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Spotting Stories - Successful Pregnancy...?

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03-15-2006 | Posts: 146
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I was hoping some of you would be able to help ease my worried mind and body a bit by sharing your stories of early pregnancy spotting with me (for reasons other than implantation spotting or spotting after sex) where everything turned out okay. I am going to be 6 weeks on Friday and have had one red dot on my liner, plus a small smear on the t.p. at the same time last Saturday. Then today, I noticed what I THINK was another small smear of something when I wiped, though I couldn't quite even tell what color it was. That's about it, so far. I've also been experiencing some minor cramps/twinges on and off throughout the day for the past week or so, but nothing seems to coincide with the spotting itself. I also don't really FEEL very pregnant (no m/s), which is totally worrying me. I wish I could remember exactly how I felt this time around with my DD, who is now 26 months. I've been obsessing over every single wipe since I found out I was pregnant 2.5 weeks ago (I'm constantly running to the bathroom because I feel `leaky' and almost feel a little crampy, like I am about to get AF) - am I just a glutton for punishment by doing this and then finding something, or does every body pay this close attention to this? I'm overly anxious and pessimistic about the fact that this might not work out because I just had a miscarriage (blighted ovum) on Christmas Eve and have been doing my best to stay positive and calm, but ever since I saw that little bit of blood, I'm assuming the worst. If anyone can help me by giving me a little hope that I still might end up with a baby this time around, I would really, really appreciate it. I'm doing enough of the doubting and negativity thing myself, so I need someone else to get my hopes up for me, even just a little bit. I had blood drawn yesterday and will again tomorrow, so I'll find out something more definitive on Friday. I just need something to keep me going until then.

Oh, and does anyone also want to help reassure me that nursing my DD many times day and night most likely ISN'T the cause of my miscarriage(s)...? (I haven't told my Mom I'm pregnant yet because I know if it doesn't work out again, she's going to immediately assume it's because I'm still nursing...)Sorry for the long-winded post, and thanks in advance for any responses, Allison
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I had spotting at 11 weeks up until 18 weeks and I have a very healthy full term little (ok not little... she's a chunk 27 pounds at 9 months!) girl in May. My bleeding was due to placenta previa which corrected itself by the end of my pregnancy. My bleeding sounds alot like yours!

Best of luck!
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I had implantation spotting, spotting after sex throughout the first trimester, and unexplained spotting at 8 weeks. We never did figure it out. I never had real morning sickness, but I did have all kinds of cramps and twinges like I was about to start my period. Are they checking your progesterone level as well as hcg? I hope it all works out for the best.
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I will be 6 weeks on Friday also & I'm nursing a 24month old. I had red blood last Friday went to the ER & left without being seen after waiting in the lobby for 5.5 hours. Spotted all weekend went to OB on Monday, U/S showed bleeding in 2 small areas from implatation. Will repeat U/s in 1 week. Stopped spotting today. I hope this helps you find some peace.
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I had spotting from the time I found out I was pregnant until the end of my first trimester. I was also a nervous wreck every time I went to the bathroom and studied the tp endlessly for any sign of blood (3 miscarriages before dd born 3/27/03) I am now 27 1/2 weeks with ds Elijah. One thing that helped me was meditation and prayer. The bleeding stopped the day after I quit worrying about it. I was also taking antimiscarriage herbs. I didnt have any m/s either or any other pregnancy symptoms which freaked me out more. I wish you the best and will be praying for you and your little one.
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I had a TON of spotting from weeks 8 to 11. I am now in my third trimester of a regular pregnancy! BUT: I had a totally close call because I am Rh- and it turns out I was spotting because of a subchoronic hemorrage (a boo boo on my placenta). That means that I was spotting Rh+ blood. Luckily I did not get sensitized! So if you are negative and spotting find out why and get Rhogham if you need it.
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I had heavy bleeding at five weeks, not spotting, but bleeding. Thought it was a miscarriage and everything turned out fine. Happened again at ten weeks. Except for that time I even lost clumps of stuff. Still, everything was fine. I might be an exception (I have no idea really). But I am so not as paranoid about early bleeding as i used to be. Sometimes everything really is ok. Good luck to you.
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i too bled from the moment i became pregnant until about 5 months, i had spotting i had gushes of blood, and i had blod cots. I thought many times i had lost the baby but here she is beside me almost 2 years old and full of attitude!
My ob did put me progestrone just to help he said it can't hurt!
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i spotted from eight to ten weeks with both my pregnancies -- and was crampy
off and on as well. our mw checked me out found no obvious problems and just advised me to take it easy until the spotting stopped.
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My best friend had bleeding (not just light spotting) throughout most of her first pregnancy. At the end, she even had heavy gushing that actually worried her OB. Her daughter is now 2.5 and totally healthy. When she first started bleeding around 8 weeks, she rushed to the OB and they checked her out to make sure everything was ok. I would definitely call your doctor or midwife and ask them to take a look. It will ease your mind. An ultrasound could probably pick up a heartbeat at this point, so if they were to find that, it'd really put you at ease.

