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BabygirldueNov25th's Avatar BabygirldueNov25th 02:36 AM 11-22-2002
Don't get me wrong, my midwife is really nice, sweet, and informed, but something is really bothering me.......She doesn't remember things I tell her, and keeps asking me the same questions almost every visit, and it is really bothering me. The main things she keeps asking me are:

What is your plan for labor?
Who is attending the birth?

and the worst is the fact that she keeps forgetting I'm having a girl, so she keeps asking me about circumcision. I know I have only seen her since the 30th week, but I had two interviews with her, and like 6 or 7 visits. She only writes down the medical stuff, and nothing else I say. As for the birth plan, I could have written one out and given it to her, but it was so simple, and mostly everything I wanted was things they normally do anyways.

See, I wanted this to be more personal than a regular doctor, but at least they keep notes on what you say (at least mine did), so that you didn't have to repeat yourself all the time, and at least it seemed as if they cared about you enough to remember what you said. When I was working at Jenny Craig as a weight loss consultant, I had like 50-60 different clients I saw every single week, and I managed to remember things about their personal lives that I didn't write down, and could ask them about at their next visit......like if they said their child was sick, I'd ask them how the child was doing. Right now I don't think she sees any more than like 20 women.

So my question is, should I bring this up to her, or let it go since I am so close to delivering anyways. The problem with letting it go is that I probably won't come back for another pregnancy (which means I'd have to go to a hospital next time because it's the only birthing center in the area). Another thing is that if it's bothering her other patients too, she might like to know. The simple solution would just to be to take notes, or have each patient write out a detailed birth plan to keep in the file that she could refer back to.
If she acts funny about me telling her, though, it could make it uncomfortable to be around her, and then what would I do?

Any feedback on this would be soooo great!

Just in case anyone reads the midwives and doulas posts, I think I am going to put this same message on that board too, to get some midwives opinions.


BabygirldueNov25th's Avatar BabygirldueNov25th 02:49 AM 11-22-2002
Oh, and I have another question for all................

Does anyone have a good recipie for an herbal bath I can take once the baby is born? My midwives suggested I ask on here.

I saw them last night and surprisingly they did a vaginal exam to make sure the baby was head down like they thought. I knew she was because I know what it's like to be kicked in the lower part of my tummy, and she's definately not doing that anymore. Plus she sticks her big ol' booty out all the time to add a peak onto the mountain of my stomach. While examining me they said that my cervex is still back and hasn't moved down yet, so they know I'm not dialated or effacing yet. AHHHHH!!!! I want this baby out! If I haven't already said, I started taking Evening Primrose oil tabs three days ago, but I won't really know if they'll be what will help things along or not. Just as long as I feel I am doing something to help.
I am giving myself somthing to look forward to besides the birth......I plan to decorate for Christmas next Saturday if she hasn't come yet. Since it's our first Christmas in our house, that should be really fun.
tea olive's Avatar tea olive 06:23 AM 11-22-2002
i haven't been able to formulate the birth story but i wanted to say hello. everything went fine. lisa, i agree i look serene, i guess that picture is the homebirth promo, really how i felt was exhausted and surrendered. i had a what i would call a seven hour birth, with 12 hours of prelabor. my contractions were ten minutes apart almost the whole time which was a blessing and curse, i can now respect my fast and hard labors in a different way. i pushed for fifteen minutes and that if didn't make me tear, i don't think anything can since clay was ten pounds with nuchal arm.

anyway the reason i got here is because i want to tell someone about my magic medicine, and maybe some of you can at least hear it. it's like the whole birth process, i feel everyone does what they are meant to do. i've really debated about writing this, please understand that i really feel people could use this important information, i have felt unable to freely share it with family and friends.

