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goodcents's Avatar goodcents 03:52 PM 12-20-2002
Hello everyone. I am looking for thoughts, advice, experience with labor inductions. My due date is 12.21.02 - so I am not yet past due but the doctor I love is only here through tomorrow. After Sunday through the remainder of the year only two doctors are on call - one that I do not like or trust - and another I never even met (who apparently rarely covers for this practice)!

My deliema is this - I can choose to be induced via petocin drip and perhaps mechanical dialation of the cervix with the doctor that I love tomorrow. I trust her - and know she will not pressure me or suggest any additional interventions unless she feels it is needed.

The other option is to birth with the doctor who I dont like at all or trust (she is petocin/intervention happy) or this other doctor who I never met and have no idea about his practice or birthing philosophies. Even with this I may need to be induced which then brings me right back to scenario one minus the doctor I really want to birth with anyway.

I am 50% effaced as of yesterday with intermittent contractions. I really wanted a natural birth - but given my choices I feel like damage control is the only answer at this point. My intuition tells me to induce - but I worry about the petocin.

Any thoughts suggestions experiences (particularly good experience with petocin since most of what you read is bad) and advice is appreciated. Thanks and happy thoughts for everyone!

MamaOui's Avatar MamaOui 03:59 PM 12-20-2002
Luckymomma's Avatar Luckymomma 04:49 PM 12-20-2002
Everything that happens to you is your choice, whether you know your options or not. I'm not sure why you think you may need to be induced anyway, but it's normal for babies to be two weeks overdue. If you are induced with pitocin, you are on the road of interventions, and they do tend to domino. You could birth your baby alone if you wanted to, so try not to put the doctor on such a high pedestal. If at all possible, let your baby choose when to be born. Can you get a doula, or have someone who knows your wishes be present during the birth. They could help you form a wall of support against interventions. They can speak your wishes for you at a time when you feel most vulnerable.

I do understand where you are coming from. I was going to induce because I had to make it work with hubby's work schedule. I went into labor the night before I was scheduled. But I still didn't manage to escape the routine interventions. I let the doc break my water, to 'speed' things up, but my son got his head wedged in an awkward position, and couldn't unwedge with the water broke. This led to prolonged labor, epidural after 28 hours, and finally c-section.

All interventions have a cost. It's your choice, but I know I won't be in a rush next time. Doctors really don't have much to do with the birth anyway, they float in every now and then, threaten you with some intervention, and then leave . Just let the word "NO" be your friend. I pray all goes well for you.
goodcents's Avatar goodcents 06:41 PM 12-20-2002
Thanks for your thoughts ladies. I am still undecided. Thinking of seeing an accupuncturist tomorrow - any thoughts on that one?

Thinking (or at least trying to) happy birth thoughts.
Eman'smom's Avatar Eman'smom 07:47 PM 12-20-2002
Write out a clear birth plan, and make sure your support person understands what you want. I'd be nervous of an induction if my body wasn't ready. I'd be concerned that sure the doctor you want is there, but if you end up with a c-section because your body isn't ready that isn't going to be good.
Quirky's Avatar Quirky 08:06 PM 12-20-2002
I tried acupuncture twice (I ended up almost two weeks "late," but my baby was not at all post-dates so it's just when he was ready). I also had my membranes stripped and swept three times (starting at 39 weeks) and I think the last one is what made me turn the corner. I definitely didn't see results from the acupuncture right away, but who knows whether it had some effect. Can't hurt.

If this is your first baby *average* is 8 days past due date, so don't put too much weight on that date. I second the suggestion to let nature take its course rather than go for pitocin and the cascade of interventions that that invites. As far as doctors you don't like, you don't have to consent to anything from them that you don't want.

I haven't done it myself but from what I hear inducing with pit when a baby isn't ready makes for a really painful, difficult labor, and probably won't be "natural."

Good luck!
chrissy's Avatar chrissy 08:47 PM 12-20-2002
I just wanted to second what Luckymomma said about doctors really not having much to do with the delivery. I know that sounds odd but, at least in my experience, it was absolutely true. The person who had the most to do with my delivery besides myself and my husband was the labor nurse. The doctor won't be there except to offer you and give you interventions (breaking your water...) until the nurses tell them you're about to deliver. So, she or he will catch the baby, but that's about it.

