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sahm's Avatar sahm 12:23 AM 01-24-2003
I just got a notice that my 1-hour test was slightly (borderline) high so of course they want to do the 3-hour test. I noticed that in their instructions, they say to eat normally for three days before but add an extra slice of bread at every meal for those three days. Does anyone know why that would be? In my understanding, carbs turn into sugar, thus elevating sugar levels. Why would they want me to do that? I have cut all refined sugars out of my diet since the first test and want to make sure that I do all I can to prepare my body for this next time. I don't want to be labelled gd and thus "high risk" unecessarily. Does anyone have any other advice on how to prepare my body for this test?

zombiemommie's Avatar zombiemommie 01:27 AM 01-24-2003

she has an incredibly comprehensive section on GD in her site, and one of the sub-sections deals with testing/diagnosis and she explains the whole reason behind this in the 3 hr test. If the test is not done correctly, the results can be wrong, mom mis-diagnosed and therefore potential harm to the baby. I do not have the direct link to the section, you may have to search a bit, becasue you have to go to the GD, and then find it under there. But it IS there because I remember reading it last month

Good luck and HTH
annalily's Avatar annalily 09:11 AM 01-24-2003
I'll second the recommendation for the link zombiemommie gave you.

I think the extra carbs are supposed to help your body handle the 100 g glucola you have to drink for the 3 hour. As best I understand it.
Good luck with the test. I failed my 1 hr and then passed the 3 hour.