11-12-2002
I don't post much here either but I'm right there with you ladies...2 weeks ago my midwife moved my due date back a week from 12/04 to 12/11.....so even though I went for my '36' week appointment last week she only considers me 35 weeks. I guess that really isn't a big deal, but come on, I've been counting the weeks for.....months!

I had the last few days off of work and tried to rest more but just ended up letting vital household routines fall away, which made me really anxious instead of rested---this experiment proved to me the value of routines! I'm sticking with them as much as possible until this baby is born.

Somehow, I twisted my knee while I was sleeping and almost had a breakdown when I discovered I could only limp, not walk and that it hurt to bend it...I mean I lost it. I was crying to dh about how impossible it was to find a comfortable position to sit in and now walking was a chore too. I think I twisted it turning from my right side to my left side. Yesterday I had to run a few errands and made myself walk quite a bit to get rid of the stiffness and soreness and that seemed to do the trick---I am so grateful for that.

So, I'm either 36 or 37 weeks pregnant, down to 2 pairs of pants that will fit, and have about 2 weeks of work left.

We bought all the supplies on the 'homebirth supplies' list our midwife gave us, but still need to get the supplies for the inflatable pool (birth tub). We're on the verge of chicken-ing out as it just seems like another hassle to saddle ourselves with. I already have the pool, so I guess i should at least try and set it up and see how it goes...

all the best to all of you dear, sweet pregnant ladies,
#1 edd 12/04/02-12/11/02 (give or take 2 weeks)
tea olive's Avatar tea olive 01:17 PM 11-12-2002
i hear the pools are really worth it it seems all the women that have ever had one swear by them. and i hear they are really easy to set up, but we chickened out cos the boys would drive my dh crazy playing in it empty or not and my dh is paranoid about water on the floor (we lost a home due to flood last year) plus i have a really deep bathtub. i still kinda wish we were having it cos it would have been exclusively a birthing space, i'm having a hard time figuring those out, i can't even sleep in the same spot these days. so at least try it for me!
Vixenmama's Avatar Vixenmama 01:21 PM 11-12-2002
dh and I tentatively rescheduled our birthpool runthrough for next saturday, so I'll spend this week looking for good systems for setup/tear down on the internet. part of the problem is that we don't know exactly what we'll need to fill it...we looked at hoses but they all said "not for hot water", and then there's getting the hose connected to the bathroom sink (so we don't have to run it from the kitchen). We live in a condo on the 3rd floor, so I understand the paranoia about having a large body of water in the house...but it has been done, eh?
zacsmama's Avatar zacsmama 03:57 PM 11-12-2002
hi everyone! it's pathetic, i haven't posted in months it seems, just lurk. i'm due 12/26, actually feel good, although i feel guilty stating this since i know so many people are starting to feeling yucky and sick of it all about now...i do have longer to go than most of you i suppose, but with ds, really felt fine until the final day, so maybe i'll get lucky twice? i'm normally very small, so getting SO sick of the comments about how i look like i'm going to tip over, etc., duh, i'm pregnant, of course i look different. can anyone tell me at about what week the baby normally goes head down, etc? i meant to ask at my dr. appt yesterday, but a bit brainless these days. i feel as if i should know on my own where s/he is, but quite frankly, i have no clue what part is where, and can't remember from last time around when it was that he was head down, seems it was at least by now, and i guess my buldge still seems more horizontal than vertical! are you able to tell on the anterior/posterior thing yourself, or does your mw/doctor have to tell you this?

i inquired about using the big birth tubs they now have at the hospital we'll be at. my doctor said that nurses at the hospital rather hate them since they are enormous and take tons of water, call them arks, but as if i care how they feel about it, i'm getting a tub set up ASAP as . met with my doula a couple of weeks ago, am taking prenatal yoga, reading a couple of books (particularly looking forward to "mind over labor"...anyone read that? supposed to be good for visualization, etc), so finally feel like i'm getting ready for this baby, at least somewhat, although i have nothing set up at home, i just don't feel like it's time to do that yet, so i'm not doing it, particularly sincei 'm not sure whether we'll be in our current house or new house by the time the baby is born. insane, i know, but i have little control over it, so not letting it stress me too much.