i have swallowed ten-fifteen tiny pieces of placenta cut with scissors when i feel tired or icky in the past two days and it has done wonders. the first piece was after i had taken my first nap after birth and awakened dizzy and nauseated and asked my dh very nicely to cut me a few pieces, i had not expected to have to ask any one to do this very gross thing for me. but i really wanted to try it to see if it would do anything. i put a piece under my tongue and waited because i was a little scared, i had read it could induce strong contractions. well it didn't, so i swallowed it. my dh says he could see a vast change in me in fifteen seconds overall, he said he could see my skin turn prettier and my mind came back. the fog lifted and i felt instantly better, went ahead and enjoyed a delicious meal. today is 48 hrs later and i have walked around all day, i have been really careful. i'm usually bedridden for, well, i always have to get up before i'm ready, a few days to a week.
after my last two preg i had serious ppd and bled for what seemed forever almost a month. my bleeding is already very light, about where it was at three weeks previous postpartum. and i feel great, i even had the energy to get mad about something silly and my dh was amazed i felt well enough to feel angry instead of crying.

so there i've put it out there. baby's calling me, i'm engorged,
love y'all
zacsmama's Avatar zacsmama 09:31 PM 11-22-2002
casina - wow, i've never heard of that. where did you learn of this practice? that's fabulous that you're feeling so good, amazing, really. now i understand why you had stated how important it was to you to keep the placenta. i'm glad you felt comfortable enough to share this info, i find it fascinating to learn about non-conventional things that can help women with pregnancy, etc. best wishes for these early days. i have the feeling this thread is soon going to get rather lonely...finally we december mamas are going to have to actually start our own thread! i was on this major kick today, getting some things in order at work so i feel like i woudln't freak out if i were suddenly gone. tonight is our prenatal yoga for labor and delivery class, should be fun. i've been reading tons lately, just got the natural childbirth the bradley way book. i'm wondering if anyone has experience doing the total relaxation thing they talk about during contractions...it seems kind of contrary to the concept that i'd otherwise heard of that you should be up and about and active, not laying down, while you labor. anyone have thoughts here? hope everyone is doing well and hope to hear more baby announcements from some of you late november mamas!
mamamoo's Avatar mamamoo 09:51 PM 11-22-2002
Casina~Thank you so much for posting that info!! I had HORRIBLE ppd with my second child, I felt so detached. It was so unlike my experience with my first. If she had been my first I probably wouldn't have even nursed her. Luckily we stuck with it, and actually are still nursing now. Anyway, I think I will try anything so as not to have that experience again, and what better way than with something my body produced especially for this time in my life.
IfMamaAintHappy's Avatar IfMamaAintHappy 08:37 AM 11-23-2002
I havent shared this with any of my online board friends, but I have been in labor since yesterday morning.

I woke at 9 am yesterday in pain. I spent 8 hours with constant and LIGHT and easy to talk through contractions lasting 90 seconds, with 30-45 second break between them. At 5 pm they pretty much stopped. I randomly timed several contractions at about 6 different times during the day, and they came right on schedule each set I timed... didn't have 3 pain free minutes in a row all day until they stopped. I had bloody show off and on for a few hours last night beore I went to bed. (As of 9 days ago I was already 100% effaced and 4 cm dilated). I woke at 1 am to really nasty cramps, like day one of your period where you can sorta feel the lining of your uterus sluffing off, not rhythmic, nothing I couldn't deal with just laying there. I have been awake and asleep at various points during the night and feel fairly rested at 5:30. Hoping to sleep a bit more, but 2 yr old woke up, so until I can catch another nap, I'm on toddler duty. I know she knows something is up, she seems very intuitive.

Hoping I dont have this cramping and/or that same light constant labor today, that it actually speeds up and spaces out and becomes real contractions, but one never knows what labor will be like. Will keep you posted. Thanks for giving me somewhere to share!
ekblad9's Avatar ekblad9 11:44 AM 11-23-2002
Ging-Ging I hope you're doing alright. I had that really prolonged labor with my last baby. I was at a 4 and efaced for weeks too! My then 2 yo ds stroked my hair all night long when I would wake up in pain. It was truly amazing. You'll be in my thoughts!

As for me, I just keep repeating to myself "get him out"! I'm so over this. I honestly don't know how or why I've done this five times. I went shopping last night for the first time in like five months. It was actually fun. I bought two nursing nightgowns and a couple of small things for the baby (I had a gift certificate from months ago and finally decided to use it). Anyway, I think I'm going to put my Christmas tree up today (I know it's really early). I'm just going to do the lights, no ornaments. Dh doesn't do trees and I don't want to have to do it myself with engorged breasts and a newborn. We can decorate in a couple of weeks. I also want to finish wrapping my Christmas gifts. Maybe it will pass the time?

