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TreeLove's Avatar TreeLove 05:22 PM 01-31-2003
You guys go 1st....

chellemarie's Avatar chellemarie 06:10 PM 01-31-2003
I'll play...but...I've never seen a baby name thread on here (I'm too new) so I can't really go first.
katt's Avatar katt 07:00 PM 01-31-2003
I love names, one of my fav. sites is (pretty much says it all)

I plan on using more 'off the wall' names. some I like:

Siobhan (i always get the spelling wrong, so any correction would be appreciated)

and lots others i can't think of right now.

Some names that are just a bit odd, that I would Never use for a child:


can't wait to see what others have used or what they like.
Starfire's Avatar Starfire 07:44 PM 01-31-2003

i am glad you think my name is 'off the wall' . Never heard it like that before but knowing some one else likes it is good!

I have always said if I had a boy his name would be Simon, after me and my great-grandpa. And if I had a girl it would be Monique.

Well I had Simon 6 years ago, and pg again. So we are more looking for names if it is a boy. So here goes:

My ds wants it to be Norman, Micheal, Nathen, or Anthony.

And one of my thoughts was to find a long name so we could give him a nickname.

So one of those might be the middle name. But we can't even think of a middle name for a girl yet. i wanted it to be Monique Simone, but my sister already named her baby Simone, so I don't want three Simone's running around each other.

StarMama's Avatar StarMama 08:20 PM 01-31-2003
Ok I'm guess the baby name thread would mean names we're considering so I'll share We've got a list and a half thou!


Aurora Star (my #1 pick for a girl's name)
*Kaliska (Native American name meaning 'coyote chasing deer')


D'Artagnan (my #1 pick for a boy's name)
Porthos, Aramis, *Athos
*Drake/Draco (I really DON'T like these... but Dh LOVES them)

The *'s are my the names my husband likes. Too bad he doesn't like my first choices in either catagory... :LOL We've decided middle names though. If its a girl, her middle name will be Star (my pick) and if its a boy his middle name will be Matthew (my Dh's first name and his pick. He has his dad's first name for his middle name)...

Can you tell we've got a unique name thing going on? We're gonna be the parents with the plainest names, giving our kids wild wild names!
TreeLove's Avatar TreeLove 09:47 PM 01-31-2003
Dh likes:

Silas (no middle name yet)

I like:

Jasper Rain
Hazel Keshet (keshet is hebrew for rainbow)
tinyshoes's Avatar tinyshoes 09:54 PM 01-31-2003
I would love to play, but I am too paranoid...I do not want to have a baby whose name is in the top 100 most popular names...

W/ baby #1, I cringed at telling store clerks or other random people 'MY names.' I happily told family and friends, as I was CLAIMING MY TURF.

And now, I just know too many Madelines born in 2001 whose folks were intending to be original...and Madeline was #26 on the list for 2001.

But I'm not here to rain on the parade!
SpiralWoman's Avatar SpiralWoman 12:34 AM 02-01-2003
ok- I don't think posting here on MDC is going to drive my names onto a top names list, but pls don't spread these ideas to any mainstream boards

I have to admit that I felt a little possessive when I saw Griffin on Lisa Lynn's list, but then I got over it.
Griffin James is our #1 boy name, James being DH's mom's maiden name. We don't really have any other boys names bcz we like Griffin so well. It has a British Isles feel (DH Grandpa was Scottish) but still easy to spell, but not too commonly seen. I was window shopping at Pottery Barn & they have the cute painted wooden letters, when I spelled it out it seemed to fit the baby so well.

Now for girls, I am struggling. We sort of like:
But can't think of any good family middle names that haven't already been used.

Last nite I made up a name for a girl: Dellyn. Like Ellen with a "d" or rhymes with Helen. DH 's mom's name is Dorothy & my Gma's name is Helen, so we can say it's a combo name.
here are some other possible spellings:
Delynn- afraid these last 2 will be pronounced like D'Lynn
Goodness, I have to stop I'm confusing myself. I never thought I'd be one to just *make up* a name, but I *really* like it. Dellyn Meredith sounds good, Meredith being a maiden name from my Mom's side which is already my sister's middle name, but oh well.
So what do you think of Dellyn? Which spelling?

of course, I think it's a boy
, Maria
StarMama's Avatar StarMama 12:52 AM 02-01-2003
Well Maria I'm pretty sure you don't have to be so concerned with two Griffins, Dh doesn't seem to like it very much!

For spelling of your girl's name I like Dellyn or Dellynn (maybe Dellyna?) so people will at least have a chance to pronouce it correctly... if I'm thinking of how to pronouce it right :LOL Its a very pretty name! Very original, and doesn't sound cooky, just different and unique.
Avonlea's Avatar Avonlea 02:47 AM 02-01-2003
For a boy,it will most likely be : Henry James.