My labor with my son was induced, and I would NOT do it again unless I believed my child or myself needed it for a medical reason. I won't go into all the gory details, but it was not ideal, though the end result (Noah!) was.

I know that the end of pregnancy is a very anxiety-filled time, but I really really urge you to let your body decide when to birth your baby.

Peace to you and good luck in whatever you decide,
laurajean's Avatar laurajean 09:09 PM 12-20-2002

I strongly urge you to trust your body to know what is best for you and your baby. Go with your baby's schedule. Not your doctors. If you end up with the doctor that you do not trust, it may be challenging. But your body is strong and knows what to do and you need to believe that - make it your mantra. When you are in labor, if allowed to labor properly, you will go so deeply inside of yourself, you may not even know the doctor is there.

(I live in Brooklyn, NY too. Where are you birthing?)

Some things to take into consideration before starting a pitocin drip are... what is your doctor's c-secton rate? Be very aware of your choices. And, the possible ramifications of those choices.

Pom's Avatar Pom 09:21 PM 12-20-2002
Hi GC-

Only you know what's best for you...

But I can tell you that I was induced with pitocin (overdue 1 week, waters low) and my waters manually burst, but the rest of the labor and birth was WITHOUT ADDITIONAL MEDS or FURTHER INTERVENTION.

I credit a great Labor nurse and a birthing tub for helping me deal with the pain...does your hospital have a tub you can labor in??

You'll handle it, either way. And in the end the goal is that healthy baby and your happiness as a family. The women here have given some great advice...

Good luck!!!
MysticHealerMom's Avatar MysticHealerMom 09:34 PM 12-20-2002
There are a lot of herbal remedies for inducing labor, and if used properly, will only work with your bodys schedule, not override it. Susun Weed has a lot of info, I believe there's a website. Her book is Herbal for the Childbearing Year.

Also, if you're really not interested in the other doc, your natural "fight or flight" response may just have you waiting until the "good" doc gets back. (assuming it's not so long).

Also, you could wait at home for quite some time before heading off to the hosp and by the time you get there the doc on call won't have much to do but wait. In that case, the L&D nurses may end up doing it all, too.

Best wishes.

Kirsten's Avatar Kirsten 10:33 PM 12-20-2002
There is no way to predict exactly how your labor would go if you induced (though it would surely be harder for you - and obviously baby is not quite ready or he/she would be making an appearance already) or how it would go if you just wait for your body to go into labor naturally.
But if you take into account what natural labor (without interventions) is like for most women - and what induced labor is like for most women - it would scare me from induction. I agree with another poster that one intervention leads to more and more in a domino effect. If natural labor is important to you, I would wait until your body and your baby are both ready. When at all possible, it is better not to mess with Mother Nature - IMO.
I also agree that your nurse will have 90% of the contact with you during your time in the hospital. In the experience of all of my friends (I had midwives both times), the nurses took care of them until it was time to catch the baby, at which time the doctor came in. And how long until the doctor you like returns? You could easily be a week or two overdue - it happens to people all the time. By then, your favorite doctor would be back.
It seems to me that you have to weigh a better birth experience with a different doctor (possibly) to a less optimal birth experience with the doctor you like. For me, I would also have to think about the possibility of a c-section - if they try to induce you and as part of that, break your water, but the baby won't come in a timely manner - you will end up with a section. With induction, your odds go up for all the interventions to lead to that.
Good luck deciding and let us know how it turns out.
P.S. I'm sorry your doctor is going to be gone right now and making you consider options you didn't want originally! That is a bummer!
Luckymomma's Avatar Luckymomma 10:56 PM 12-20-2002
I just had to say something else. Unless it is 100% medically necessary(cord prolapse, unmoveable transverse, placental issues)a c-section can haunt you forever. I've never gotten over the "if-only I had....". I don't want you to go through that. This is your birth experience, not the medical staffs. Please try to relax, be patient, and think about you and your baby. Nothing else matters. I know I'll do things way different this time.
lilyka's Avatar lilyka 12:00 AM 12-21-2002
First I would suggest meeting the Dr. you don't know. You never know, you might like him enough to wait. Your Dr. could very well be back before your labor begins naturally. We have a hogh cponvience induction rate here and the numbers of babies who are born too early to nurse is going through the roof. when we explain to the mamas that thier babies were too early they look at us like we are from another planet and say "But I was 38 weeks!? That is plenty of time." What they don't understand ois that if you baby hasn't chosen to come and you aren't past your due date then you probably aren't ready.