I hope you're all doing well!
tea olive's Avatar tea olive 03:55 PM 11-23-2002
jeni, remember that contractions are there for a reason, they are all beneficial to leading the baby out. rest all you can, eat the best food and pamper yourself meanwhile and you will continue to have mental emotional and physical energy.

mamamoo, i'm glad you are glad for info, pm me anyone if you have any more questions, just tell me here you have pmed me.

my dh has been coming here and enjoying all the congrats, i'm sending what energy i have for y'alls birthings. we are swooning in babymoon and in love with our other children again, it is all worth it. you will get there.
feather's Avatar feather 11:27 PM 11-23-2002
Jeni, I too have been having the prolonged labor. I had it with dd as well. The cramping is really bad tonight so I am wondering if this is finally it. The good news is, with the prolonged/less horrible labor pains, it seemed to make the final countdown go really fast with my dd. Once my water broke I barely had time to get to the hospital! Glad I will be home this time.
Casina - I am going to pm you with a question or two on the placenta. I have followed your research on it mainly because I did a few searches and read all of your old posts in the process. I hope it is working for you......anyway, I am pm'ing you.
Hope you all are well this evening

feather's Avatar feather 11:30 PM 11-23-2002

Lisa ~ thank you for posting the bread recipe.

mcimom's Avatar mcimom 01:10 AM 11-24-2002
I just delivered my 8 pound, 13 ounce bundle of joy - Isabel Eva - yesterday (Friday, November 22) at 1:11pm. Started contractions at 11pm Thursday evening (slept through them, I thought I was dreaming! LOL), got to the hospital at 7am, water broke at 11am, epidural around noon, pitocin at 12:30pm, pushed for 17 minutes - both of us remained intact! Who could ask for more?!?

We came home this afternoon to two VERY loving big sisters (their first fight - "it's my baby, no mine!" is on video tape

That's all for now, I feel pretty good, but tired! Good luck to all of you - wishing you the birth of your dreams!

Lots of love from a happy mommy!

ekblad9's Avatar ekblad9 01:20 AM 11-24-2002
Congratulations! I can't wait to meet your newest member! I'm so happy that everything went well and that you are both healthy! I can't wait to get this baby out of me!
IfMamaAintHappy's Avatar IfMamaAintHappy 01:20 AM 11-24-2002
Feather, good to know youre feeling the way Im feeling. I feel sorry for us both in a way, but at least I have the camraderie of someone actively going through it while I am going through it too. Hopefully it will indeed make active labor shorter. But one never knows.

I could not have been more active today, but nothing but more of the same painful cramping has resulted. Once I cried about how tired and disappointed I was that the baby didnt come after all that yesterday and last night, i have been feeling much better. Dont think baby is coming tonight or even tomorrow during the day, just doesnt feel like it now. I went out and got stuff to cook for some college kids that we were having over for supper, and bought some veggie trays and fruit for the midwife and doula, and me if I am hungry during labor, and a rotisserie chicken for use after the birth. So now I am more prepared.

Thanks for your support. It really means a lot right now!!
BabygirldueNov25th's Avatar BabygirldueNov25th 02:05 AM 11-24-2002

You are so blessed! I am in the upstairs office in my home, and just yelled downstairs to my hubby "AH, they're all having their babies!"
My guess was that I'd go into labor today, and as for my time zone here, I only have an hour left to accomplish that, though.

I can't wait to hear your birth story, and see photos!
feather's Avatar feather 02:31 AM 11-24-2002
Yes, congratulations Macmom! Glad to hear everything went as you wanted.
We ARE all dropping like flies! Inevitable though, huh.
It's funny, or NOT so funny ------ I have prepared about 4 different rounds of food for the midwife and her assistants over the span of this past week. Only to have to keep freezing HALF when nothing happens! LOL. Tonight I told dh I am NOT cooking anymore food in preparation for this event, it is just too tiring! He has a list for the grocery store all set, and he is running out to buy bagels, cream cheese, quiches, and fruit - JUST as soon as we are CERTAIN it is happenning for REAL!!! UGH!
So funny how my main concern for the birth of my second child, is wether or not everyone will have enough to eat...........