i've had that weird thing start pretty much this weekend where it feels like the baby is pressing down directly on my cervix when i walk, and causes sharp pain, fun! also up to getting up about 5 times at night to pee, but oddly find i'm falling to sleep easier in the recent weeks, although it's that weird, light sleep where if anyone comes into the room i'm totlaly aware that they are there, even though i thought i was asleep! i try to go to bed with ds about 8:00 so as to allow lots of awake time at night and still get a decent number of hours.

dreading the holidays since inlaws will be in town then...thought i was being direct in saying we weren't planning to do anything over xmas this year since i'm due right then, but somehow guess i wasn't direct enough. i'm such a hermit at the end of pregnancy, and having people, particularly them, in my house practically has me freaking out, but oh well, that's still 6 weeks away...
wishing you all the best in your remaining weeks/days!!!
tea olive's Avatar tea olive 12:28 AM 11-13-2002
this is the first time i've really noticed position, 3rd pg. the midwife and apprentice have helped me to determine positioning, i really tried not to laugh when the backup doctor told me last week, "i'll have to do an internal exam to make sure the head is down" i can really tell there is a hard head near the bottom, but i have had help learning what it feels like. when the baby was anterior i could press on my belly button, there was a donut type depression, and it was iffier to measure my fundus becauselegs tend to move, a firm butt at the top would mean anterior. the kicks help you locate the parts too.

i unno if the hose is really a big deal, i'll ask my midwife tomorrow. i remember her telling me to buy a new hose but nothing special. you can't be using that hot of a water anyway?
tea olive's Avatar tea olive 12:55 AM 11-13-2002
Cygnet09's Avatar Cygnet09 02:53 AM 11-13-2002
Wow, Casina! I really enjoyed the photos! You look really great! I am one blob of cellulite from arms to ankles. Not too interested in preserving my memories of that. Your boys are just adorable.

Vixenmama - Amen to two pairs of pants that fit! LOL Same here. I actually have a third pair that I can wear if I'm going to be mostly walking because they fit OK, but if I try to sit down in them the seam between the jeans and the belly fabric cuts right into me. Pretty pathetic.

We'll have another tub set up, but because the pressure is so low in the house - esp. the bathroom - we will just run the hose in from the backyard and let the underwater heater warm it up. We will probably have it set up a week or so before my due date, so that will be plenty of time to let it warm up.

Yeah, DD1 gave me more stabbing cervical pains than this one is, but I still feel them. They hurt. I also noticed that it seems like Livvie has dropped a bit. My boobs aren't resting on their little shelf anymore - but I always carry low anyway, so :
tea olive's Avatar tea olive 05:00 AM 11-13-2002
amy, i remembered a last minute technique for breech that i'd heard had success, it involves getting someone to blow a didgeridoo near your tailbone. i'm sure there are other options like that.

alis, this is the best shape i've ever been, which i am glad for but then i've arrived at it a strange way, it has something to do with my husband hurting his back badly in my first trimester, i still have to lift the 50 pound bag of dog food or fifty pound four year old dead asleep on the floor and often the 30 pound 22 month old. this month dh can hold my younger boy for a few minutes but still can't put him in the car seat. so i have had quite a workout this pregnancy.

i have one pair pants, one dress. typically at around +2. just remember other ladies have to labor those babies down and are jealous of us starting to waddle, no matter how much we pee.
tea olive's Avatar tea olive 08:19 PM 11-13-2002
victoria i asked my midwife and she said a regular garden hose does fine, you just need a new clean one. she has an adapter to connect it to a sink. i think you should think about where to drain it as well.
Vixenmama's Avatar Vixenmama 09:23 PM 11-13-2002

our 'office' is right next to the bathroom (and that's where we thought to set up the tub), so I thought if we fill it from there, we can drain it into the tub/toilet/sink? Does that sound right?

Hey, just checked out the belly pics and they're fantastic...I'm sending them to my dh. I wanted to do a cast but I hate having a lot of clutter and I couldn't think of what I'd do with it for the long haul....your mendi is completely beautiful.

all the best,
#1 edd 12/04-11/02 (give or take 2 weeks)
lilyka's Avatar lilyka 02:51 AM 11-14-2002
Just thought I would check in say hi!