As for getting things moving if you feel you must. Try caster oil. it sucks but will only work if you are ready. (And if your not ready being all cleaned out like that will at least make you feel more comfortable ) Another option is stripping the membranes. This really hurts from what I hear and again is not likely to work if your baby isn't ready.
goodcents's Avatar goodcents 12:10 AM 12-21-2002
I heard that castor oil wont do anything unless you have started to dialate. Tis this the truth?

As of yesterday monrning I was only about 50% effaced with no dialation. I have had intermittent and fairly strong contractions yesterday and today - but not sure if anything else has moved along.

Thanks for the help.
tessamami's Avatar tessamami 01:37 AM 12-21-2002
Being born clears babies lungs. Traveling through the birth canal is like a terrific massage - IMAGINE IT.

Also, the drugs you will be given will have a profound affect on the baby. NO, the medical folks won't tell you this.

PLEASE DON'T DO IT!!! Yes, I have heard of women who have been induced who managed without having a C-Section. But many succumb to epidurals. What's the harm? I have a permanent bachache from my epidural. Also, epidurals can cause a slight fever in moms and if this happens, your baby will be pricked like 30 times to test for infection. Of course as moms we will do anything to spare our children harm, debating whether we should have a Tylenol for our aching backs while pregnant, and then in labor it suddenly goes out the window.

There are so many risks with induction, pitocin and epidurals but medical establishment just gloss over this. I've been in your shoes. I had my first baby trusting that the Dr.s would get me through. The truth is: no matter how the birth happens, it's YOUR BIRTH and YOU DO ALL THE WORK.
acystay's Avatar acystay 01:56 AM 12-21-2002
I'm glad you're waiting for your birth to happen. Yes, I know that wanting your doctor can be a very strong pull, but having the pain of pitocin is worse!

My dd was born 1/28/02. I was prepared for labor. I couldn't wait to experience it and feel it. I took Bradley classes and felt I was very well informed. I planned her birth; however, I never planned the induction that happened. Actually I never even imagined that I would be induced. I told myself through my entire pregnancy that I would go on the full moon. I just knew it! When I found out that the full was the 28th, I started telling everyone that eventhough my due date was 1/20, she was coming on the 28th.

I developed PIH and was 8 days over due. So, unfortunately, I was sent in for an induction. Prior to going into the hospital, I noticed several things happening to my body that indicated labor was near. I just wish I had listened to those cues a bit more.

Since I was not dialting, I was given prostagladin gel (to ripen the cervix) the even before the "induction." When we arrived at the hospital, I got the gel first for 12 hours. I was so shocked to hear from the nurse that I was having cntrx. They were mild though. By midnight, the gel was getting a bit painful and my cntrx were stronger. At 5 am, my water broke, cntrx became stronger and longer and closer together, and the gel came out and then the nurse wanted to start the pit drip. I stalled her...cntrx were hurting and I was alone.

I did a little thinking, as best you can when you're in labor. I realized that if these puppies hurt; what would the pitocin onces feel like? I knew that they would be worse so I opted for the epidural (I won't even get into the after effects of that). Pitocin was started around 6am. W/i minutes I couldn't stand it. Wave after wave w/ no break at all. I wasn't prepared for this nor was dh. I'm glad that I took the epidural just b/c I don't think I could've made it through that. About an hour later, it wore off so I felt every cntrx. I had about 30sec break between them. I was getting 3-4 spikes on the EFM for roughly 90secs-2mins long.

The good news about it...I dialted w/i 2 hours (from 3cm at 5am to 10 by 7:30am). The pit. only brought dd into the world a few hours earlier. If I never would've gotten the epidural I believe that I could've talked my doctor out of the pit drip b/c he arrived w/i 15mins of it starting and I was already at 6cm.

