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ChasingPeace's Avatar ChasingPeace 02:42 PM 10-14-2005
I'm wondering if you gain more weight when you're pregnant with a girl than with a boy. I remember reading somewhere that you burn like 500 calories more a day when you're pregnant with a boy, but I can't remember where I read it (maybe it was a list of myths and old wives tales!). Anyway, I'm only 7 1/2 weeks pregnant, and I've already gained 7 pounds. When I was pregnant with ds, I only gained 4 pounds the entire first trimester, I was eating a lot more and exercising a lot less than I am now. Any thoughts?

hrutledge's Avatar hrutledge 02:57 PM 10-14-2005
I have actually had the exact opposite experience. Everyone I know who have had boys get huge when pregnant 50-80lb. weight gain. However, with girls 15-30 lbs. It is probably just a coincidence anyways. Weight gain probably doesn't have anything to do with baby gender. I have been gaining more this time than with dd. However, I very strongly believe this is another girl.
bucaye's Avatar bucaye 04:08 PM 10-14-2005
I had moderate weight gain with both my girls, 30 then 28 lbs. I started out around 160 with them. I lost about 30 -35 lbs last year and SURPRISE! I got preggos again. I wasn't expecting it. I have found tho with this pregnancy, I have gained more weight than with my other two. Granted, I started out about 20 lbs lighter with this one. My dh says my body is trying to compansate for the wieght loss. But I have gained 40 lbs or so and have 7 weeks left . . .

Well, I know I having a boy and I am carrying much differently. I am very round and deep. And my bum is huge!! Another thing, I have found my hair on my arms and my face has gotten longer. So, I have found big differences between boy and girl pregnancies.
Hollin's Avatar Hollin 04:09 PM 10-14-2005
This is something I read in a magazine at the doc's office:
Mom's having boys tend to eat about 200 more calories a day than moms having girls. Moms having boys gain slightly more weight, but not significantly more. Interesting.
My mom said she gained the same amount with both me and my brother- 40 pounds. I know that I'm having a boy and I've had a pretty strong appetite when not sick, I will probably gain at least 40 pounds!
NYCVeg's Avatar NYCVeg 05:29 PM 10-14-2005
My MIL gained the exact same amount of weight and carried the exact same way with both her son (dh!) and her daughter.
RachelGS's Avatar RachelGS 08:44 PM 10-14-2005
I'm carrying exactly the same way with a boy as I did with a girl, but I've gained just a couple more pounds this time.