My two year old son insists that it will be Harry Potter tho..!

He will not say Henry, just the other!

For a girl, Emily Elisabeth( yes I know about the girl in clifford..) ultimate fantasy girl name " Naomi Ayla". We shall see.
Cuddlebaby's Avatar Cuddlebaby 03:00 AM 02-01-2003
Originally posted by TreeLove
Dh likes:

Silas (no middle name yet)
I can hardly believe I saw the name we are consideirng for ours if a boy in here! wow!! Silas Allen I think

Rebecca due Feb 7th with number three
Chelly2003's Avatar Chelly2003 03:27 AM 02-01-2003
I've only been thinking about girls names:
My #1 Gillian (my mothers name)

I'm looking for a pretty E name, to spell out GEM with initials. I like Emily, but it seems a LOT of people like that name.

I kinda like Safron as well, I don't know why, but it just sits well with me.

emmaline's Avatar emmaline 03:39 AM 02-01-2003
Chelly if you like Emily but it's too popular, how about.....
Cakes's Avatar Cakes 03:54 AM 02-01-2003

gossamer's Avatar gossamer 04:05 AM 02-01-2003
I love:

katt's Avatar katt 07:31 AM 02-01-2003
I didn't post my #1 names either, just because I'm scared of starting to see them too often. But, i guess I shouldn't.

E names:

The only thing about the name DRACO is that every person will associate it with the 'bad' kid in Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy.

The rest are cool:
Porthos, Aramis, *Athos
Orion - How about Orrin?

Good Luck!
StarMama's Avatar StarMama 07:57 AM 02-01-2003
Thanks Katt Yeah I told Dh Draco is a NO GO. :LOL I LOVE Harry Potter, but I don't want to name my kid after that.... maybe as a middle name, but he wants Matthew... I really really wish he'd go for my #1 names!
Rollermommy's Avatar Rollermommy 11:59 AM 02-01-2003
I wanna play! I wanna play! Consider that I'm due to go into labor any minute now and dh and I still haven't agreed on a name: It's been a HUGE battle throughout this pregnancy--we're talking divorce terms here! Here goes:

Zoe Maya (1st choice)
Shiloh (means peace)

Oh, yeah, I don't have any boys names, I knew all along this one was a girl.
Hopefully dh will give in and let me name her Zoe so I don't have to divorce him
Faeanne's Avatar Faeanne 12:26 PM 02-01-2003
Ok, I wanna play too! We don't have a lot of names picked out yet, but here's a few that we've come across.

Shaeleen (pronounced "shay" and the end is like the word "lean"-the spelling may change, I want "Shae" but I don't know how I'll spell the end.)
Rhiannon (pronounced re-on-un. i think i did that right! celtic and so cool!)

Hunter (don't know if for a first or middle name)
Dante (pronounced don-tay)
wwhippetcrazy's Avatar wwhippetcrazy 01:37 PM 02-01-2003
I'll play too....although we cannot agree on a girls name....

For a boy it will be middle name yet...but we are leaning towards Yanic Wayne (dh's grandfather)...
When pg with dd...if it was a boy it was going to be Hamish Wayne, so that's why we are thinking of sticking to Wayne...but I don't think it flows good enough for me.

Girls names are harder...
I like these two are my fav:
Also like:
Veronica (dh says we're not rich enough for a Veronica lol...)

But the big thing is that dh gets naming rights this time...I insisted on Evelyn Rose for a I told him he can name this one, but I get veto rights!
Thank goodness we agree on a boys name

chellemarie's Avatar chellemarie 02:19 PM 02-01-2003
The least fun part of having a baby (other than these swollen legs and the carpal tunnel in my right arm and not sleeping for the last month) is picking out a name. We fight SO hard. My husband likes what I call "Cheerleader" names.

I like names that are a bit unusual but sound enough like popular names to stand out while fitting in. I was the only "My Name" in my school, and I liked it. Nobody had to use my last name. Like MADONNA or something. LOL!

We use family names for middles. Dh's family has a tradition of giving DS1 Dad's first name for a middle and DS2 Dad's middle name for a middle. We're carrying that on, as is his brother.
pln's Avatar pln 05:00 PM 02-01-2003

I have had some female students with beautiful "e" names...



Peppamint's Avatar Peppamint 06:06 PM 02-01-2003
I like non-top 10 names, but not too unusual! LOL

Anyway, for girl names I like names such as:

Elana (dd's name pronounced E-lay-na)
Audrey or Audra (my first choice if we have another girl someday)

For boy names I like names such as:
Patrick (nn Rick, I don't like unisex names like Pat)

Dh tends to like modern names and I lean more towards classy names. LOL

We're naming our son Jeremy which is more common than I prefer. However, it's a family name (after my baby brother who died at 14m) so that makes up for it.
MysticHealerMom's Avatar MysticHealerMom 06:54 PM 02-01-2003
I'm probably a total stick in the mud - This is a pretty fun, thread, tho.