Sorry this got kinda long. I'm still getting over these issues. I'll never opt for an induction. I didn't use EPO either and wonder if that would've helped. Also, I didn't have quite enough sex! Dh has told me that next pg, I must have sex everynight . Men!

lilyka's Avatar lilyka 05:13 PM 12-21-2002
Goodcents - I didn't think of nipple stimulation. One hour three times a day (as if you have nothing better to do ). Careful that the contractions don't go over a minute. Manual stimulation is best. I rolled mine between my fingers. Highly annoying but effective. Anything is better than a hospital induction.
EarthWind's Avatar EarthWind 05:37 PM 12-21-2002

I just wanted agree with the women here who have recommended that you wait until your baby is ready to be born before trying to force the issue. I am a student of midwifery and working on my certification as a childbirth educator and perinatal fitness educator (as well as being a mom of a 2 year old). In all of my studies, what I noticed the most is that once a hospital induction has begun (especially elective inductions for the doctor's (or mother's) convenience), there is a cascade of medical interventions that usually occur. If your baby is not ready to be born, the inductions will not work. If you are in the hopsital, and your bag of waters break, then you are walking down that slippery slope towards c-section land. I would highly recommend that you research the issue of induction very thoroughly before you go that route. One place you can go and ask these questions (as well as here - you've gotten some wonderfully wise information from the women here) is - they have a discussion board for midwifes, birth educators, doulas and those interested in birth - pregnant moms, the like. I know there are some women here who go to both places. Lots of great information there!!!

I would also suggest that you thoroughly examine other methods of induction that are not "natural" - i.e. castor oil. I would certainly not recommend doing castor oil without midwifery or medical supervision as it is an induction method as well. I have heard of castor oil induction being stressful on the baby - some babies have been known to pass meconium with castor oil induction - a definitive indication that the baby experienced some sort of distress.

I don't think that nipple stimulation or walking or talking to your baby will be harmful in any way.

Is there any way you could hire a doula to be with you at birth? If you go past your due date, that may be a way that you can feel there is someone there advocating for your wishes. I know that my doula friends get calls at the last minute for couples who want support for a natural birth at the hospital, so it may not be too late.

All of this may not be applicable at all as you may, right now, be in labor. I will hold lots of good labor energy for you and hope that you have the birth you desire and that you and baby are healthy and happy!!!!

Peace and happy holidays!!!

Quirky's Avatar Quirky 05:37 PM 12-21-2002
evening primrose oil is great, too. you can get it at the health food store. I took EPO capsules (3, 2x a day) and also applied it topically to the cervix/vagina (you can either buy the oil in liquid form or puncture the capsules and squeeze it out). It helps your body manufacture prostaglandins, which aid the cervical ripening process. Sperm is also good for this.

The way castor oil works is by triggering massive contractions in the large intestine, which often trigger uterine contractions. No, your body won't go if it's not ready (which may mean several hours on the toilet for nothing) but it's generally regarded as safe (my midwives are pretty conservative and they were all for it) and I've had friends for whom it's worked like a charm.

Good luck with your decision and with your labor!
BusyMommy's Avatar BusyMommy 05:43 PM 12-21-2002
Wow. That stinks. Do you have a doula or a friend who could be with you in case you get the dr. you don't like? Can you be upfront w/your dr. about your feelings and they can run interference for you?
I know it's tough, but I would really recommend you wait. I just know of too many women who got induced and had horrid labors. NOT always the case, though-true. Please let the Baby be the one to call the shots though; ie. initiate labor.

I had a friend who scheduled her c/s at 36 weeks just to be w/her dr. and Baby ended up in NICU for a month.

BTW: My dr. scheduled me twice for an induction and I called in sick both times. My Babe came on day 14 at home w/a midwife.

Do a search on MDC for natural induction. There are a lot of safe, gentle, ways to "encourage" Baby.
goodcents's Avatar goodcents 09:10 PM 12-21-2002
Hi All,
Thanks for all the kind words and advice. It is now 6.07 pm and I am still at home. I didnt opt to be induced at the hospital today. I feel kinda sad that baby is still not here. Can you get hormonal this late in pregnancy? I am a flippin wreck.

Dh and I are in the pits about it - he cant or wont help induce me using the sex method. Dont know what to feel other than aggravated and upset. I am really mad at him. This obviously isnt helping relax me......dont know what to do. I am in such a pickle.

Nevertheless, thanks for all the kind advice and sharing.