Went to a prenatal visit today. I am measuring big so maybe this baby will just squish herself out when she runs out of room. The little measuring tape went all the way up to my ribs. There is just no where else for her to go but out.

I am 34 weeks today. Woo-hoo!! That is one of those important markers for us. My first baby was born at 34 weeks and that sucked so we are always happy to get past this point and start the countdown.

I am feeling better. Back to annoying contractions and such. Really not as annoying now. With each one I am just thankful that it doesn't hurt now
lilyka's Avatar lilyka 02:58 PM 11-16-2002
Wow, this thread has been really quite lately. You guys must all be off having your babies. (I am so jelouse ).

Just thought I would say hi and bump this thread up
ekblad9's Avatar ekblad9 03:59 PM 11-16-2002
I went yesterday to have the baby turned but he had done it on his own! Yippee! Now it's just a waiting game. I'm very crabby and really just want to be alone. Something that's not possible with four kids and a husband around all the time! I really feel like I want to be in a cave. I don't remember feeling this way in the past. Ah well, I'm sure it's normal. The next two weeks are going to go very slowly, I'm sure. Then I'll hit my due date and be late, as usual! Oh well!

I hope everyone is well!
BabygirldueNov25th's Avatar BabygirldueNov25th 04:09 PM 11-16-2002
I am still pregnant.......although I still have nine days left until EDD, I was hoping she'd come early. There is not much else left in preparing. I'd like to clean the entire house before she comes, but I haven't had much energy lately.
Today, hubby and I are going to the library to check out some c.d.'s we can copy in the computer to use at the birth. I don't have any easy listening stuff...only rock, and I can't afford to go out and buy a bunch. I was thinking maybe accoustic guitar, irish celtic, and italian opera.
So, when are you all due again?
I can't wait to write a birth story. I am going to try to get hubby to write one too...his version...wouldn't that be cool to post?

Take care everyone!!!!!
spyiispy's Avatar spyiispy 08:07 PM 11-16-2002
I'm still here, Sandra! No baby for me yet. At my last midwife app't, I measured smaller than I did at the previous app't. Midwife thinks it is because the baby has dropped down (which is good)......but she said, if I was using an ob, they would probably want to do an ultrasound to check for low amniotic fluid. However, baby is moving around just fine and I've upped my fluid intake....so no worries here. At my next app't, I'll get my GBS results back.......but even if it would be +....I will not be using IV antibiotics in labor. Anybody wrestling with this??

Amy.....I was glad to hear that your little bugger has decided to cooperate and flip head-down. What a relief! Giving you grey hairs already, huh??

Jenni.......boy, you are getting close. As for as music is concerned, for relaxation....I really like Enya (Day Without Rain, particularly).....but for early labor, to keep your mind occupied, I'd listen to the Dixie Chicks (Fly), just cuz the songs are so catchy and easy to sing along with. Oh, oh....another one that I just LOVE to sing along with is the Beatles "One" album that came out not too long ago. It has all their #1 hits on it. Its hard not to dance around to that one.....you might just dance that baby right on out!! LOL

How's everyone else doing??
ekblad9's Avatar ekblad9 12:32 AM 11-17-2002
Enya is my labor music choice as well. I've been using them for my bubble baths and when I get massages. I'm hoping it will help soothe me in labor!
feather's Avatar feather 03:53 PM 11-17-2002
I am still here as well. Thought I was going a few days ago for sure. Mucus plug came out like a huge jellyfish, and I started having a few painful contractions, but then everything just stopped.

I wish I could use all of my Enya music during labor, but being a massage therapist I used to use it alot during sessions. Now all it makes me think about is having a client come for a massage........... so I need something new. That is actually on my list of to-do's today.

This baby better come soon- I don't know how much more preparing I can stand. Every day I think of *one more thing* that I HAVE to have bought or done!

BabygirldueNov25th's Avatar BabygirldueNov25th 05:52 PM 11-17-2002
I got my c.d.'s for the birth.........don't laugh guys, but I got what relaxes me now which is some light opera....Charlotte Chuch and Sarah Brightman, and some Latin/Spanish guitar. I wonder if my midwife will laugh!.......well maybe not, her last birth was a yoga instructor who brought chanting monks on cd.
spyiispy's Avatar spyiispy 06:51 PM 11-17-2002
Oh Jenn.....how exciting!!! When the baby comes and you've recovered...be sure to let us know, okay?