Going to bed now. We will see if I make it uninterrupted to sun-up AGAIN!

tea olive's Avatar tea olive 02:42 AM 11-24-2002

congratulations leighanne!!!!!

welcome isabel eva!

love casina
IfMamaAintHappy's Avatar IfMamaAintHappy 11:09 AM 11-24-2002
Congratulations to all the new babies and families!!!!

well feather, I'm still here, are you?

I had a much better night's sleep than night before last (whew!), but went to sleep with and woke up with the same awful cramps. If it were my period, Id take midol or something and just be done with it. My biggest fear aside from a hospital transfer or a c-section is being too sleep deprived to labor well, so even if this is my lat good night's sleep, Im grateful for it.

If baby holds out till tomorrow afternoon, my mom will get to watch my home waterbirth, which is almost reason enough to put it off... but I told baby to come out and not wait for grandma. Nice thing is that I know she will stay till I am on my feet again, even if it is more than the 2 weeks she has planned, so I dont have to worry about beat the clock. If baby doesnt come till December 2nd, and her flight is leaving on the 6th, she won't just leave me.

I know what you mean about wanting to have food for the midwife and doula!!!! Plus the front room and the kitchen are clean and ready for birth and company after. So where's the baby?!

I swear I really did have bloody show, and it was more than twice, and it was a significant amount, and Im already 4 cm!!!!!! What's the deal?! LOL

At least I think its amusing now, and Im not bawling about it. Im glad I accepted that things will go the way they go and not worry about the information I find that tells me that I should have had the baby by now. Going to church today, going to walk most of the afternoon, will rest some, but want to stay as mobile as possible.

*HUGS* feather. Please email me when you have yours so I can rejoice with you that there really is an end to this slow stuff!!!
smaug's Avatar smaug 12:53 PM 11-24-2002
CONGRATULATIONS MACMOM!!!!!! welcome Isabel !!!!

feather's Avatar feather 02:01 PM 11-24-2002
Hi Jeni ~

Still here too. Would have put BIG money that last night was the night.
I am going to walk as much as possible today as well. Didn't make it to church though, so you are doing better than me!
~You let me know as well.

lilyka's Avatar lilyka 09:19 PM 11-25-2002
I am still here and still pregnant. I felt horrible yesterday. My first dd gave me the fits during pregnancy and did some permant damage in my middle (we have never really identified what it is that is hurting) and that was really sore yesterday. Then the bean was in a deep sleep about the time I relized I hadn't felt him move in quite a while so I laid around poking at him for 3 hours before he finally woke up, then wouldn't stop kicking me. i was also having contractions about 3-6 minutes apart all day. If they were doing something I would cheer for each one but all they are doing is driving me crazy.

I have to go in for my GBS test tomarrow and since my pants will already be down I think I will have her check and see if i am dialating yet. I will only be dissapointed if she says no but it would be so helpful to know if I am doing anything. As a general rule i avoid internals like the plauge but I am so ready for this to be done. i am turning into a freak and for my mental health need this baby out of me.
ekblad9's Avatar ekblad9 09:23 PM 11-25-2002
I was up for hours last night poking my baby too. I was terrified there was something wrong. He was fine but probably irritated at me! I went to the midwife today and he is breech again. Supposedly they're going to turn and induce him tomorrow but I'm not holding my breath. I'm worried sick, though. I thought I had this down by baby number five. I guess I haven't got a clue. So, we're going through the motions again. Kids have a place to stay, clothes to wear, etc. I have my bag packed....again. Whatever. We'll see what happens. I have to call at 7 am. They'll tell me to come in at 2pm again (and I'm not supposed to eat or drink anything! Yah right!) I'm so ready for this drama to end. As is everyone involved, I think!
spyiispy's Avatar spyiispy 11:13 PM 11-25-2002
WELCOME baby Isabel! We can hardly wait to see pictures of you and hear your "coming into the world" story. Leighanne, if you're managing to get online these days......congrats! We're eagerly awaiting the details!!

Ladies, ladies.....our precious ones will arrive exactly at the moment they are intended to, not a moment before, not a moment after!!

Jenni: here's a recipe for an herbal sitz bath for you. You can also put this in your squirt bottle to rinse with. Its a simple recipe and I was looking for another recipe I first saw at my midwife's office. I am going there tomorrow....will write it down for you.


