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We have 3 dogs~a 12 yo golden retriever and 2 "taco bell" dogs. The small dogs aren't reacting much, but my golden follows me around CONSTANTLY!!! He also did this when I was pregnant w/my ds. He just seems very overprotective.

What about your pets? Any changes?



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hi Lisamarie-
What a nice dog you have! My big old lab follows us around all the time anyway & that certainly hasn't changed. He is a very sensitive dog & will always come to my side to show his support if I'm boo-hooing, he just sits very stoically & lets me know he's there if I need someone to pet! Last night he did get up on the couch between me & Dh & curled up next to me with his head on my belly. I was a little concerned bcz he is a big boy & weighs 100lbs, but somehow he managed to not feel heavy. DH said he was introducing himself to the baby. At least the baby will recognize those snores!

I was wondering what you do with your pets when you are having the baby & how they react to the new little one. We are having a homebirth & we aren't sure what to expect from him or us & wondering if he should stay with friends for a couple days or if he will accept the baby better if he's here for the whole thing. Just wondering if you or anyone else had any feedback since we're talking about pets!

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My dog was so sweet during my pregnancy. We have a 65 pound mutt who's part Lab, and he thinks he's a lap dog. I was very concerned that it would be hard to teach him to stay off my tummy, but he figured out I was pregnant and was very gentle with me before I even started trying to train him. Every time I left the house for a few hours late in my pregnancy, he'd check my tummy when I came home to see if the baby was still there. He also seemed to know that when we got presents with stuffed toys in them that they were for the baby and not for him. He wasn't happy about it, but he has never messed with the baby's stuff.

He's still very protective of the baby now that he's here. We've had to put a baby gate up in our bedroom to keep him out because we don't want the baby sleeping in dog hair, and he wasn't really happy with that at first, but he's fine with it now. Any time we bring the baby out our bedroom he has to check and make sure the baby is okay. The other day my sister came over and brought her week-old son. Of course, the first thing we did was pick up each other's babies. I thought the dog would be concerned that there was another baby in the house, but he didn't care. He just followed my sister around making sure she was keeping his baby safe.
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I have two dogs, both 50 pounds, one is a chocolate lab and the other is a german shepherd/boxer/? mix. They are both big on snuggling and following us around (my mother says it's because we attachment parented them as puppies), and haven't really changed much since I got preggo. They don't seem to have an awareness of my enormous belly, and would gladly lie right on top of it if I didn't keep them off. We also have a kitty. She has acted very differently towards me since day 1. She likes to sleep on my chest now, and curls up next to me when I don't allow it. She was always friendly, but is more so now, and the changes don't apply to Dp. Actually, the past couple of days she's been acting really psycho and I wonder if it's due to my changing hormones since I'm (I hope I hope) about to go into labor.

All of the pets have loved having me home from work. I think that's probably their favorite part of this pregnancy thing. I don't know what's going to happen when we go to the hospital. . . or when we come back with two newborns! I think the dogs will like it once the kids start eating table food (and dropping it all over the floor).

Mindfully mothering SIX kids (ages 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 & 12) in a small house with a lot of love.
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Wow, your pets all react much more nicely than my DH's dog. She's alpha female and really, truly HATES me. Her weird thing that she does when I'm pregnant is chew up my underwear. If I leave them on the floor while I take a shower, they'll be ruined. It definitely makes me a cleaner person, but really ticks me off. My take on it: this is my house, I'm a grown woman, and if I choose to leave my undies on the floor, I should be able to do so!! She only does this when I'm pregnant :.

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Our dogs have always been pretty attached, in general, so I don't see a whole lot of difference there. My one girl, Ginger has been so sensitive and loving, especially when I am crying or sick. Both doggerinos are used to having me home (I work from home), and I think that they are going to be great when baby arrives.

Maria, we are having a homebirth, too, and I am planning to just let the dogs walk around however they want to. I think that my girl Ginger will probably want to stay with me while I labor, and I am counting on Tex (boy) to stay in his usual spot under the bed!

I do think that it helps them with the transition to the new baby if they feel like they are included, as well. I talk to Tex and Ginger about it a lot because I don't want them to feel that they are being left out.


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we have cats. they've always followed me around, and aparently i'm the only one who knows how to work the food dish. when i come home, even if there's someone in the house while i'm gone, they all jump up and tell me they're hungry. like they couldn't let someone else know. and sometimes they're not, they just show me their dish because I hadn't been there for a while.

well, lately they've been taking turns sitting on my lap. and they purrrrrr. and they're really warm. they sleep up against me at night and when I nap. they won't leave me alone. it's kinda endearing, but I think one of these days they're going to trip me and i'll fall and hurt myself!!

we discussed what to do w/animals @birth, and my BA's said that dogs are usually curious and get right in there, but cats couldn't care less. Depends on who you've got attending with you, cat/dog and their relative personality, I suppose. I expect my cats to hide just because there will be someone there they don't know.
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