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kr1stee's Avatar kr1stee 10:11 PM 06-01-2006
Is anyone else going into their third trimester experiencing horrible lower back pain? I am 27 weeks pregnant and my lower back is killing me. Every time I stand up my back aches and it is difficult to walk, sometimes I limp to the bathroom because it hurts so bad. I sit at work all day however I get up periodically to stretch and walk around but I dread standing up because I know it will be painful. Anyone have any ideas on how I can relieve the pain?

lucsmama's Avatar lucsmama 02:32 PM 06-04-2006
i had this with my first pregnancy. it was awful. sitting in a chair all day, probably does make it worse. the things that helped me were yoga, everyday if you can. also laying on the ground with my legs up on a couch or chair so that my low back was very flat against the floor. it is rather difficult to get up from this position, but it did help. good luck, i know it isn't fun!
boscopup's Avatar boscopup 05:34 PM 06-04-2006
I'm having horrible back pain already. Technically, it's the back of my pelvis that's killing me, not really my "back" per se. It hurts most at night because I'm laying down. Last night, I was having alot of trouble getting back to bed from the bathroom, because putting any weight on my right leg just KILLED. It's still hurting pretty bad today, but I can at least walk and move and such. It's during the night that I have tons of trouble.

I'm only 15.5 weeks. I'm scared to think what I'll be like in the 3rd trimester!
doulatara's Avatar doulatara 10:47 PM 06-30-2006
Sounds like sciatica a bit. Regardless, go see a massage therapist certified in prenatal massage if you can. (I'm a prenatal massage therapist) Usually my clients report their symptoms go away for about a week or two after I see them. Make sure you are lying on your left side with pillows between your knees and feet, so that your hip, knee and ankle are all at the same height while you are sleeping. Also, yoga is wonderful- the cat stretch is great and will provide you with some relief. A good chiropractor would help, too! If cost is a factor- talk to your Dr. or Midwife, usually they can write a referral and then you can get it covered by insurance.

Also, instead of sitting on a chair for long periods of time, go get an exercise or birthing ball and sit on one of those.
Sahara's Avatar Sahara 12:31 AM 07-04-2006
I just saw a chiropractor for this very thing this morning, and it seems to have helped. He did an adjustment on my lower spine, even thought the discomfort is in my low pelvis. I'm still pretty sore, but he recommended ice for 20-25 minutes several times a day to calm the inflammation.
I've had sciatica in the other leg before, and this is a different type of pain. It doesn't shoot down the leg, it is specific to the back of my pelvis.
I've been doing lots of pelvic tilts on my hands and knees, or leaning onto the countertop if it hurts to bad to get on the ground. I think this has helped me, too.
earthurs1975's Avatar earthurs1975 01:15 PM 07-07-2006
I empathise with you. I have had back pain my emtire 3rd trimester. I'm 37 wks and it's only getting worse. I had back labor with my daughter 8 yrs ago and was informed good chance the pain and paralyzing spasms are msot likely BH = more back labor. As it stands right now though I'm looking at a c/s next week if he hasnt turned still. Good Luck
boscopup's Avatar boscopup 04:18 PM 07-09-2006
Update on my back pain... I started seeing a chiropractor about 3-4 weeks ago, and I feel SOOOOOOOOOO much better!!!! After 3 adjustments, I was able to walk to and from the bathroom and night without pain. Yipee!

And it turns out that my round ligament was spasming and causing my sacrum to rotate, and that in turn causes pain in the sacrum on one side. Now I know how to avoid the round ligament stuff better, and also to rub the ligaments and try to keep them from spasming. So far so good! My sacrum still wants to try to rotate on occasion (and I think BH does contribute to that, as last night it rotated again after I had some BH at dinner time), but it's not rotating as much as it was, and it's "learning" to stay put in the right place. Just takes some time to retrain it, I guess!