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TCC's Mom's Avatar TCC's Mom 07:16 PM 08-15-2005
I was wondering if anyone had experience with, or good ideas for, what to bring to the hospital for 3.5 yo dd to keep her (and her support folks, DP's dad and stepmom) entertained should the labor be long and boring. Here is what we were thinking:

Coloring stuff and scissors
DVDs and Player
Disposable camera
Present from babe
"I'm a big sister" t-shirt
Sleeping Bag (leave in car just in case)

Other suggestions? Thanks!

kerc's Avatar kerc 02:00 PM 08-16-2005
treasure hunt:
make a passport-sized book and a spot for someone to sign each time they visit a location such as - gift shop, cafeteria, welcoming center, etc.

box of bandaids -- my kiddo LOVES to play with bandaids and associates them with the hospital bc that's where Iget my blood drawn for bloodwork (and she did too once).


$$ for her to buy a special treat at the cafeteria

present for baby and stuff to wrap it -- a plus if she can decorate the bag or whatever while you're there.

lip stuff + lotion --- on my list of stuff for me during labor, but anytime I'm getting some lip stuff my daughter wants some too.
TCC's Mom's Avatar TCC's Mom 07:03 PM 08-16-2005
Great ideas! I did buy dd her own "lipstick" (bubblegum flavored chapstick) but everything else is a terrific addition. Thanks.
hunnybumm's Avatar hunnybumm 01:40 AM 08-17-2005
I'm just planning on bringing about 3 - 4 wrapped toys to the BC for DS to open and play with. Not to mention that his birth is Dec 04 and this baby is due Dec 12. So he will have a lot of new birthday toys to play with. I really plan to have a whole bin full of toys in addition to the wrapped ones. That way DH can go down to the car and swap toys if DS gets bored. We plan to let him unwrap a new toy every couple hours or so to make them last through the whole labor / pp stay.
JennP's Avatar JennP 12:31 PM 08-17-2005
My 20 month dd likes the drawing pads that are like an etch a sketch, you know with the magnetic 'ink' that comes to the surface...with the drawing pad the 'pen' or wand brings it to the surface. She can clean the board by herself and loves it. (Easier than crayons or markers)

I would pack some old toys maybe ones your child has not played with in a while, dd loves it when she comes across an old toy that she has missed. They are easier than new toys cause there is no explaining to do and frustration in learning a new activity, while mom and dad are busy...

Good luck!
hunnybumm's Avatar hunnybumm 05:31 PM 08-17-2005
Originally Posted by JennP
My 20 month dd likes the drawing pads that are like an etch a sketch, you know with the magnetic 'ink' that comes to the surface...with the drawing pad the 'pen' or wand brings it to the surface. She can clean the board by herself and loves it. (Easier than crayons or markers)
Generically called Magnadoodle (sp?), which is the actually brand name, but there are off brands. We got one of these for DS for Christmas or his B-day. It is a magnadoodle / dry eraser board. So you can draw and color on the board. It's pretty cool. DS loves Magnadoodles, so I know he will love this.
lovnbnhome's Avatar lovnbnhome 07:51 PM 08-17-2005
Color Wonder markers are great bc they don't mark anything but the paper. And there is a coloring book or pad of paper that comes in the pkg.
Mommy To Baby Roni's Avatar Mommy To Baby Roni 09:46 PM 08-17-2005
Don't forget pillows for yourself, if necessary. The hospital I birthed my first in only gave me 2 pillows and made me give one of those up for DH to sleep with. :
Stayathomemommy's Avatar Stayathomemommy 09:47 PM 08-17-2005
you are aloud to have your child with you at a hospital birth?? i hadnt started thinking that far ahead yet but it haddent occured to me that it was a possiblity. Do most hospitals alow this?? i know our hospital only alows you to have 2 people with you so if i brought my oldest daughter then my husband or one of my support people would be taking care of her. but i like the idea of my daughter being a part of it.
kiwimutti's Avatar kiwimutti 03:26 AM 08-18-2005
*beads to string...thats what our dd did
(oh, and a *teenage girl, to give undevided attention :LOL )
*if you are going to have a birthday cake she could be in charge of bringing the candle.
Boobiemama's Avatar Boobiemama 01:32 PM 08-19-2005
We packed a ton of stuff, then ended up not using most of it. The birth center I go to has a family room with a tv/videos and toys. So they played with the toys that were there, watched some movies, and hubby took them to mcdonalds for lunch before my labor was too active. Later, they ran home to check on the dog, and they got back right when I was getting really active. By the time I got in the tub, both kids were content to stand by the tub and watch.
We had to take them with us, as we were new here and knew NO ONE, so had no babysitter, no family.

The one thing we packed that entertained them the most? Snacks! LOL snacky goodies that I never allow them to have and juice boxes!
TCC's Mom's Avatar TCC's Mom 05:12 PM 08-19-2005
Stayathomemommy -- yup, we are allowed to have siblings at birth at our hospital (we did have to take dd to a "sibling at birth" training session where she got a tour and watched a video, etc.). The door signs at our hospital do say "limit two visitors" but I guess I consider my DP, doula, DD and her two support persons NOT to be visitors but participants! Further, I know that at least two other hospitals in our city allow sibs at birth...