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Hi all,

Well, I will know tomorrow if I'm pregnant w/twins. I'm measuring 6-8 weeks over what I should be. The midwives are pretty sure it's twins.

I was going to go through the midwives again and have my birth at the birthing center.

They informed me that they cannot deliver the baby and that I have to go to an obstetrician. I'm so sad over this.

Anyways, my question(s) to you all is.

1. How are you all feeling, physically/mentally.

2. Do you have any other kids.

3. How many ultrasounds does the doctor want/have done to you?

4. Any extra testing involved since you're having twins.

I live in Alberta, Canada and by law, a midwife cannot deliver twins. That really sucks! If anyone is from BC, Canada, let me know if they allow midwives to deliver.

Thank you all.

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Hi Deb, I gave birth to fraternal twins almost 10 yrs ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday!

How are you all feeling, physically/mentally.

To be honest I was sick the entire time. For the first 4 months I couldn't eat anything, and was hospitalized for dehydration. I couldn't keep done water. During my second trimester I developed acid reflux like nobody's business, it was discusting to say the least. DUring my third trimester I developed PAPP and itched from head to toe- nothing eased it. I was finally induced during my 37 seventh week(due to toxemia). Mentally, I was about to lose it!

Do you have any other kids.

No other children at the time.

How many ultrasounds does the doctor want/have done to you?

I had one ultrasound early on (9 weeks) and that was done by a lady at a women's crisis center(I was going in for an abortion consultation). I then had one at 12, 20, 24, 28, and 30 weeks. Then during delivery to check the second twins position. The second twin was breech before delivery bubt turned after baby one was born.

Any extra testing involved since you're having twins.

I didn't have any extra testing done.
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I am due April 16th. 30 Weeks today!!!!
Thats awful that midwives cant deliver twins! I feel like my midwife is my saving grace. she treats this pregnancy with twins not much different then with a singleton.

I had morning sickness for the a few weeks in the first trimester which was weird because i had not had any with my first child (who is now 2 years old). Other then that the pregnancy has been really smooth. there are odvious differences. I was big early on. i got people asking me if i was due in Jan. when i was only 4 months along. Most of the pregnancy is like you are in the third trimester. I have to take a nap and energy fluctuates from day to day.

I have had no tests but the glucose test. However with my daughter i only had one ultrasound and so far i have had 4. Only one level II to start off with and get measurements and from then on i have only had to have regular u/s to keep up with their growth. my midwives office has bedside u/s machines that they use every visit, but i usually opt not to get one and just have the midwife listen to their hearts. I feel very comfortable saying no to tests and u/s. I am planning a natural, vaginal birth and have all the confidence in my babies that they will turn when its time to give birth.

If an OB treats you really different from "normal" find another OB. i feel so comforted not being treated "High risk" eventhough i am because of twins. of course we talk a lot about preterm labor and all the possibilities. i will have to deliver in the OR. but besides that it feels like a single birth.

Angela: Catholic Homeschooling Mom to Sierra(11/00), twins Addison & Kendall(3/03), Jack(4/06), Brielle (7/08), Levi (2/2011); due with#7 (9/13). Birthed every witch way.....hospital. C section. VbAC. Unassisted water birth (hypno/painless). Assisted waterbirth to an almost 10lber! (Not painless!)
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GL and hope the news is as you wish!

1. How are you all feeling, physically/mentally. I have felt really well this entire pg. Some back problems, but no real morning sickness, etc. More fatique for sure, rest is really important! However, I'm now 34w and getting very very very uncomfortable. MUCH more so than my pg with ds. I am holding out for 36-37w, but I tell ya, the thought of another couple weeks some days is more than I can handle. I'm very sore, it's hard to walk, I have terrible insomnia, etc. So, be prepared at the end...this is hard.

2. Do you have any other kids. Yes, I have an almost 3YO ds. Right now, we are staying with my parents and their help is crucial. I can't exactly do baths, I haven't been able to carry him much of this pg, etc. He goes to preschool 3 mornings a week and I come home and STAY OFF MY FEET!

3. How many ultrasounds does the doctor want/have done to you? I had an early one to check for twins, one at 11w due to some spotting and then the routine ones started at 20w. They did two types, a transabdominal to check on the babies and a transvaginal to check my cervical length. I had some shortening early from 20-24w so they uppped the transvag to every 2w until that stabilized. I was on modified bedrest during that time. At 33w, I started weekly u/sounds to monitor the babies' growth and fluid levels and weekly non-stress tests to check on the health of the babes. Other than that, the only thing that's been different this pg is they did the gestational diabetes test a bit earlier.

4. Any extra testing involved since you're having twins. Oops, already answered that!

Midwives couldn't do homebirths with twins in SC. We've since moved to VA where homebirths are illegal. I am in an OB practice with 3 OBs and a midwife, but I am not normally scheduled with the midwife since she can't deliver. At most hospitals, they require you to deliver in the operating room in case an emergency section is needed. I found out yesterday that if both my babies are head down, they may let me go ahead and deliver in the regular room. I hope so as I'm sure it's more comfortable to push there than in the operating room!

One OB in my practice is really pushing for a "just in case" epidural - so if an emergency section is required, I don't have to have general anesthesia. I am refusing this, which she has acknowledged is my right. The other 2 OBs are perfectly fine with my plans and the one I saw yesterday told me I can be as natural as I want. I don't have to have anything any different than a singleton - meaning no continuous fetal monitoring, no routine IV, no routine epi, etc. She told me to go for it totally natural if I want and I was very encouraged by that. I'd screeen VERY carefully when you choose an OB. They all have VERY different philosophies on twin pgs.

And of course you must be prepared that you are at a much higher risk of c-section, primarily due to the position of the babes.

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Well, went for an ultrasound today and it turns out I have a fibroid on the top part of my uterous. Not right inside, but between the layers.

This is why I'm getting a false reading on how far a long I am.

Saw the little bean bouncing around and he/she is 10 weeks, right on schedule.


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I, too, am pregnant with twins, though not for long! I am 36 weeks, 4 days today. I am planning to go into labor tonight. We'll see if it works . This is my first pregnancy, so I don't know how it would compare with a singleton pg, but it has certainly not been easy. I was horribly sick for the first four months. The next couple of months were okay, but I was very tired and had a lot of bad heartburn. The third trimester has been hard just because of being so big. Also, I've had bouts of preterm labor, and was on bedrest from weeks 29-35. These last couple of weeks have been torture. My belly is sooooo stretched. It itches like nothing I've ever experienced and is absolutely covered with stretch marks. I've been feeling pretty great the last two days, though. I suddenly have a ton of energy and am just so excited to have my boys in my arms (though it's pretty nice having them under my skin too). I am hoping that this burst of energy is a sign of something.

I couldn't find a midwife who would deliver twins either. I have had five ultrasounds, I think, mostly to check the growth. The only test I had was the glucose test. In general, I don't think my OBs treat my pg differently than they would a single pg. I have been having weekly appointments since 28 weeks, though. Both of my babies are breech, so I will probably have a c/s.

Although the experience of being pg with twins has been nothing like my fantasy, it is very exciting to have two little ones growing inside of you. I can't wait to hear how your u/s went!


Mindfully mothering SIX kids (ages 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 & 12) in a small house with a lot of love.
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