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chellemarie's Avatar chellemarie 07:29 PM 02-01-2003
I've never had contractions without pitocin.

According to my doc, I was due Thursday. According to me, I'm due today.

What I've been calling Braxton-Hicks are noticeably more intense today and more frequent. The last few have made me gasp at the peak.

My on EARTH do I know the difference between practice and the real thing?

zombiemommie's Avatar zombiemommie 07:39 PM 02-01-2003
You GO girl, I'm having some today too, and I jsut started with BH last week and these are definately different.

What I was told by my Bradley instructor is this: any contraction is a real contraction hypothetically, they are all working at the same goal. However, if they are coming on, and feel regular etc, and you change position (like you are sitting and start walking) or eat and drink something, or go for a walk, and they are still coming, then it may be pre-labor/labor vs. BH. Does that make sense ? The other day in the car I was having BH every 5 mintues but they were quick, essentially painless, and just hardening. I knew they were nothing. Today and yesterday I have been having very irregular, hard to describe, cross between period and diarrhea cramp feeling things, the pain comes, it IS noticeable, sometimes mildly breathtaking, the pain subsides, and THEN my belly gets hard. So I have no clue what they are. My back is involved sometimes, and last night I was awakened by 2 or 3. But they are not increasing in intensity, and they are not getting longer (and they feel pretty long) so I am trying to ignore them and hope for the best, if that makes sense.

I am sure the other ladies can give more info since I NEVER had a real contraction last time, Pit or not.

I hope this is it for both of us, you first tho LOL

Cuddlebaby's Avatar Cuddlebaby 10:46 PM 02-01-2003
I agree with the poster, change activity and if it doesn't go away, it *could* be real labor. I know it's crazy now wondering wondering wondering but if you are not a first timer, all signs of labor (loose bm's, mucus plug, regular contractions) are all NOT signs of labor as well

In short you pretty much don't know until you start pushing well maybe some before that. What you described is right, if you are starting to catch your breath then that's a good indicator. My mom (a midwife) always says "take a bath and see if it goes away".

Rebecca due Friday with tons of braxon hicks, some every 5 minutes like yours.
chellemarie's Avatar chellemarie 10:55 PM 02-01-2003
I've taken so many baths in the last three weeks, our water bill is going to be enormous. Baths to relax, baths to control ankle swelling (futile, btw), baths to kill time, baths to actually get clean (novel), baths to lower dd's temp, baths to see if this is the real thing (not yet!).

I took a walk around the block. Didn't make it go away, but I'm feeling them a bit less now. So, eh. DH can go to his boxing match with his buddies tonight. I don't see any reason to sit and look at me doing NOTHINGATALL! *L*

zombie...thanks for permission to go first, but I think I'll let you go ahead of me if you reeeeeeeeally want to.
rsps's Avatar rsps 11:16 PM 02-01-2003
I had a friend who had "real" contractions every 15min, for three weeks. sometimes our baodeis take it slowly.

Rollermommy's Avatar Rollermommy 11:58 PM 02-01-2003
As the contraction and false labor queen I thought I should speak up. I agree with everyone else, try changing positions and doing something different for a while, even taking a nap if you can. Make sure to drink lots of water and pee often. Dehydration and not peeing often enough can both cause contractions. Sometimes mine hurt so bad I have to REALLY focus my way through them or I think I might cry--so just because it hurts doesn't mean your in labor. My midwife says "when they are 3 min. apart, lasting 1 min. or longer, and are increasingly,and consistently more painful to the point where you have to stop what your doing and focus, then call me" So that's what I'm waiting on.
chellemarie's Avatar chellemarie 12:20 AM 02-02-2003
Yeah...I'm so NOT in labor.

Cuddlebaby's Avatar Cuddlebaby 01:54 AM 02-02-2003
Originally posted by chellemarie
Yeah...I'm so NOT in labor.

Huge hugs, I'm so sorry.

