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During my last two deliveries, part of my cervix did not dilate fully. There was a "lip" on my right side, in the front (or top as I was lying on my back). The nurse was able to ease that portion back over baby's head with a contraction so I could push and get baby in front of it. There were no complications after that I'm aware of.

Is there a name for this? Is this uncommon? I know now going into my third delivery to let the nurses know this has happened before. But I'm curious as to why and if there's any possibility it won't happen this time. (Hurts like a BAAAAD WORD.)

If it's helpful to know, I was not given an epidural either time, but had received Nubain during each delivery.

Also, both labors were induced and progressed with pitocin.
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i had whats called an anterior lip with my first baby. and it was a natural, drug and intervention free birth. The labor and delivery nurse "held" the lip "up" and with one push, pushed my baby girls head past the anterior lip. she was born about 20 minutes later.

they tried to change my position....side, to side, back, hands and knees and i never could get rid of that lip!

i have no idea if its because of the pitocin or nubain. i had a drug free birth and it happened to me, and i had pit with my last babe, and he was born in 2 hours, with the last 10 minutes spent going from 7cm to delivery! who knows!

lets not talk about that pain....
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Hi there...congrats on your pregnancy!

What you describe is called a 'cervical lip'. As far as common, well, with directed pushing flat on one's back, it can be common, yes. But that kinda opens up a whole host of why active birth management is crummy and I'll try to stay away from that.

Vaginal exams to diagnose dilation and station are associated with creating cervical lips.

I'll tell you that I birthed without ever having anyone feel me besides my DH holding my hands and I will never, ever know if I got to 10 cm, if I was 'fully effaced', what my baby's station was, etc. But here he is, peacefully sleeping at almost a year!

My point is that I let my body push him out and it worked really well for both of us.

I've never heard any woman experience anything but a heck of alot of pain with a birth manager pushing aside tissue (pushing away the 'lip').

With induction, by definition, you are telling your body to birth (AROM, pit) without the baby initiating the process. Hence, there is a lot that can be difficult when that is the starting point. I am not judging you for an induction, just saying, that your experience is very common when someone ruptures membranes, breaks waters, induces strong contrax with the objective to push the baby out.

I would bet lots of money that if you were allowed to go into birth with your baby's initiation, allowed to have free movement in birth (no lying on your back with EFM), and be without vag exams, you would not experience a cervical lip again. I know that vag exams are thought to be harmless and information-yielding, but they come with risks such as cervical lips.

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Baby's head pressing down on the cervix is a major contributor to cervical dialation.

Sometimes, when a baby is posterior ('anterior' meaning the baby is looking towards mom's back but the back of its head, or occiput, is facing mom's anterior, or front side) the application of its head to the cervix isn't as perfect as it would be if the baby were positioned anteriorly, and the cervix can dialate more slowly or unevenly.

Now, I'm not saying anything about your baby's position, BUT.....working with the knowledge I just mentioned, it makes sense to me that every baby is different, every cervix is different, and every labor is different, so every cervix might not COMPLETELY dialate every time, and that it's normal.

Or this thought......

Women aren't supposed to push before they're fully dialated (according to The Man) because otherwise the cervix can be bothered and will swell in response to the pressure.

I think of this fact after reading what frogertgrl maybe fingers poking around ALSO could cause swelling, no?
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My son did have his back to mine during turned him for me. (such a nice guy) My daughter, however was facing my back.

While it DID hurt to have it moved, it felt so much better to have it out of the way. Physically and emotionally. I was terrified it wouldn't move and I'd have a c-section. Once baby's head was past it, I was encouraged and able to push push push. Yay.

FYI: I didn't know I could tell a doctor I didn't want to be induced. I do now and we talked about it at my first visit. I really thought this OB was all about forcing the issue and controlling things. As it turns out, he's leaving it up to me whether or not to have a VE at tomorrow's appointment....just seven days before EDD. That's almost unheard of here. It's his patients who want the intervention, I think. (considering my current misery, I do understand why they get in a hurry.)

Thank you all for your replies. Until reading this, I was the only one I'd ever heard of who had this occur. Thanks a bunch!
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I had an anterior lip with my dd. My midwife didn't do anything about it and let me stay in transition for 10 F#C*king hours. Had I known she could hav just pushed the lip back, I wouldn't have suffered utter the utter torment I did. V's head was a bit off in my pelvis and that is why I think the lip never dialated.

It certainly hurt like a mother when she pushed it back but ANYTHING was better than 10 hours of transition labor.

I am so ready to have an easier labor next time. And, I should add, with a different midwife!!!!

Violet 7-14-00
Zoe EDD 2-14-03
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I had that too--I only had one exam, when i arrived at the hopital, and then when I was feeling an irresistable urge to push the OB did another exam and without really telling me what was going on pushed the lip aside with my next contraction. yeh it hurt butit was over quick, lucky me!
No idea why it happened; I had a totlly natural labor; no iterventions, lots of moving around.
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Try evening primose oil, too. You can take it orally and insert it vaginally. It can make your cervical tissue more stretchy and will help it dilate more effectively.
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