Spooky Tuesday's Avatar Spooky Tuesday 06:35 PM 12-22-2002
You did the right thing to allow your baby to come naturally! You need to hear that!
I was so anxious for the whole 2wks. before my DD came, I was VERY emotional and sensitive about it all.
Any stress can slow labor, so just relax and just think of what a great thing you did to let your little one come when it's ready. Since you're not trying to hurry for your Dr. anymore, don't worry about trying to speed up your labor (even though I know you want the baby here NOW... )
I totally agree with all the previous responces and just want to encourage you!! I went to the hospital and was with a different midwife that I didn't know a lot about (so I had all strange things!). I was VERY direct at the hospital in what I wanted! Just like the previous posters, stick up for the kind of birth you want!! I'm a huge doormat when it comes to authority figures, and it was very empowering to know what was going on in my birth and knowing what I did and did not want done. Make sure you have a your birth plan on hand too.

Good luck and I pray that you'll have the birth you want, be pleasantly suprised with whatever Dr. you get, and of course have your beautiful little one here!
Kirsten's Avatar Kirsten 06:38 PM 12-22-2002
Hi Justine,
Glad to hear you are waiting but sorry you are feeling badly about it. You and dh feeling crummy is not fun! Easy for those of us who are not 9 months pregnant to say but try to relax and not worry and baby will come when he/she comes. I am the worst in the world at "letting it go" when I am upset or worried about something but I think it would be really helpful if you could get to a place of acceptance about it. What would help you to do that? Listening to music you love? Going swimming in a nice warm pool? Watching a funny movie? Talking to friends who are really supportive? Schedule some fun stuff for yourself - massage, fun dinner out with dh (have you ever gone to a fondue restaurant?), a visit with a friend you don't see much? to keep you busy while you wait.
I had a friend who was overdue and wanted to have sex with her dh to help things along. With baby's birth so close, he was just not with the idea of having sex at that point. For whatever reason, it freaked him out. She was a little miffed but what can you do?
Maybe your baby will wait til your preferred doc comes back??
Good luck and it will turn out great when the time comes!
Pom's Avatar Pom 08:27 PM 12-22-2002
Hang in there! I so remember how you are feeling...dd was "late" and every night I'd go to bed hoping the next morning I'd be in labor...and inevitably, we'd wake up disappointed. I began to take it personally, I think, wondering...why doesn't she want to come out? We tried all sorts of natural induction methods...including lots of sex - but nothing worked! And then, every time I went to the store or to work at least someone would say "you still here?" and I felt so huge and awkward...

Anyway, I'm rambling. You'll be there before you know it! Big hug...
goodcents's Avatar goodcents 12:09 AM 12-23-2002
Thanks so much for all the kind and gentle words - it is much appreciated. DH and I walked so far today in Central Park - the weather was lovely and it was a nice romantic day. I feel much less tense then yesterday. I have reliquished and let go - whatever will be will be - my doc is gone now so it is in God's hands. I have a doula and a great hubby so I have the support I need - I trust they will take care of the meanie doc.

I just have anxiety about baby being okay now - it is sooo nerve-racking! I have a non stress test on tuesday morning - I hope it goes well.

Any advice on dosages for evening primrose? Thanks again!

Quirky's Avatar Quirky 01:23 AM 12-23-2002
I would take 3 capsules 3 times a day orally, and use a capsule or two/a tsp. or so vaginally (get it up by your cervix).

Hang in there - no one's pregnant forever; it just feels that way! (I was almost two weeks past due date, in the heat and humidity of a DC summer, so I feel your pain!)
goodcents's Avatar goodcents 08:37 AM 12-23-2002
In what milligram count?
Quirky's Avatar Quirky 12:09 PM 12-23-2002
500 mg per cap. if that's too many pills you can also look for oils like spectrum complete efas; look for gla essential fatty acids. the oil is good in smoothies.
cottonwood's Avatar cottonwood 12:54 AM 12-24-2002
Well, if he won't cooperate, masturbate! Yes, the sperm can help soften the cervix, but orgasm produces oxytocin.
goodcents's Avatar goodcents 07:36 PM 12-24-2002
We went for our non-stress test today - everything looks fine. We go back on Friday for another. Baby still isnt here and mama is depressed. Started evening primrose oil yesterday...maybe Santa will bring her for Christmas? Wishing you all a great holiday!
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