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Hi all ok I"m 7dpo and having pms symptoms but we did bd during O so I'm just wondering if any of you pregnant ladies had PMS symptoms and ended up being pregnant??

widowed from Marc Nov. '09(love you more babe) mom to Sophia (9) Emma (8) Lily (5) :

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I most definitely was convinced I was about to get my period when it turned out I was pregnant. Sore breasts, mild cramps, and I kept feeling discharge that felt like blood. I was amazed at how similar it felt. Once I was a week late I took a test. Now I'm 23 weeks!
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Me too. This baby was a complete surprise. I felt like I had really bad pms. It was right around Christmas so I was really busy and was just cursing out the fact that my period was making me feel so horrible. Then I realized that I actually had felt like that for over 2 weeks. So after waiting until after Christmas (still thinking that it was all stress related) and my body was still acting up I finally tested and now I'm 31 weeks pg.
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W/ds2, I was convinced my period was going to start any day b/c of the 'pms' I was having.

Michelle -mom to Katlyn 4/00 , Jake 3/02, and Seth 5/04
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me too - I was convinced I had PMS, all the classic symptoms, and I turned out to be PG. Really different from my other pregnancy (ended in m/c) - I felt wierd right away.
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Both times now I've been angrily waiting for a recalcitrant AF that never showed, and took a HPT almost as an afterthought when the very much expected period didn't come.

Dr-Mom and SAHD extraordinnaire. DD1 (5), DD2 (3), MMC 04/10.
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I was almost sure that I was going to start my period. Then, I was 100% convinced that I did when I began to lightly spot. However, it never progressed to anything more which was very, very unusual. I mentioned it to my mom, who told me that she spotted when she was pregnant with me and that I could possibly be pregnant. So, with my husband, I took a pregnancy test and it was positive.
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I had really bad pms symptoms. I was so sure I was about to start had even taken tests 8 days in a row all BFN. My doctor was concerned because I hadnt started yet and was getting BFN so the prescribed me some meds to help me start and the night before I was going to take them I took another test and it was BFP
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PMS symptoms galore with this pregnancy. I was sure that our attempts to conceive hadn't worked! I was cramping (quite a bit, actually it occurs to me in retrospect), bloated, BITCHY, textbook PMS. But it was a positive at 11 dpo.
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I had really sore breasts for a week or so...a couple of weeks later I thought I had the flu, turns out I had a baby. I'll take a baby over the flu!
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Hi. Looks like you turned out to be pregnant, huh?
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Hello, I would just like to agree and say, YES, you can definitely be pregnant and have every indication that you are about to start your period.

I took an early pregnancy test 4 days before my period was due and it turned up negative, DO NOT TRUST THOSE. My "PMS" was especially bad, I had every symptom you can think of, bloating, breakouts, severe mood swings, bad cramps, etc. I felt so ridiculously menstrual. I just thought it was a bad PMS cycle, because I have those ever so often. When I was 4 days LATE, I thought I might take a pregnancy test just to "be sure" even though I am late ever so often. And to be completely honest, I thought I was wasting the test because I knew I wasn't pg with these symptoms. Low and behold, (and to my utter shock) the test came back positive and so did 2 others and a clinical test.. and I am now 7 weeks pg.
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I logged into the forum today to see if anyone could answer this question...guess you already answered...before I asked Anyway, nearly a week late on AF...and have had bad PMS symptoms. Haven't taken a test yet...guess I'll wait a few more days.
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I also thought I was just about to start my period when I ended up pregnant. I had the classic PMS symptons, moodiness, sore breasts, bloating. I was SURE that I was due for my period any day (my periods have never been regular, always a few days early or late). After a few days of being sick in the morning, I decided to get a HPT and it turned out positive!

Rebecca DP
our baby girl (12/2008)
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No PMS symptoms for several weeks. My first symptoms were the intense need to eat jars of pickles (literally jars) and fatigue so bad I slept in all day for three days in a row.

I got the tenderness, cramping, moodiness, etc around week 3/4.

Interestingly, I still follow my cycle during pregnancy. I actually get cramping a couple days before I would have been due for a period, I still get my monthly migraine right on time and I still have my ahem, "sex drive" mid-monthly.

Mama to expecting Babe 2
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I had such strong PMS symptoms I was sure AF was right around the corner (for about 2 weeks) and it didn't even dawn on me to take a pregnancy test. I even went out with a pad the night before I tested, I was so convinced AF was coming and thought it would come with a vengence. When DH mentioned I might be pregnant, I insisted I couldn't because AF was about to come. When we got home, I checked and AF was 9 days late. The test was positive before I could blink the next morning.
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Yep. I was so convinced I was NOT pregnant I even had a corona . I'm sure baby's fine, but that's how convinced I was. Now 18 weeks.

Mama to one little blur, watching everything move too fast. Eden 4/10/2009.
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