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ingridso's Avatar ingridso 11:57 PM 02-26-2003
I am 9 months pregnant, and just tested positive for strep group B. The midwife (CNM) says I have to have IV antibiotics during labor and the baby may be sick. Please let me know if there is any information about what I can do now to treat this naturally as to avoid potential problems? Any vitamins or herbs or ideas?

MA mommy's Avatar MA mommy 01:34 AM 02-27-2003
I will be using a saline lock. Here is more info:

"For those women who had not wished to have an IV in labor, there is still an option. You can have your cake and eat it too. Simply receive the IV antibiotics through a heparin/saline lock and then when the medication is done the tubing can be removed, leaving the catheter in place. If you require another dose during labor the lock is still in place and you do not need to have another needle inserted, but you will retain your mobility during the rest of your labor."
NaturalJoy's Avatar NaturalJoy 02:23 AM 02-27-2003
My OB told me I can do the same as above poster. Have the hep lock in and get dosed every couple of hours. Beats having a constant IV to drag around while in labor!

And your chances of your baby getting sick are very very slim. My hospital does require a 48 hour stay for strep b babies so they can monitor for infection.
hmg7500's Avatar hmg7500 01:43 PM 02-27-2003
I second (third??) the heparin lock. I was GBS+ with my first pregnancy and have already tested positive again with my second. With my first, I was induced because of preeclampsia and had an IV anyway, but was flat on my back for over 30 hours of labor. I wish a heparin lock had been available in that situation, unfortunately, it wasn't.

Now that I've tested positive again, and will most likely keep testing positive until it's time to deliver, I'm exploring other options. Because I'm having twins and have a history of complications, an induced labor (or c-section) might be the reality... which requires constant monitoring, I probably won't be allowed a heparin lock...

Please ask your midwife about this option. Remember to tell the hospital staff (or wherever you deliver) that you are GBS+ and that you want an IV with a heparin lock.

Quirky's Avatar Quirky 02:17 PM 02-27-2003