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Heavenly's Avatar Heavenly 11:46 AM 05-06-2005
I figured a bunch of preggo's would be the best people to ask! :LOL I'm kind of in a weird situation right now. We are planning to start ttc this month. We specifically kept up with our condom use in April as we didn't want a January baby. We had sex 2 days before ovulation with a condom and I am now 11 dpo. The weird thing is my luteal phase is 12 days and I have no signs of an impending period. Also I am still nursing my 2.5 year old and the last few days my nipples are really sore while she is nursing. I have never had that before, even when AF was coming. I don't have regular periods so maybe I just didn't notice the sore nips before. The other thing is I have lots of creamy to watery CM and I usually get quite dry after O. I am totally okay if I am not pregnant because I would be due on my son's birthday and I would rather not be. We were planning on ttc this month anyway. So I am not hoping to be pregnant I am just wondering. The condom didn't break but I don't know if it can fail anyways or if it is possible for it to have a problem without noticing it?

Artisan's Avatar Artisan 11:50 AM 05-06-2005
Sure. It happened on Friends.
pfamilygal's Avatar pfamilygal 11:51 AM 05-06-2005
Yeah, ours is named Abigail. And my sister's is Adam. But blesssings all around.
seren's Avatar seren 12:09 PM 05-06-2005
Yup, we've had 3. Lost two, one due any day.
kir's Avatar kir 01:13 PM 05-06-2005
can fail if you put it on too late, right?
wasabi's Avatar wasabi 03:09 PM 05-06-2005
It could also have a small hole or tear that wasn't visible to the eye or the lubricant used could have caused the condom to degrade.
Heavenly's Avatar Heavenly 04:02 PM 05-06-2005
Okay update - I bought these generic tests from here and I took one. Within 2 minutes you could see where the line should be and then it got a bit darker but you have to look close to see it. But I think maybe the tests are just crappy because it doesn't look pink really. It is way thinner than the control line. But they would have to be pretty crappy tests to either have 1) the evaporation line show up after 2-10 minutes or 2) you be able to visibly see where the line should be and it have enough colour to see it. So I am still in confusion. My temps have shot up even higher the last two days. I always have a 12 day luteal phase and today is day 11 and I have no signs of AF. I think its most likely that I'm not. I checked the condoms and they have spermicidal lubricant on them so that should have killed anything that managed to escape right? We used KY jelly, I'm not sure if that affects the condom. Anyways about the tests I am pissed off that I just spent money on them and they show a fake line that quickly.
wasabi's Avatar wasabi 04:37 PM 05-06-2005
The spermicide is only a back up in case one or two escape. If the condom really failed I'm not sure how well it would work. In my much younger and more stupid days I had an unplanned pg that resulted from removing a condom with spermicide because it was burning and then completing the act. I immediately hopped up and went to the bathroom and peed and did Kegel's etc all of which theoretically should have reduced my chances but still I was pg. So I wouldn't count on the spermicide having really cut things off. I did have a similar experience with tests last summer shortly before I conceived my new baby. I took three tests and on each could see a faint line/a space where a line should be. It became darker after the 10 minutes was up and could be seen very distinctly when held up to the light (definitely not there before using the test). I don't believe I was pg at that time though possibly it was a chem pg. I did not get any sort of second line at all when I tried a different brand and eventually AF showed up. So I know your confusion and frustration. The good news is that in another day or two you'll probably have a better idea what's going on.
amydidit's Avatar amydidit 04:47 PM 05-06-2005
My DD#1 (Ayla) was conceived while carefully using condoms AND I was on BCP... so, it can definately happen. DD#2 was conceived while using a different form of BC as well.

Funny thing (funny?) is we'd not used BC for about a year, just taking chances, nothing happened... then decided to start using BC so I wouldn't be 9 months pregnant at our wedding... 6 months later on BC I got pregnant.

We've already started joking that when we want to conceive again next year we'll just START using BC again and boom, I'll be pregnant.

I've always heard a line is a line... as long as you read the test in the right amount of time it shouldn't be an evaporation line.
Jes'sBeth's Avatar Jes'sBeth 04:58 PM 05-06-2005
the tests from extraordinary baby shoppe showed that we were pregnant 12 dpo almost exactly as you describe. you can see a super faint space where you think that you'll see the real line. generic tests are really the same as the expensive ones with less marketing. in fact, most doctors offices use those same strips to check a pregnancy if they're doing a urine test.

wait a few days and test again. i imagine you got more than one hpt.
Heavenly's Avatar Heavenly 05:19 PM 05-06-2005
OMG! Okay so did you see almost like an indent and kind of a faint colour? It showed up within 2 minutes. Yikes! I used a natural form of Clomid this months (soy isoflavones) because I have PCOS and it was my first month. I am almost positive I ovulated more than one egg. Oh wow!
mom2threenurslings's Avatar mom2threenurslings 07:03 PM 05-06-2005
Another vote for yes, it can happen!

Llyra's Avatar Llyra 07:39 PM 05-06-2005
That's how my first pregnancy happened. We were using condoms, and I was stunned when I found out I was pregnant. So yeah, it's very possible.
tsfairy's Avatar tsfairy 01:35 PM 05-07-2005
My sister conceived twins while carefully using a condom. It can definitely happen.
Heavenly's Avatar Heavenly 01:52 PM 05-07-2005
AF came early this morning, exactly 12 dpo. We are now officially trying to conceive so hopefully I'll soon be here as a bonified member!
orangebird's Avatar orangebird 02:13 PM 05-07-2005
Originally Posted by Heavenly
OMG! Okay so did you see almost like an indent and kind of a faint colour? It showed up within 2 minutes. Yikes! I used a natural form of Clomid this months (soy isoflavones) because I have PCOS and it was my first month. I am almost positive I ovulated more than one egg. Oh wow!
Did you get a test like that too? :

Have you ever tried Glucophage? Not natural, I know, but alot of women who I have known with PCOS who wanted to get pregnant went on it and it worked like a charm. Not a reproductive drug per se, but smooths things out none the less. For those who don't know, it is a drug that helps stabilize blood glucose levels in people with type II diabetes. It seems there are so many people with PCOS I'm just throwing it out there. I think most doctors know about it but I still occasionally run into people who had know idea about trying it.