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I am 28 weeks pregnant and have had sleep issues from the beginning. I think I have basically forgotten how to sleep and spend hours worrying about why I am not sleeping. I'm also noticing my blood sugar is higher when I haven't gotten any sleep (but that's another post). I have been taking care of my toddler w/o DH (who's been overseas for the last few months), and my toddler wakes up every 3 hours or so still. I used to be able to nap with him in the daytime, but now I can't seem to nap with him, and even at night when he's sleeping I seem to lie awake and wait for DS's next awakening.

Please, what can I do to sleep more? I know I need the sleep, but I can't seem to get it. I've tried Sleepytime tea & the Hypnobabies Sleep CD, but neither are really doing it for me. Help!
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Quoted: 0 Post(s) midwife said rescue remedy was ok to take. I found it at whole foods and natural foods stores...
good luck, i know what its like...........
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Wise Woman Herbal - A amazing book all prego ladies should have By Susan Weed says skullcap tea or tincture 1/2 hour before bed. I find it works sometimes for me...

I know how you feel with the 2yo! I am in a similar situation
Gooad Luck! LAura
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Good to know! I haven't slept well since 5 days before my beta ( I assumed it was nervousness from the IVF) .... I have to go shopping later so maybe i'll pick up some skulcap tea

Mamato Ruby Violet joy.gif(6 with autism) and someone 1sttri.gif who should make him/herself known sometime in the next month.

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We took the class, and I listened to the CDs every night.
I am now at the point where I fall asleep fairly quickly, which is amazing for me, since I'm normally a terrible sleeper [it'll take 2-4 hours for me to fall asleep after going to bed] and pregnancy makes it worse!

Good luck at finding what works for you!

My midwife also makes a tea that is safe for pregnant women. You can order it online, let me know if you want the link.

heartbeat.gif heartbeat.gif heartbeat.gif

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and chamomile, with a digestile calcium, magnesium and zinc supplement. do all four: take some rescue remedy while you're brewing a skullcap, chamomile, and lavendar tea. take multiple calmagzinc tablets with the tea. an orgasm might be helpful, too. . .
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I have a night time ritual that helps me get to sleep. I drink my pregnancy tea and get ready for bed. Then early in pregnancy I would talk to the baby and ask him to please stay with us. Now I just like to feel his kicking and talk to him about our family. After about 10-15 mins he falls asleep, and then so do I. If I am having a really stressful day or there is alot on my mind I will conciously remind myself to shut my brain off. Then if I still need help I concentrate on relaxing every muscle in my body, and sometimes counting.

Early in my pregnancy I had a hard time falling asleep, now I usually fall asleep pretty easily, but staying asleep is a whole other matter.
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I drink cranberry juice.
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I gave up. I sleep when I can in 3 hour intervals.
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I second the Hypnobirthing tapes. I bought just the tape on the trading board here (or whatever it's called) and didn't take the class, just listened to the tape every night as I fell asleep. I really began to associate it with falling asleep, and would listen again if I woke during the night ("if"?!). Also, I had a much easier birth than my last two!

Good luck and hang in there.

Mama to four great girls: 14 , 12 , 7 and 4
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I had major insomnia when I was pg, and I found the best cure to be EATING. If I would get up out of bed and eat a bowl of cereal, I'd have a much easier time falling back to sleep (of course, the heartburn this caused was another issue at the end). So, try making yourself a snack (with protein in it), and see if that helps!

Sending sleepy vibes your way!


Mindfully mothering SIX kids (ages 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 & 12) in a small house with a lot of love.
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CALMS FORTE!!! love it, use it, keep it in stock always. you can find it at any health foods store that sells homeopathic remedies. it, like all homeopathic, is completely safe for pregnancy and NO side effects.
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This is different from other suggestions; prevention rather than treating the symptom with a hopeful cure:

Exercise during the day! There IS a huge correlation between physical activity and good sleep. Our bodies are meant to be used, strenuously, even while pregnant (barring some kind of medical condition). Exercise will also help your blood sugar issues.

Simply walk at a good pace for at least 30 minutes, and before bed stretch out all major muscles. Yoga - even just a 20-minute tape that your son can 'join' you for- helps calm the nervous system and body.

Then, you can still drink the teas and take the homeopathic remedies suggested, but you may not need them!

In addition to excercise, my favorite sleep aid (which I know you can't do now but when your hubby returns) is sex and/or a good, deep leg (and body if you can get it) massage. I get super twitchy legs while pregnant- drives me nuts!

Good luck, get moving and work that energy out! Surprisingly, exercise will also keep you oxygenated & energized during the day, and you just might sleep like a proverbial baby, anyways!
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Thanks for all the great suggestions. I will try all of them (though not at once :LOL ). What exactly is skullcap tea? I would guess I could find it at the HFS.

Eros, I tried doing yoga with DS and I have a great video of him climbing all over me while doing it. He thinks I'm transforming myself into a jungle gym just for him! I can get him to do downward dog and cat/cow though. I've been doing 15 minutes of yoga each night before I go to bed but it doesn't seem to be enough.

I have Rescue Remedy & CalmsForte, but didn't know they were safe during pregnancy.

Thanks again for the suggestions!
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