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amm0406's Avatar amm0406 08:13 AM 05-11-2006
I got laid off yesterday on a conference call. They fired all 100 U.S. medical transcriptionists because they have to pay us 5 times what they pay them in India. Our jobs are going there.

So here I am, 3 months pregnant, dh is unemployed and can't find work, and I have a 2-year-old. I was actually working as an editor, making a good wage at $18.50.

I've been seeing a grief counselor since my mom and sister both died this year. She advised me being laid off is a blessing and that I should collect the unemployment and take an emotional break from working for the next 9 months or so.

So I get a job offer, it's $10 less per hour than I was making, so $8 an hour. The only good thing is benefits and paid maternity leave of 2 months. I would be working at home again, doing the same thing.

Do I take the job or do what the grief counselor advised? I think unemployment would pay me more!

mary3mama's Avatar mary3mama 09:50 AM 05-11-2006
WOW! You've been through a ton of bad stuff all at once.

It's really hard to give someone else advice well, especially since I don't have to live the consequences down the road, either way.

That said, I'd follow your grief counselor's advice. You're processing a lot right now and need time to move through it properly. Just becoming a mama to 2 children is a huge adjustment.

And if unemployment would actually bring more income, then that answers that all by itself.

Your grief counselor is very close to your situation and you, so I'd follow their advise and take some time to heal and prepare.

myhoneyswife's Avatar myhoneyswife 11:30 AM 05-11-2006
Just wanted to pop in here and say I'm a MT also. Anyway, yeah, I'd take the time off also, if you can swing it financially.

Don't be surprised if they want you back either. I've known of some jobs transfered to India, and then the doctors get so frusturated with the poor quality (most, not all is poor quality from India) and they're back within 6 months. Ask for a raise for your troubles in that case :P

Anyway, I'm sure you're familliar with the politics of Indian transcription, just a tangent of mine.... Hope everything works well.

Christine&men's Avatar Christine&men 12:07 PM 05-11-2006

So sorry for you. One thing about the new job: Are you sure you are eligible for maternity leave? My company had the rule that one had to work consistently for 12 months full time to be eligible (and no, maternity leave wasn't even paid, they just granted me three months of unpaid vacation, basically).

And anyway, if you can make do with what you would have if you are not working (unemployment, maybe some other kind of assistance, maybe WIC) I would take the time off.

Wishing you lots of strength and kind people around you.
KarenEMT's Avatar KarenEMT 04:40 PM 05-11-2006
I am so sorry to hear about your job! I am a MT too and this subject makes my blood boil! I just luckily got a new job while pregnant thanks to a former co-worker who remembered me - and I am counting my blessings.

However, if I were you, I'd take the time off and reevaluate things. Maybe think about whether or not you want to work for yourself, for another hospital/institution/doc (if you can find one), or for a service. You could also test with various companies and see what they offer as well. There is even a service called "Transcription Matchmaker" which will help you locate the perfect position.

I also completely concur with Cara - the hospital where I now work outsourced to a service who used India. Their work was so atrocious that they were able to cancel out of the contract. The experience made them see sense - it just took about 6 months or so!

Good luck to you!!!!!