Jenni....good picks for labor CDs. I had totally forgot about Sarah Brightman and Charlotte Church. I have several Sarah Brightman CDs (Eden & Time to Say Good-bye) (I have Luna but I don't really care for it) and one Charlotte Church. I'm sure your midwife won't laugh...those are excellent choices

lilyka's Avatar lilyka 07:36 PM 11-17-2002
Wow, I had a major nesting urge yesterday. Our office is now a baby sactuary (we have never had a babay room so why start now - but little bean will definitely need a place to be away from his overly loving big sister (2yo) and his thinks she is really much biger than she is older sister (6yo). Anyway this room is cleaner and less crowded than it has ever been and it is quite nice this way. Next is our room, which is terribly empty now that the last of the childrens things have been moved out. I feel so much more organized this time. I guess that is one of the gifts you get with your third

The birthing music I picked is The Bengamin Gate. They are less that relaxy but it is easy to get lost in thier music. it is hard to explain but if you have never heard them I highly recommend picking up thier CD. They're both good but htier first one is my favorite. Last time it was Sarah Mclaughlin (surfacing) and before that Indigo Girls (Swamp Ophelia).

Just some random questions:

How much baby care do you think a 6 year old is capable of? I am not talking about baby sitting or anything but she wants to change her diaper and I am sure she will think she is old enough to carry him around (she carries Lily around every where and she weighs 35# but Lily is considerably tougher than a newborn). I was discussing it with her and asked her if she thought she could take over a couple of feedings a day and she looked at me like I was crazy and told me "I haven't got milk in these ninis mama but I can pump yours for ya!!" What a helper .

Can I paint while I a pregnant? I don't have the urge to paint the whole house but our changing table clashes with the walls and our dining room has had the same two cans of paint in it for a year now. If it doesn't get done soon it just isn't going to happen. I painted our house a few weeks before I had Lily but now she is a little strange. . . . (JK, shes special ).
mcimom's Avatar mcimom 02:35 AM 11-18-2002
I am GBS+ and will do the IV antibiotic. I'll probably wimp out and get the epi anyway so I'll need an IV for that. I'm not worried, but all I can think is I'd rather have the antibiotic going into me and keep things clear than have the baby have to get an antibiotic if something were off after I deliver. I'm a little more mainstream about this childbirth thing than I'd like to be...oh well. My last two deliveries went really well (6 hours of hard labor and pushing) and I was induced and had pitocin and an epi for both (pre-eclampsia). Even given those circumstances, I was pretty happy w/the whole experience, esp. w/DD2, even being at the hospital and all medical, it was so peaceful. After she delivered, they laid her on top of me w/warm blankets, she nursed right away, and I held her for like 20 minutes before they took her the 2 feet away to get cleaned up. She never left the room it was wonderful after DD1 having to be in the NICU for 4 days and me having to be on complete bedrest w/mag. sulf. for 24 hours post-delivery.

I painted DD2's crib while pg w/her. Can't say for sure if it did any damage, I think not though. I painted in a well-ventilated area and did it in short bursts. I am so "nesting" too but have so far managed to get someone else to do the work. My sisters came and cleaned my house top to bottom this weekend while I took my girls to my folks (it was my late birthday gift - heavenly!). And of course my mom and dad took over and did everything w/the girls so all I did was eat and sleep which means I probably gained more weight, but it felt so good to be babied! My DH is just not good for that at all. He seems to have only recently realized that I am indeed pregnant and is just now showing enthusiasm about the birth. Better late than never I guess? :

My CDs are all classical. Only this time I also have "Winnie the Pooh" packed b/c I'm sure my girls will be visiting. LOL - that'd be something to deliver to, eh?

I have a new to-do list every day. I keep thinking everytime I cross the last thing off, "ok, now I'm really ready," but nothing happens so I think of 2-3 things the next day that have to be done before I deliver and on it goes...

