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It's been over a year since I've had a cold, so of course I get one just as I'm starting to get over the nausea of pregnancy : . It's a lovely stuffy/runny nose/sore throat sort of deal. Anyone have any great home remedies safe for pregnant mamas?
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Sorry, not much advice here, but I know how you feel. I had three in a row without a break, then two weeks off & another one! I never get sick! I took lots of echinacea & extra vitamin C to try to fight them off. I drank hot lemon & honey (hot water with lemon juice & honey to taste) to sooth my throat & steam my head as often as possible.
Hope it clears up soon & you don't get any more.

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What I have found helpful is a fine-mist humidifier. Keeps you moist without getting everything all soggy. Without it I'll sleep with my mouth open and wake up with a really dry sore throat. Plain saline nasal spray is OK but one of the ingredients in the OTC medicated sprays not only shrinks your sinuses but the placental site as well (which is, of course, bad). Ask your doc or MW how much vitamin C you can take a day in pregnancy, I can't remember what the max amount is (but it's pretty high).

I am just getting over a nasty cold and one of the things that made me feel better immediately was a hot shower! My chest was sore from coughing and it just felt so much better to be under that hot water, plus it helped me breathe better as well.

Oh, I hope you feel better soon!

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Breathing steam (either from a vaporizer or just a pot of hot water), hot liquids (drinking them and breathing the steam), taking warm showers, increasing your fluid intake (if you can stand it) and getting lots of rest are the main things.

My nurse also said that a decongestant, such as sudafed, is OK to take, so I've been taking that. Hope she's right. Anyone know if this is OK?

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