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StarMama's Avatar StarMama 06:34 PM 01-31-2003
Ok, I just got a call for the lab work I had done, and the nurse practitioner said I had spilled blood into my urine. She was concerned that I might be bleeding vaginally and the urine washed over that, but I haven't seen any bleeding what so ever (I'm a worry wart, I do check every time I go to the bathroom)...
But I do admit it wasn't a mid-stream catch...

She said its most likely nothing, but it could be my kidneys or bladder too. Does anyone know anything about this? She really didn't give me too much info, and now I'm worried... She's going to have me go down and leave another sample, but I have to wait for paperwork by mail first! And its taken a week for her to get the first results... Waiting this long is gonna be horrible!

So please, if you know anything about this, could you explain? I have no idea why the nurse didn't explain better, I asked her if it could be a big deal, and she said "its probably nothing, but yes it could be a big deal." Arrrrrg! I'm worried!

dotcommama's Avatar dotcommama 08:01 PM 01-31-2003
I'm no expert here, but I've had a bunch of bladder infections and that does sometimes cause blood in the urine - not really visable, but detectable when they run a urine culture.

I would think that if it were blood related to a problem with the pregnancy that you would be seeing blood on your underwear, etc and feeling pain or cramping.

I can understand being worried though - I worry about everything. So if I were you I'd call my ob/midwife up and talk to them about what this could mean. It will probably put your mind at ease and prevent a week worth of worrying over nothing.

Let us know what you find out.
StarMama's Avatar StarMama 08:12 PM 01-31-2003
dotcommama thanks for the reply! Yes I called the doctor back, spoke to the advice nurse and gave her more info (that the nurse practitioner didn't bother to ask) like... I'm peeing frequently (thought that was a normal pregnancy condition), and I am having mild, constant cramps, and am slightly nausious (isn't that normal too :LOL ). The advice nurse is thinking a bladder infection, but is passing on the info to the nurse practitioner, so I'm sitting by the phone waiting for a call back.

I did a little research, and during pregnancy its real easy for a UTI to get to your kidneys too... and yesterday, and a couple of days ago my lower back hurt, first one side, then the other. I forgot to give this info to the advice nurse, so I'll tell the nurse when she calls me back...

I hope its not serious... and I wish they'd get ahold of me more quickly! I'm such a worry wart!
dotcommama's Avatar dotcommama 09:43 PM 01-31-2003

I'm glad you called - I hope they call you back soon! Does sound like you might have a bladder and/or kidney infection - easy to get rid of once you get some medicine from the doc.

Again, try not to worry (I know how hopeless that can be ) and let me know what you find out.
StarMama's Avatar StarMama 11:54 PM 01-31-2003
Ok Nurse Practitioner called back, and said there isn't a sign of infection (not enough white blood cells, and not enough bacteria)... so she says its not going to affect the pregnancy, and just wants to keep an eye on it. She said she was just concerned that there might have been vaginal bleeding (and unless its invisible blood there isn't... I check everytime I pee : )... So I still get to go leave another sample, but I guess it isn't a UTI or anything....
XM's Avatar XM 09:05 AM 02-01-2003
Weird... maybe you were just getting over a mild UTI? That would explain it, especially if there was 'not enough' bacteria or white blood cells to be a 'real' UTI. Of course, there's always the chance that they made a mistake altogether. Drink cranberry juice (the 100% juice, not the cocktail) and lots of water so you can flush anything that's funky out of your system, it won't hurt anything and it could really help, especially if you are indeed getting over a low-grade infection. At least you'll feel like you're doing something about it and that itself can be such a releif.

I would think that if you were bleeding vaginally you would know... even when I had my implantation spots I could tell where it came from and it was hardly anything. Also, with both of my pregnancies, the first couple of months I felt crampy in a similar way to how I'd feel right before a period... it was just my uterus being very full and adjusting to that. I would also get gas cramps (TMI?) and round ligament cramps (which would feel kind of sharp, but they're off to the side, near your pelvis)... So please do discuss any cramping with your care person but try not to worry too much, because a lot of the 'cramps' you get when pregnant are actually quite normal.