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TanyaMT's Avatar TanyaMT 05:58 PM 06-23-2005
Have any of you had experience with being diagnosed with a thin placenta? It was picked up on my last ultrasound (which was actually for something else). The midwife told me about it today and that it can be caused by diabetes, but I screened negative for that. I see on the net smoking can cause it but I am not a smoker and never have been. At this point it is just a followup US in 2 weeks at my next appointments (I'm 32 weeks by the way). I just can't find much info on the internet about it at all. Anyone familiar with it -- causes, outcome, etc? At this point as I said they are just going to take another look in 2 weeks. Baby is actually growing "faster than expected" so they are also going to check weight, but I'm not worried about that as DS#1 always measured big on US and measurements by the midwife with palpation too (8 lb at birth).

Thanks for any info.


alegna's Avatar alegna 06:03 PM 06-23-2005
Personally? I think they just like to find stuff to comment on and make you worry about. Otherwise you'd realize that there's no reason to be doing u/s at all. Another great reason I refused all testing.