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*~*SewHappyNow*~*'s Avatar *~*SewHappyNow*~* 07:33 PM 01-24-2003
I'm curious about other's expiriences with EDD and how it was arrived at. Just how far off was your EDD with previous pregnancies and how did you arrive at your EDD?

I don't know my LMP. Sounds flaky, but I just wasn't paying attention. So I can't really go by that. The date I have been going by is based on measurements on an ultrasound I had at supposedly 8 weeks, 7 days. Which is supposed to be more accurate for estimating DD than a later U/S. I had another U/S at 20 weeks and they didn't change the EDD or anything.

What's fundal height supposed to be anyways in singletons? Is it supposed to be one cm per the week near the end? I'm sure there's a range of acceptable measurements. I measured 34 cm at 34 weeks. What good is this measurement? Does it say anything about the size of the baby? How exactly do they even guess how big your baby is anyways? Nevermind that they're hardly ever right it seems :

I know its all just estimates, but I hate the idea of someone wanting to induce you 2 weeks after your EDD when its only largely a guess you're even over, KWIM?

Wow thats a lot of questions :LOL If anyone has any thoughts or answers feel free to throw them out.

SpiralWoman's Avatar SpiralWoman 11:29 PM 01-24-2003
hi~ thought I'd throw these 2cents in...
I know my LMP & my conception date bcz we were doing a insemination with Dh's swimmers to get pg. So, there's no guessing on how far along I "should" be measuring. At 9 wks I was 9 cm; @ 13wks, 13 cm; @ 17 wks, 24cm; @ 21wks, 29cms! I am def not carrying twins. MW says the reason that I seem to be large for date is that I brought alot of my own tummy to the table, so to speak, & that now she is having to measure up & over my 'adipose tissue' (read:fat )
The earlier measurements were accurate bcz they weren't up & over the fat so much! Now she is also relying on the fundal height, which is how far about my belly button the top of the uteus is & she says that is right for dates. I don't know exactly how that part works!
I hope you will be able to find some way of figuring it out. MW also used my "quickening" to get a due date as well.
blessings, Maria
*~*SewHappyNow*~*'s Avatar *~*SewHappyNow*~* 01:07 AM 01-25-2003
Thanks Maria

Well it isn't like I don't have a EDD. I just question if it is really that accurate. I'm not that worried about it. Baby will come when she is ready.

As far as quickening, I have heard people say they expirienced it anywhere between 13 and 24 weeks? or am I misinformed? Quickening occured for me during week 18.
LGSW's Avatar LGSW 04:02 AM 01-25-2003
Originally posted by Lea
Thanks Maria

Well it isn't like I don't have a EDD. I just question if it is really that accurate. I'm not that worried about it. Baby will come when she is ready.

As far as quickening, I have heard people say they expirienced it anywhere between 13 and 24 weeks? or am I misinformed? Quickening occured for me during week 18.
Your experience sounds perfect, normal, and right on track. When you don't know your ovulation date, you go with the next best estimation--LMP, coupled with an early dating u/s. If the u/s is all you have, you go by that. Your fundal height measurements are perfect. I have read/heard that you can go 3 cm either way and still be within "normal" range. I was always 1-2 behind my week with my first pregnancy--for example, I measured 23 at my 24 week check up.

My midwife doesn't start measuring with the tape till 24 weeks, which was my last visit (actually i was 25 weeks). I measured 25.5 (different from my last pregnancy! I wonder if I will continue to measure a little large).

Regarding quickening, I would think 13 weeks is on the extreme early end of things. 18 weeks is more like average! With my first I felt movement at 19 weeks (although I would hardly call it fluttery--it was POKEY!) and with my current pregnancy (the second) I felt it between 17-18 weeks. I have heard people go as long as 20 weeks without feeling it and I think that is within normal as well.

So anyway, sounds like you're right on track and that you've got a pretty solid EDD!
Peppamint's Avatar Peppamint 02:36 PM 01-25-2003
Well... I know my 'O' date... so I calculated my edd according to that and just fudged on my LMP date to the OBs (before I switched to the midwife).

The best date is O date, then LMP, then u/s in my opinion, but I think very early u/s are accurate because of development (not size).

I first felt true quickening around 14 weeks. By 16-17 weeks I was really feeling ds move! With dd (my first) I didn't feel her move until 20 weeks. LOL
Cuddlebaby's Avatar Cuddlebaby 02:53 PM 01-25-2003
I am in a similar dilemma. It all boils down to: don't let them do anything to you that you are not comfortable with *at any time*. I have very L-O-N-G cycles (read only 3 or 4 a year, I'm infertile and have to take extra measure *to get pregnant*) and going by my LMP would not be accurate. But I also don't believe that the ultrasound date is that accurate either. While I am generally against ultrasounds (refuse the doptone), I did allow an early one (like you) and got Feb 7th as a date. The CNM I am seeing now is SO concerned about me growing another 11 pound baby and going post dates, she is already (I'm 38 weeks) talking about not letting me go past 41 1/2 weeks....I have gone past that on BOTH of my other pregnancies. Based on what? an inaccrate date????

Don't you think this would be easier if you didn't have *any* date? you were ready to birth when the urge to push happened and you trusted your body to know when that was? That's how I look at it anyway.

Rebecca due Feb 7th
birthinglau's Avatar birthinglau 05:07 PM 01-25-2003
I wanted to interject here- I felt the first flutter at about 9 weeks, so it can happen even earlier than 13 weeks. but 20 weeks is not abnormal either. many women say they felt it earlier on the second baby, maybe due to knowing what they were feeling? I should also note that this is my first, but I knew it wasn't my intestines doing that wiggling around at 9 weeks

generally, you measure within a few centimeters of your week. 30 cms for 30 weeks, etc. lots of things can affect this, like amount of amniotic fluid, mother's size before baby, how the baby is deciding to lie on a particular day.

O is a good measure for predicting conception, but when you actually had sex is the best predictor of all I became pregnant when I should have been starting my period (though I confess I wasn't keeping track either really, I just happened to remember the last flow b/c it happened right before an important trip I was taking) I know I ovulated about 2 week prior, but I didn't have any sex then, so I had to ovulate again, and no period. so what am I saying? babies happen when they want to happen, O date or no.

if an ultrasound is matching up to your tape measurements then I think you can be pretty sure about this EDD.

then again, you could still gestate 38 weeks, or 42.... not all babies cook the same.

I realize this might not be too helpful, sorry. I guess I think that if you intuit that everything is on track and growing well, then it is.

kama'aina mama's Avatar kama'aina mama 06:15 PM 01-25-2003
I think fundal height can also be really different based on the babes position and length. I was measuring 43cm at 39 weeks (my last appt before I birthed). I was otherwise pretty slender. I looked HUGE! Like a cartoon of a pregnant woman. When a midwife of 20 yrs glances up as you enter and says "Wow! You're big!" you know you've accomplished something! Bonnie was only 8#8oz but was quite long, 23 inches, I think.