Comfrey leaves (¼ pound)
Calendula flowers (¼ pound)
Lavender flowers (¼ pound)


Combine the herbs and store in an airtight container in a cool, dark cupboard. Boil approximately a gallon of water or just use a large stock pot. Once the water boils, turn off the heat and add a large handful of each herb. Cover and let steep for at least one hour (longer is better). When ready, pour the herb water directly into the tub through a strainer and discard the herbs. Your herb bath can be made in early labor so that it will be nice and strong when you're ready for it. The mixture can sit at room temperature for up to 24 hours. If not used within 24 hours, strain out the herbs and refrigerator the fluid. It will keep for 2-3 days. You can brew up the next batch just after the current bath. Then, whenever you're ready for the bath, it's ready for you!

Jenn....you are certainly welcome for the bread recipe. When you try it...let me know how it turned out for you. My favorite way to eat it is....right out of the oven...lots of butter and drizzled with honey! Are you the one that asked me for a pumpkin recipe?? I have a yummy pumpkin roll recipe with cream cheese icing. (Must call mom for it).

lilyka......good luck with your GBS. I got my negative results last week. Was very relieved not to have to deal with it. What are your thoughts about it?

Amy.....(this is for baby Evan....) EVAN, quit turning around! You are driving your mama crazy! LOL Let us know how your day goes tomorrow. Its a great day to be born!!! I'm sure you know the drill well.....but one can't help get excited at the prospect of a brand new baby! Its just in our nature Our prayers and thoughts are with you, sweetie!

That goes for everyone......so nice to have met y'all on MDC. I have found a home ((((hugs))))

lilyka's Avatar lilyka 12:51 AM 11-26-2002
Spyiispy - If I am GBS positive (although my midwife assures me I am not ) I will definitely be treated. I have had 7 rounds of antibiotics this pregnancy what is onemore. The only thing is I am not sure how it will work for me to go to the hospital at the last minute. It isnot like I plan on being there untill I am in transition and yeah right they are going to be able to get anywhere near me with needles at that point. I think we may work it out so that I go in as soon as labor starts and get a dose of antibiotics and then go home and get a second dose (or however they do it) after I get there. She promised me i wouldn't have to be hooked up toan IV the whole time but other than that she said wwe shoulkd wait before freaking out over anything (because after all, i will be negative ). So we will see. The thinkg that convinced me to do it at all is that a I met someone whos baby was born infected and only had a 6% chance of survival. You know, it is so rare, butit just isn't worth the risk. It is so simple just to take care of it in the long run. Besides when I come back negative (happy thoughts, happy thoughts) I wil be inthe clear and my ped. will be much more at ease in giving us the early release.
ekblad9's Avatar ekblad9 01:34 AM 11-26-2002
Well, I'm a wreck and can't sleep. The doula called and got me all doubting my decisions again. I honestly don't know what to do. She really wants me to deliver breech but I don't feel strong enough to try it. Dh is paranoid about me possibly getting a csection. I am totally against that as well. Heck, I'm against everything that is going on in my body right now. I've been crying for an hour. As of right now I'm sticking with the original plan. I'm sure they'll cancel the whole procedure tomorrow anyway. They'll be too busy or something. Who knows? I just have to trust that whatever happens is meant to be. I'll keep you updated. Thanks for the support! This baby has given me more grey hairs than the first four have combined and he's not even born yet!
spyiispy's Avatar spyiispy 05:06 AM 11-26-2002
Oh Amy......so sorry to hear of your emotional rollercoaster ride! If you're still up.....I'd urge you to get down on your knees and pray (if that is something you're comfortable with). Pray for peace of mind, for your baby to find the best way out into the world, and for the strength of your convictions.

My midwife says "babies know how to get in....and they know how to get out." I truly believe that. Have you ever heard this from French physician Dr. Michel Odent, “One cannot help an involuntary process. The point is not to disturb it.” Baby Evan knows how to get out.......we have to trust that. How are you planning on inducing?? It might be wise to start with the least invasive method possible.....nipple stimulation (if you can handle that), stripping your membranes, etc. Remember, its YOUR baby and YOUR body and everybody works for YOU!

