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lizabird's Avatar lizabird 12:04 PM 03-04-2006
I was just reading through the other post here about yoga during pregnancy and I would love to try some prenatal yoga but can't afford an actual class. Can anyone recommend any good books or websites with some good prenatal yoga or other stretching exercises?

I consider myself in pretty good shape but I can always use more ideas for stretching.



jenniet's Avatar jenniet 04:57 PM 03-04-2006
I don't know about a book or website, but what about just buying a video or DVD that you can use over and over again at home? I just bought a DVD yesterday. I haven't tried it yet but I'll let you know if it is any good.
AnditheBee's Avatar AnditheBee 12:38 AM 03-05-2006
This is the one I use and love:

You can see by the cover that it's not a "new" book--the pics look very "early 80s" in hair and clothing--but I like how clear it is and how every pose is broken down by recommended trimester(s) and also by type of pose/body area of focus. It also includes some post-partum poses as well.

If you do a search on Amazon, you will see that there are a TON of prenatal yoga books (I just did "yoga for pregnancy" and came up with three pages' worth). So what I did to find one I liked was check my local library first. Once I got to look at them and try using them, I picked the one I liked and bought it! Libraries are wonderful things...
orangefoot's Avatar orangefoot 04:47 PM 03-05-2006
New Active Birth by Janet Balaskas has pregnancy yoga at the start and shows how to build up as your pregnancy progresses. It then shows how these positions can be useful in labour along with loads of other info which I found really useful - and my dc loved the photos, especially the woman standing birthing a footling breech! They were amazed!
bradleybrat's Avatar bradleybrat 06:01 AM 03-06-2006
I also have really enjoyed the yoga exercises in the book Active Birth. I actually bought two different prenatal yoga videos or DVDs during my first pregnancy, but quit using them once I found the Active Birth book. I have found it much more peaceful to do the poses quietly, at my own pace using the book than having to watch/listen to/pause a video or DVD. I am now using the Active Birth poses for a second pregnancy. Good luck!

lizabird's Avatar lizabird 01:28 PM 03-08-2006
Thanks for the suggestions. I will definitely check out the library selectoin, but it's tough to browse the library with a toddler in tow, it's definitely more productive for me to have an idea what I'm looking for first. If I love a book from the library and must have it for more than 3 weeks, then I usually buy it.
I'll also agree from my personal experience that I'll use a book much more than a DVD. Probably a class would be best but they're so expensive.

Thanks again,