Rebecca due on Friday
indiegirl's Avatar indiegirl 03:28 AM 02-02-2003
count me in on the pre-labor ctx. I had a month of pre labor ctx with my dd and this time around I *feel* like I know what to expect.

My ctx lately have been so intense (not painful) that they do make me concentrate on breathing. They must be doing something because I'm dialated to a 2 and 75% effaced--I'm due mid February. My midwife said that the babe's head is still pretty floaty in my pelvis, meaning it hasn't engaged completely. She said as soon as it does and my cervix is getting constant pressure, she is sure I'll start more active labor.

Taking a bath and drinking lots of water ARE key. Best of luck, mamas!

zombiemommie's Avatar zombiemommie 04:05 PM 02-02-2003
Alrighty then, Chellemarie, looks like you are definately first because I am done. Kaput. Nothing. Well, nothing but a good night of sleep that is. Oh well. I am not due until Friday anyway at the least so no need to get my hopes up or start pushing in line LOL

I hope you are faring better. I peed myself a bit this morning and got all excited thinking it was my water breaking. Nope, just bad bladder control. Adding insult to injury. Altho I keep secretly hoping I am one of those women who doesn't know she is in labor or thinks it is nothing and then I will have to poop and the baby will be arriving. What fantasy - better than sex ROFLMAO

Now I'm all moody and cranky ! Have a great day all
chellemarie's Avatar chellemarie 07:17 PM 02-02-2003

We ARE twins! I have the exact same fantasy!

I'm hanging in there. Knowing I don't have to go to work and listen to "You're still here?!" all freakin' day is a HUGE help. Not having people make fun of my walk or my belly helps, too. If I want, I can pretend I'm not pregnant for five minutes without someone reminding me with some dopey comment. *L*

I told my husband this morning that I feel like one of those really really obese people on talk shows who can't walk out onto the stage...they drag them in on a special trailer.

Then he made a joke.

I told him he better make all the jokes he wants NOW, because he never never gets to call me "fatty" again.

I know I'll have a baby by next weekend. That helps my sanity, too. If I don't go on my own by Tuesday, doc will want to induce and I'll agree.

Hang in there, ladies. (Where IS gaiamom, anyway?)
Rollermommy's Avatar Rollermommy 10:13 PM 02-02-2003
Here I am...still hanging out waiting for something to happen: Sorry to hear you were not in labor. So you are going to let them induce if you don't have it by next weekend? I was so against being induced with this baby but now I'm just praying my midwife will mention it at this weeks visit. Well, my "birth coach" left yesterday for a week--I'm kinda bummed Now I'm stuck in the delivery room with dh I'm trying to just stay busy and not let my crazy freakin pregnancy hormones get the best of me. This morning I was balling my eyes out cause dh wouldn't let me name the baby Homer after my grandfather. I'll let you guys know if anything happens. Anyone know how captain is doing?
chellemarie's Avatar chellemarie 11:26 PM 02-02-2003
I know I said I didn't want it, but yes, I'll agree to induction this week.

I'm sorry you're having such a rough time of it right now. It won't be so bad having dh with you in the delivery room. It wasn't so bad having him in the conception room, was it? You'll both do just great.

I'm sure captain has a baby by now. They're probably all busy busy falling in love with each other. I'm looking forward to her birth story.

And yours, TOO.

Huge hang-in-there hugs,
MysticHealerMom's Avatar MysticHealerMom 11:39 PM 02-02-2003
perhaps this helps - or not. it may be the difference between "early onset labor" and "active labor". all that futzing around, as long as it takes, b-h contrax, and usually up to the nebulous 4cm part, could be the early onset part - but still, ya know, real labor. and then when you get to the part where it doesn't go away, and you have to stop, focus and breathe, that's "active labor".

it's probably all still productive, esp considering your "date".

all things in due time - yes, you may now throw tomatoes.

sending good vibes for the big event!
Rollermommy's Avatar Rollermommy 11:43 PM 02-02-2003
Thanks for all the encouragement you guys
I know she can't stay in there forever