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I am 13 weeks and have lost 14 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks trying to "eat right". I weigh 124 pounds and 5'8, so I am not too obeise and am obviously concerned that I not lose any more weight. I am trying to get 60-80 grams of protein and avoid sugars, but it doesn't seem like there is much of a variety to eat. I am snacking on peanuts "between meals", but I eat like a horse when I am not pregnant and am eating less than I normally do now that I have this condition. I have been eating plain yogurt, meat (I can't have pork), dairy products (even though they have carbs, my midwife wants to me have some carbs, I just have to cut out half or a little more). I desperately need some ideas, recipes, anything--even advice on how often to eat, etc. This
is my 6th baby (miscarried no. 5) and I want to do whatever I need to to have a healthy baby. I haven't had this before, so I am doing all of my learning now, but I have talked to quite a few people and so far haven't found anyone who has had it or knows what to do/not to do. Smells are really bothering me and I am having a great deal of trouble getting my Vit. B down without throwing up all of my vitamins, so if you have any advice on
a good tasting vit B or other vitamins (or a good place to buy them) I would really appreciate it. I enjoy the list, but have only posted a few times. I live in IL and have used my current midwife for my last 2 babies, but she is 3hours away, so if you are at liberty to share your name with me if you are a midwife I will definitely keep it in confidence. Or if you have a midwife and would like to forward my name to her that would be fine, too. I
love my midwife, I just don't want to inconvenience her to drive so far. My last little one she stayed here for a few days to make sure she didn't "miss" anything. Well, this has turned into a book. I hope I didn't write too long for the list. Thank you so much for your help and time!
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Hi Dawn, Welcome to the boards. I would like to suggest you go to Dr. Tom Brewer M.D. is famous for his gd and other pregnancy concerns that he addresses with diet. As for the vitamins-I am taking Twinlabs brand pre-natals. I love them! They aren't stinky and they are capsules, which I prefer as opposed to the ones that have binders. Just do a check on google search for twinlabs prenatals. There are a couple wholesale sights that have it for 10. off the cost of them at the local healthfood store! I got 4 mos. (240 caps) supply for 35.00! (including shipping!) The ones at the healthfood store were 25. for 2 months supply!) You might want to just try a bottle of 60 to make sure they agree with you. Take care! Hope this helps! p.s. you are NOT obese at all in the least at your height & weight! EAT! wait til you see what he reccomends to eat everyday! You need to kick it up a notch!
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Hi I was diagnosed with borderline GD at 28 weeks and then advanced to pretty much full blown but completely diet controlled GD. I don't have to test my sugar but do dip my pee to make sure I am in "line" here is an AWESOME website to learn tons on GD

If you go to the home page and then back onto the Gestational Diabetes stuff, she has SOOOO much info. It sounds like they are trying to control you with diet. I eat ALOT of protein almost 120 grams a day, and tons of dairy - milk, cheese, whole milk yogurt and lots of CASHEW NUTS woo-hoo. My body cannot handle any processed/refined grains and I haven't had any bread, pasta, rice or cereal, in 10 weeks. I can have rye crackers, that is all I can deal with. My weight gain has been wonderful, just about 22 lbs before i put on 4 lbs of water this week. You will have to work to find what works for you. As long as you are gettinga round 2500 calories a day, and all the nutrtients you need, from what I have read you MAY lose weight but at your size I would say you need to be eating more. I sometimes have to eat every 2 hours to keep up.

Good luck
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I re-read your post and see you are looking for ideas on what to eat too. It really depends on your meal plan and how strict they are. But this is a normal day for me:

7 am, 1/2 cup cottage cheese and 3 rye crackers

9:30-10 am 2 scrambled eggs with cheese in them, some rye crackers, and a cup of tea with dash of milk and no sugar, big glass of water

12ish, 1 1/2 cups of frozen peaches (no sugar added) dethawed (or an apple) and 1 1/2 cups of Stoneyfield farm whole milk plain yogurt - my favorite treat

2 ish - chicken breast cut up in a salad, with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, olive oil and vinegar, some kind of fruit (apple or orange, usually sliced into the salad), rye crackers 3 and glass of milk

5 ish - cheese and crackers, or peanut butter and crackers and an apple, or even just a glass of milk and handful of nuts

dinner 7 ish - meat, veggie (2 - 1 green, 1 carrot or other yellow veggie except corn), glass milk, fruit. Sometimes I can handle something like corn tortilla enchilada if there is lots of protein and fat in it.

bedtime snack - something like peanut butter and crackers and milk, or PB and apple and milk, or crackers and turkey, or crackers and cold smoked salmon.

If I wake hungry in the middle of the night, I drink cup of milk.

I cannot handle ANY fruit, ANY milk, barely ANY carbs before 12. After that I am fine. I cannot tolerate juices of any kind. I eat nothing with added sugar. I use LIBERAL - read big - portions of fats, like butter, oils, etc in my cooking right now to make sure I get enought calories. Some may dispute that, it works for me.

Hope this helps.
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I have never had gd but from what I have read,

*EAT! All you want! Do not fast or restrict calories.

*Do not cut out salt!

*No matter how big your baby gets, you do not have to have a cesarean or an induction. If you couldn't deliver it, it wouldn't have gotten so big.

(This comes from Open Season, by Nancy Wainer Cohen. She also wholeheartedly recommends the Brewer Diet.)
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I just thought I would post a link to Hency Goer's great article on Gestational Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes: The Emperor Has No Clothes :-


I am Rhome
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I hope this doesn't come out too jumbled- I am a bit over tired.

I was diagnosed with gd at about 32 weeks pg with my second. (babe is 6 mo now). I lost tons of weight like 13 lbs in three weeks of following the 'diet' I was assigned.

Here are some the foods that I started eating to make sure I got enough calories to stop the weightloss...

These are similar to zombiemamas too
cottage cheese- not low fat.
regular cheese even american (little if any carb)
I am a vegetarian so I couldn't eat meat but I did eat meat substitutes all day long. Tofu pups covered in cheese. tofucheeseburgers with cheese fried- and so on
dill pickles
diet bread (most diet breads have half the carbs of regular bread so I could eat two pieces instead of just one)
tofu- every which way- fried, in smoothies as topping for bread, crumbled in soup.
mushroom broth/soup
green beans
salads with tuna and beans (I did add tuna while pg)
eggs eggs eggs eggs (eggs with cheese for breakfast- snack- lunch everything!)
salad salad salad salad with full fat dressing
sour cream

Oh and I used the rainbow light prenatals. They were the only ones I could keep down. they have ginger in them along with red raspberry leaf and lots of other stuff. they even helped with my all day sickness. (ps they were way out of my price range when I bought them at the coop. You can get them 1/2 price at vitacost .com)

hope this helps a bit
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