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chellemarie's Avatar chellemarie 02:00 AM 02-04-2003
Well, while all my due date buddies (and some who were supposed to wait till I had MY turn) are off birthing beauties, I'm going to go to bed and continue being pregnant for the restofmylife.

Rollermommy's Avatar Rollermommy 11:12 AM 02-04-2003
I'm right with ya chellemarie! I have had every sign of labor known to man, and have tryed everything from nipple stimulation to blue cohosh, everything but castor oil. If there is one thing I've learned here its that I am not in control--I really hate that too! Oh well, guess everyone will be back in a few days to gloat over their new babes while we wait. I'm not sure whats worse, waiting for my baby or waiting for my Luke's Drawers to get here from Cananda
chellemarie's Avatar chellemarie 03:18 PM 02-04-2003
Ahh...I should have read this before I bawled my eyes out last night. I thought I was the only one left! *L*

I went to the doctor this morning. I'm not effaced, but I'm at 1cm. WOOHOO! He couldn't strip membranes. non-woohoo.

He said I could go in tomorrow or Thursday morning. I told him I'd see him tomorrow. We also talked about not starting pitocin right away as was done with my last two inductions. He said we won't use it unless I stall out at 5 or 6cm. Though I'd really like to go on my own, I feel muuuuch better about induction.

While this is NOT a consideration, I should get my sling in the mail the day we get home with baby.

I'm glad you found shopping....I found cookies. Your coping mechanism is way healthier than mine!