Our thoughts are with you....

smaug's Avatar smaug 11:48 AM 11-26-2002
Hi Amy, I will be thinking of you today and praying for you and Baby Evan.

I am 40 weeks and haven't been tested this time for GBS. I am asking my mw about it tomorrow at my appt. Now I am a little worried. Do you need to be tested every pregnancy?

Goodluck to everyone! Casina--if you check back with us--hope you are still feeling well and having a great time with your family!!!
tea olive's Avatar tea olive 12:46 PM 11-26-2002
i skipped the gbs myself and fortunately my backup dovtor thought it was unnecessary as well (surprised me!)

everything is going really well, relatively. i have been checking back on y'all and though i am now on a different part of the path and though it is truly wonderful and ridiculously difficult, i hope you can find the moments to enjoy before your life becomes even more chaotic, as uncomfortable as you may feel. for example, over here i had no idea it would be a luxury to put only one child to bed!

amy, i've been really thinking about you. take deep breaths, i've been reminding myself as well. i think at this point if i were you i would consider allowing things go the way they are meant to happen. stressing out about the possibilities is only going to wear you out. and you and evan need to keep all that energy. my heart is with you.

BabygirldueNov25th's Avatar BabygirldueNov25th 04:08 PM 11-26-2002
Well now I am officially 40 weeks as of yesterday. I just thought, "what is going to be my name on here once the baby is born.....no one will know me if I change it!" Anyways, last night I had my first signs that anything is progressing....which is what I really wanted, but it scared the heck out of me. First of all, I was laying in bed watching tv, and felt a pop at my cervix. I knew my water didn't break, and I felt this before, but never felt cramping or pressure afterwards. I didn't do anything, just kept laying there, but I told Dan about it. He said, maybe it's labor, and I said I think I'd know if it was a contraction. Well, then an hour later I went to the bathroom and noticed blood on the toilet paper. I figured it would be discolored if any blood came out, but it was bright red which worried me. My midwife's pager # wouldn't work for me, for some reason, so I was freaking out until I remembered I had the other midwife's home phone #. She said a capillary must have burst because I am dialting. Boy, was that a relief! She said to get rest and eat well, and unless anything else major happened, they'd see me Wednesday for my appt.
Now I believe the plug is coming out a little at a time when I go to the bathroom, which also makes me feel like things are moving along. Now I don't feel like I'll be pregnant forever!
lilyka's Avatar lilyka 05:11 PM 11-26-2002
Jenni-I would have completely freaked out. I am such a wreck during the end of my pregnancy that that would have completely pushed me over the edge. It is so good to know that can happen. Good luck.

Amy - Do what you feel you gotta do. If it makes you feel any better my midwife told me about a woman who was having her 5th child and in denial about it being breech until she went into labor. The baby was born before they even got coats on the kids and got them out the door. She said it was the easiest delivery she had ever had. So just because the little bugger keeps flipping around a breech birth won't nessecarily be a horrible thing. I hope he comes soon regardless of what position he ends up coming in. I feel so bad for you with all the "today's the day no it isn't stuff" It would drive me crazy.

I am so jelouse of everyone having thier baby. I can't wait. We finally decided on a girls name. So it is time to go. I was playing with the baby clothes today too. imagining what it would be like to hold a new born again. I am so excited. lily is just happy that I will be able to hold her and carry her occaisionally again and madeline can't wait to really have a chance to mother hen this one now that she is more capable. It is going to be so fun.
mamamoo's Avatar mamamoo 08:32 PM 11-26-2002
It's so exciting to see everyone having their babies. I still have two weeks and three days until I'm due(not that anyone is counting) , but I am in so much pain right now. My back \pelvis have HURT since about 12 weeks and it has only gotten worse. I finally went to the chiropractor about two weeks ago, and it was the first time in months that I could walk when I got out of bed. Well I only went three times, and can't afford to go back. OUCH!!
I am so tired, but have so much to do.
My carpets are getting steam cleaned on the 2nd, so I have to wait until at least then. Although it will probably be after my due date, which is okay too I guess. I just want my back to stop hurting.
Thanks for letting me complain a bit, everyone at home is sick of hearing it.LOL

Congratulations to everyone having their babies, and I am sending wonderful, empowering birthing vibes to all of those that are left!!
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