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kaismom's Avatar kaismom 02:14 PM 03-04-2003
Hello all I just found out I'm pregnant edd 10/30 and I'm so nervous because DS is only 10 months old. We've tried solid food and while he likes it as a hobby, he doesnt really eat. Visualize gallons of organic food cubes in my freezer going to waste

Anyway I'd say he's 98% breast fed including frequent night nursings -like every 1.5 hours. I'm still amazed that I ovulated at all.
It is such blessing and I am grateful for my apparently robust fertility but I am feeling badly for my son who IMO isn't ready for this. I worry about his nutritional and emotional needs not being met. I always hoped to have a second child spaced about two years and tandem nurse but I worry this is just a little soon. Anyone have advice or experience to share? Also are there any good books for nursing while pregnant/ tandem nursing? I'm seeing the pediatrician tomarrow and want to be prepared.
I'm feeling so torn -joy over the miracle of pregnancy and heartbreak for my sweet little nurser.

Jennifer Z's Avatar Jennifer Z 02:56 PM 03-04-2003
Right there with you, except mine is a touch older...14 months. He is still a passionate nurser and I met with some resistance (with the nurses, haven't spoken with the dr yet) to continuing nursing. Finally after asking her to give me a medical reason for weaning since I just didn't see the problem as long as I got proper nutrients she relented and said a few of the drs patients had continued to nurse during pregnancy.

I personally don't see how it is possible, with my child, to wean right now. I have spent so much time trying to get in tune with his needs that ignoring them right now, just because I'm pregnant, seems impossible. He gets upset if I make him wait a few minutes so I can go to the bathroom first...maybe some would call me a wimp, but I just can't do that to him right now. He is so not ready.

I was pretty shocked that I got pregnant too...besides nursing so much, I went through almost 7 years of IF to get my first. Sort of blew me away to get pregant without even trying.
Kanga@work's Avatar Kanga@work 02:57 PM 03-04-2003
Although my son was almost a year older than your child when I became pregnant, he was very much nursing full time. During the nights and every 2 hours or so when I was available during the day. I thought for sure I would keep my milk with all this nursing, but I think it is gone now (20 weeks). He is still nursing with the same pattern though. So, your child's emotional needs of nursing can certainly continue to be met. About nutrition, my son also didn't start eating solids much until about 10 months and really picked up after that. Perhaps your daughter will begin to show more interest soon... At any rate, if your milk supply starts to diminish, that may motivate her to eat more solids as well.

Maybe a mom with more closely spaced babies can share their experience?

Congratulations on the pregnancy and your commitment to continue to nurse your daughter!
bunny's Avatar bunny 09:23 AM 03-06-2003
Hi mamas!

I'm also pregnant, and dd will be 14 mos when our new babe arrives. She was exclusively bfing, very frequently at night, too, and I had not thought to start solids at all until 12 mos. So we modified our plans a bit.

We "introduced" food at 9 mos, but dd wasn't so interested until around 11 mos. But I did notice that she needed more nutrients than she was getting, my supply definitely wasn't what it was. Now she eats an array of foods, and still bfs (dd is 12.5 mos now) around 6 times a day, more sometimes, and a couple of times at night. There is milk, but I think she bfs for comfort not nutrition nowadays.

I don't know how it will work with tandem nursing, dd may revert to fulltime bfing, or she may keep going on with the food. We'll play it by ear, I guess.

Good luck,