I'm SOOOOO crabby, it's not even funny. And I'm mean, I keep slipping and speaking my mind to my girls, usually I shut myself in the bathroom and just shout at them from the inside, "please just leave mommy alone for one minute!" and I can hear my 3.5yo outside explaining to my almost 2yo that "mommy just needs a little break, it's okay, come w/me and I'll read to you" So sweet, but do I feel like a heel! I'm so glad to hear Evan turned!

everyone else-
Hope all is well!! Can't wait to start hearing birth stories (please let me be first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL)

tea olive's Avatar tea olive 05:06 AM 11-18-2002
no such luck, my "medically accurate" due date is tomorrow. my last babe was 24 days late so i must keep patience as my friend. my dad told me i shouldn't be driving, it's this kind of stuff that makes waiting exasperating.
smaug's Avatar smaug 01:27 PM 11-18-2002
hello everyone!

I just helped dh paint the basement. I wore this mask that is supposed to be for latex paint and something else. I also wore it to sweep up the dust from spakalding(sp?) sanding.

I had this cd called "music for yoga meditation" for my first birth. I think I was actually "listening" to a whale sounds disc when my son came out. I don't care for lyrics when I am in labor/meditation. My dh knows this Native American musician, and he just released a new cd that I want to get for this birth. Lots of drumming, flute, etc. I feel very much rooted in the earth and tribal vibes during labor, so that kind of music is perfect.

Had to have a non-stress test this past week due to decreased fetal movement. All is well, though. ONe of my midwives asked if I was doing e.p.o. and the cohashes to get things going. I won't do the cohashes or any other induction after my first experience. Actually, I am not in a great hurry to have this baby. I think this will be my last pregnancy, so I am a bit sad for it to be over. To know I probably won't ever have a little person inside me again makes me sad. But we can't afford these kids without a lot of help, so I know we can't have another. I need to finish college and then we have 2 kids to put through school!!! I hate that economics is determining our family size. But my dh will never make much money (he is in education) and we want to eventually not live paycheck to paycheck!!!! So I am really trying to enjoy these last weeks. I know my body will never again look so beautiful or be as important.

We are tye-dying some things for Baby and ds today. I tried to make a fleece blanket yesterday, but I wasn't real patient and it looks like poo!!!

take care everyone!!!
spyiispy's Avatar spyiispy 12:54 AM 11-19-2002
MACMOM.....How come dd1 had to be in the NICU for 4 days?? Is she alright now? That's funny how she takes care of your dd2 while you're in the potty...lolol. I don't have Winnie the Pooh...but I do have Kenny Loggins "Return to Pooh Corner" which I like ALOT. Do you have that one?

casina....hang in there, woman! Wow, 24 days past your medical due date must've been torture. What have you been doing lately to keep occupied?

smaug.....I know what its like to be tight financially. DH has been laid off for almost a year now (some timing, huh??) So, what did you use to tie dye?? I'd like to do some of that for our baby....mainly some onesies, but I don't want any harsh dyes or anything. When's your little one coming?? I feel soooo unprepared.

lilyka's Avatar lilyka 02:49 PM 11-19-2002
Wow, this has been a wierd pregnancy. It is like every wierd/horrible thing my friends have been subjected to that I have managed to avoid has been laid on me this time. Early on I threw up every time I smelled poop (dd still in dipes so that was at least once a day. ) and then peed my pants everytime I threw up. Good thing we never had company while Iwas yacking. I also have hed morning sickness throughout this whole preg. i have had numerous infections and now I have swollen feet/hands and numb lags. i am starting to get a little paranoid about reading threads in this forum lest I start picking up everyone elses conditions

Anyway about the swelling (can you believe this is my 3rd preg and I have never had swelling). Is there anything you can do about it. What kind of damage can this cause - I feel like my feet are going to pop. I shtere something that causes this? i can hardly walk because my ankles won't bend very much. It is almost laughable the way they look.

And are numb lags normal? They kinda feel like they got a shot of novicane. Tingly when I touch them. It started in one leg and is now spreading to the other. weird stuff i tell ya.
crzymommy's Avatar crzymommy 02:55 PM 11-19-2002
Have you talked to your care provider about the swelling? That sounds like pretty excessive swelling. How is your blood pressure? I think a bit of end of day swelling in the feet is normal, but yours sounds like alot.

Sorry you're not feeling so great.

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