Feeling no symptoms at 6 weeks is pretty normal. Some women feel symptoms right away (I'm one that tends to have queasiness within a week of conception), and others don't feel anything different for several weeks. I know last time my morning sickness didn't really pick up until closer to 8 weeks. This time, I feel faint queasiness (just like last time), but nothing else. I'm right around 4 weeks now (got bfp Monday).

I know what you mean about feeling like you're leaking and being freaked out about going to the potty... I keep feeling like I'm having AF, occasionally getting those twinges of pain and feeling "stuff" coming out. It's just cervical mucus coming out, thankfully! And the twinges of pain are just everything moving around to get ready for that baby!
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I spotted off and on for 3-4 weeks with my first. It started at 11 weeks, I believe. My mw couldn't find heart tones, so I went for an ultrasound. Everything was fine and I gave birth to a 9 pound 4 ounce, healthy girl at 41 weeks 2 days! We'll never know exactly what caused the bleeding. My mw said sometimes the placenta just peels away from the surface of the uterus a bit, but then repairs itself. It was scary at the time, she prepared me for what a miscarriage would be like and sent me home with my ultasound appt to wait for a few days later.
Best of luck!
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I spotted with both of mine. Oddly enough not spotting with this third one kind of freaked me out. The OB I had with Miss A said that about 1/4 of their patients report early spotting and go on to have healthy babies.
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I spotted bright red at 14 wks (unexplained, possibly due to constipation).

remember with your beta tests that the number doesn't have to double, 60% is fine. good luck!
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I had bleeding with clots right around 6 weeks. It lasted about a day I think. I am currently 16 weeks and the babe has a nice heartbeat.
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I had a GUSH of bright red blood at 8 weeks with this pregnancy and I cried all night thinking this pregnancy was too good to be true (it took a year and a half to get pg w/ Noah and this was cycle 2!). Fortunately an u/s the next day showed all OK and a little pool of blood around the amniotic sac - it just happens sometimes. I was warned there might be some brownish spotting afterwards, but I did not.

My DS was still nursing a LOT until about 2 months ago when he nightweaned and cut back (I think it was more his age than pg related).

I, too had a blighted ovum, but it was before Noah. A blighted ovum has NOTHING to do with nursing!

The first trimester can be so filled with angst, especially after you've had a miscarriage. I would have asked for an early u/s with this pregnancy even without the bleeding since I carried the blighted ovum pregnancy to 9 weeks with not a spot or hint that anything was up except that we had an early u/s.

And yes, the little tugging and cramping you're feeling is all normal first tri stuff. Your uterus is settling into gestating again
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03-17-2006 | Posts: 146
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I just wanted to pop back in and say thank you, ladies, for all of your support and positivity. I got my lab results back today: my HCG level went from 8300 on Tuesday to over 13,000 yesterday (thank goodness for the PP who mentioned the levels only need to go up 60%, not double, or I probably would've been really worried!) , and my progesterone was 25.4. My midwife said everything seems like it's going fine, so I'm feeling much more hopeful I will end up with a little babe in my arms mid-November. I will be going for an ultrasound next week (I'll be 7 weeks and will hopefully get to see a beautiful, strong heartbeat), but so far, no more spotting and I'm starting to feel a little bit more pregnant each day these past few days. I wish all of you LOTS of luck and happy and healthy pregnancies! Allison
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I am seven weeks 1 day and i have had some light pink spotting three times, in the last three weeks (only once a week, one time) Very Very light watery pink, with some twinges, im a nurse and i should know better not to worry so much but its hard, I know. Im going to the dr tomorrow and im hoping they will do an ultrasound just to make me feel a little better!Good luck all
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I didn't have spotting but know many, many, MANY women who have, including some who had full on heavy bleeding and then went on to have successful pg's.

But I can definitely reassure you about the nursing. DD was nursing at least 4-5 times during the day and a couple times at night when I got pregnant this time...18.5 weeks and going strong! There is nothing physiologically that can cause a m/c due to nursing.

Try not to worry, take it day by day. I know, it's so tough, I had a m/c with my first pregnancy and carried anxiety from it into the first trimesters of both of these pregnancies and there's nothing quite like it. But it's unproductive and the best thing you can do is spend your time bonding with the baby you have now.
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