I like names short and to the point. And spelled as simply as possible. Nicknames are ok. dh's name is Mike, and I'm Lori, but we have mono-syllibolic last name, so I think a first name should have at least 2 syllibals.

I don't really mind choosing the top 10, but I don't like the cheerleader names, either. (not that they all are).

I'd probalby like something like Free or Sky, spelled like it is, but I'm still not sure I like "objects" as names and my family would totally fall about themselves, they already think I'm a kook. And they would most likely come up with their own name, a family nickname, if you will.

ALSO, I don't think I should choose the name until the little guy tells me what it should be. And I'm totally open to changing it after we meet. We don't have any family traditions, so no guidelines there.

And while I think I'm havin' a boy, I only came up with 1 girl name.

Elvera Junko

My grandmothers first name and my best friends first name.

Also, dh and I aren't even discussing names mostly cuz of the meet and we'll figure it out thing, and I think he just doesn't want the responsibility with all the pressure involved in saddling someone with a name for the rest of their life

So, I suppose we're pretty broken.

And just so you know, I wasn't thinking fondly for myself of any names you've listed here, so they're safe

we'll prly end up with Michael William or something done like that. Or Steve. Yeah.

Best wishes to ya!!

chellemarie's Avatar chellemarie 07:20 PM 02-01-2003
Your friend's first name is "Junko"? I freakin' LOVE that!

I just love (dripping with sarcasm) when people ask "Do you have names picked out yet?" and then when I tell them and we go over the whole "what? Deh-clannnnn?" "it's an irish name...a saint." and THEN they say,

"I never understood how you could name a baby before you met it."

I understand that, I guess (unless you're just saying that because you don't like my answer to your question!) but I'm carrying the baby. So if DH says, "Kayla" I can say, "that's pretty. I'll think about it." I'll *know* if that fits or not in a couple days, kwim?

There's a definite Declan or Tabitha energy around this baby, I think. Though it could change, I suppose.

This post is very disjointed. Argh. DS came in and explained why he's saving an empty 2-liter bottle. He's a packrat like my MIL. DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!
PinkSunfish's Avatar PinkSunfish 07:22 PM 02-01-2003
We're TTC so we haven't had a serious discussion about names yet although I can already tell that it is going to be a hard road ahead. The only names we have ever agreed on are the ones that our nephews already have!!

Girls names I like (haven't mentioned them yet to DH as I would like to enjoy the fantasy before they get shot down in flames ).



I only have two boys names so far:


Alexander- I like all the short forms but I especially like Xander, unfotunately I think people would associate that with "Buffy"

These names represent both our cultural heritage just in case you are wondering about the more unusual ones.

More E-names for the poster looking for alternatives to Emily (lovely name btw).

Eilidh (Scots/Irish name pronounced aay-lee)
Chelly2003's Avatar Chelly2003 07:51 PM 02-01-2003
Originally posted by emmaline
Chelly if you like Emily but it's too popular, how about.....
Oooooooooo I do like that. How does this sound:
Gillian Emmaline ?

I also like Priya's suggestion : Emilia
Gillian Emilia

I like those......

birdwomyn's Avatar birdwomyn 08:32 PM 02-01-2003

I have been putting off posting until I am farther along, but I just can't wait. My DP and I are expecting twins (in August 03!) but we already have names picked out -- actually we've had the first one picked out since we started TTC. The twin situation threw us for a while, but here goes:

The first baby to come out will be Sam.

Samantha Claire (Claire is a family name on DP's side) for girl
Samuel James (Samuel for grandfathers on both sides of our families and James for a dear friend who died) for a boy

The second baby to come out will be Max.

Mikah, Micah, Mykah, Myka, Mika(??) Claire for a girl
Mikah, Micah, Mykah, Myka, Mika (??) James for a boy

These are pretty boring compared to many of you alls, but they fit the family the babies will be born into. My DP's older kids are Jamie Claire (Girl) and Bradley Nathan (Boy). And my family always has longer names with shorter nicknames....

We are open to changing them if they just don't fit the babies ... we are pretty committed to gender neutral nicknames, if not first names, however.

I love reading your name ideas....

Cuddlebaby's Avatar Cuddlebaby 09:27 PM 02-01-2003
Originally posted by birdwomyn

I have been putting off posting until I am farther along, but I just can't wait. My DP and I are expecting twins (in August 03!) kathy
Kathy (and partner),

CONGRATULATIONS!!! you must be elated!!! Great names! I know you have been through a lot TTC. Twins are a double blessing!!

Clarity's Avatar Clarity 09:48 PM 02-01-2003
add Mica...the mineral spelling. I like that one!
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