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I am seriously freaking out trying to figure out how long my daughter is going to have to be away from me during the birth. I don't want her in the house because she's really sensitive and will want to nurse if she knows I'm upstairs. I just kind of want to figure out what the average is. I know it could be 2 hours, but it could also be 12. She's never been away from me for more than 5 hours.


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My second labor started on it own and with AROM at 9cm my labor was a total of ~4 hours. (BTW, my first was an induction that took 8 hours).

I'm expecting an even quicker labor this time because I tend to dialate very early and I'm having more separation of my pelvis which tends to lead to faster labors.

Good luck!
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My 3rd was my my au natural birth & it lasted 3 hours from start to finish:~) My 2nd & 4th were inductions because of long term leaking of fluids~ They both were started around noon & at 7pm with no cervical change(still a 1cm) we broke the forebag(my 4th only had AFI of 6 to begin with) and I delivered in less than 2 hours with both~

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Well, my first labor was 20+ hours (hospital birth with spinal), and my second (homebirth, no interventions) was 3 1/2 hours from the first contraction that woke me up
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My second birth was 90 minutes from the very first contraction to the birth. Totally intervention free (in fact no one made it!). First birth was just short of 10 hours, also intervention free. I think it would have been closer to 6 if my baby had been ideally positioned, but she wasn't.

Mama to four remarkable kiddos, all born at home.
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My 1st was a typical first hospital natural birth, early labor far 24 hours, and another 8 hours of active.

Now the 2nd, like you asked about, was all natural, started at about 8 am, went to hospital at noon when contractions were bad enough that I could no longer walk and talk through them on my own and baby cam eat 4:18 pm, so 8 hours total, and only 2 hours where I had my son kept away.

3rd labor was 20 hour total, longer and harder active labor than the 1st, I thought the 3rd would be heaven as the second was a breeze, HA!!!! But she was way bigger than my other babies an djus thad a hard time moving down.

I would just suggest that you dont stress over this. You need to find someone that you are comfortable caring for her if you are not comfortable with her being there. If you are worried about her during your labor you could very well cause it to stall or take longer than it would if you could just free you mind and pay attention to yourself and your coming baby.

Good birht vibes coming your way!

Lisa~Was Aspiring Midwife~Now-AAMI Midwifery Student #2020~Mama to Zackery 3/29/96, Drake 9/22/01, and Selina 10/26/03...and here was the link to my new blog
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It's a hard thing to plan...

My 1st (natural, drug free) birth: 8 hours.
My 2nd (natural, drug free) birth: 58 minutes.

I've heard that you generally have a slightly less longer labor for the 2nd my case, a LOT less longer. Luckily earlier in the day my water broke, so we sent DS over to my friend's house for a planned sleepover well before labor started.

MH DS was 5, so it wasn't a big deal to be away from us overnight (he is very comfortable with my friend), but your daughter is so young. That will be hard...I hope everything works out.
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My 2nd labor was about a day, but only the last 8 hours were enough that I would have had a hard time taking care of my kid alone (she was in bed sleeping). About the last 4 hours is when I really, really needed the concentration. So, just keep in mind that no matter how long your labor is, you will likely be fine in early labor to care for your Dd yet and it may only be the end that you want to send her away for. It is pretty hard to plan out, but know that things will fall into place somehow when the time comes.

Erika, mama to three beautiful kids (plus one gestating), and wife to one fantastic man.

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My second and third labors lasted about a week each or two hours each, depending on how you look at it. Both times for the week before I delivered I could feel real, but very gentle contractions. I was 9 cm dilated before I felt a bit of pain. With my second I woke up at 4 am with quite intense contractions, made it to the birthing center 15 minutes before the baby was born at 5:15. I was home for dinner and bedtime.

With my third I knew I wanted to get to the birthing center a little bit earlier. Serious but not painful contractions began at 5 pm, left for the birhting center at 6, had my daughter in my arms at 8. There was about 1 hour of intense hard work. I was home the next morning. Grandparents were with the children both times, so I was not as concerned as I otherwise might be.

Happy mom to DS2000, DS2002, DD2004, DS2006 and DS 10/2009:
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2 All-natural BC Waterbirths

1st --14 hours
(induced w/castor oil after 8 days PROM, no labor)

2nd --8 hours
(but the first 4 hours were "easy" walking around with DD1 in the stroller)

You can NEVER be sure what will happen during labor. Exciting, isn't it!?!

My daughter was well-informed about the entire situation, but during the most of it I just wanted to be alone. She was there in the tub and got to feel the head come out and touch the bag and help cut the cord. Even tell us the gender. At 2 1/2 YO this was a big, exciting, and important job. She loved it!

(She plays pregnant with her dolls daily!! LOL )

Best wishes to you!!
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My first labour with DD #1 was 32 hours of intense labour and after 27 hours was full of interventions (pit leading to an epi, you get the picture).

My second labour with DS #2, was about 5 hours start to finish. Literally 15 minutes after my hubby parked the car, DS had arrived (and obviously no interventions, which is why I laboured for as long as I could at home). My Mum and DD #1 were still waiting for him to come back and park it the car it was that fast.

10-15 minutes after DS #2 had been born, I was happy, feeling like a million bucks nursing both my babes (DD #1 was 21 mo at the time), which I have to say attracted the attention of a lot of nurses (in a good way though, they thought it was the coolest thing they'd ever seen and kept coming to "check out this mom who was nursing a toddler and a newborn" as most of them said ).

Like a PP said it is hard to plan, so I'll sending you fast and easy labour vibes and hopefully it won't be long at all!
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My first was 18 hours (hosp. interventions-pit, epi, vacuum).

#2 was 6 1/2 hours and soooo much more comfortable.

Paige, mama to three girls, (10), (8) and (3)
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Both natural, intervention free births.

1dc- 15 hrs.

2dc- 9 hrs.
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Whew! Nursing while in labor - now that is an interesting sensation. I'm kind of hoping not to do that again! But, we'll see!

My second labor was 5:23 of incredibly intense labor - first contraction to last.

My third labor (this one at home) was 9 hours, but it was an awesome labor and birth. Dd was there the whole time, but she was four. My dad took ds (23 months) to the park when things got intense and came home right after dd2 was born. Ds was upset to be taken away, but most of the time he had fun and even fell asleep for a nap. He was just way too clingy for me to be able to deal with while in labor. Ds was there right after dd2 was born, and he just fell in love right away. It was too cute!
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: my first labor was 9 hours start to finish...induced.

My second was around 1 hour.

I think if you place her w/ someone she trusts, and not just fr labor, do some before labor, she'll be fine.

~Autumn~   Mama to whistling.gif (2001) and hearts.gif(2005) partners.gif madly in love since '99 
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Mine was 9.5 hours from first contraction to baby born. I did most of all the laboring at night before my oldest woke up... he was only gone from the house for 2.5 hours tops (he was too young to be there in my opinion (18m) or I would have had someone watch him there).

Mama to 4 amazing little people, another little expected 3/6/12!
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My 2nd labor lasted about 6 hours when I was actually hurting enough to know I was in labor. My 3rd lasted 45 minutes from first cx to he pushed himself out in the midst of a cx. My 4th lasted 6 hours from first cx to pushed him out. I am hoping for a very short labor this time too! I live 4 minutes from hosp so wont be so scary trying to make it just in time like the last 2...
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Ok this is scaring me!!!
My first labor was 4 hours from water breaking to daughter being born. Contractions started 20 mins after my water broke.
I am already nervous about getting DD with somebody when this one starts and getting the hospital (20 mins away) in time......and now I am reading about 58 min labors!!! Not to mention, DH works 2 hours away
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DS#1 was 5 hours from water breaking.

DS#2 was 2.5 hours total.
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My first, all natural, started slowly and gradually built up over the course of three days.

My second started nice and strong at 4am and I birthed 6:35 pm, same day.

Both non-interventitive home births.
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Both births were med free w/ a birth center... first was a hospital transfer, second at the birth center...

First - 4hrs. Had forceps assistance due to major heart rate decels.... turns out the cord was very short and wrapped twice around her neck!

Second - 2.5hrs. Had our support person for dd meet us AT the birth center. It was the middle of the night so she just stayed in her pjs, got in their car, went to their house, and slept at their house. She did great but she's also 4.5yo. We picked her up that afternoon and introduced her to her new brother, then went home.
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My first was drug free in hospital 12 hrs. My second was drug free in hospital 3 hrs. This one will hopefully be born at home
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