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I gained quite a few pounds during and after the birth of DS1, (now 2 1/2). Before getting PG with my 2nd, (which I am now - 4 1/2 weeks) I was trying to lose some body fat, (mainly Atkins/Weight Watchers). I got PG sooner than excpected and did not lose much weight. I really don't want to go through this pregnancy this fat, (or fatter!). I am a size 18+.

I know Weight Watchers allows you to do it PG - you just get 10 more points. I also have *heard* that often midwives will put you on a low-carb diet if you develop gestational diabetes.

Is there a safe way to reduce body fat when pregnant? For example, I was thinking of walking every day. I also have been eating more fruits and veggies, more whole grains and fewer sugary processed foods. If I wasn't pregnant and I made these changes, I would have lost weight. Is it reasonable to think I might lose body fat now that I'm PG?

I lost weight during my first trimester with DS1 unintentionally - I was sick as a dog :Puke and could only keep down dry toast, crackers, broth soup or hot water with lemon. My midwife kept saying not to worry, but I was concerned at the time.

I know this is probably a dumb thing to worry about - I just want a healthy baby, but I worry about my health during my pregnancy and delivery when prepregnancy I could barely make it up a flight of stairs, had sore knees and felt awful.

Any opinions are welome.

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I am in the same situation! I was doing WW and then just yesterday we found out we're expecting our third child! I'm a size 14 and, like you, am wondering if there is a way to safely lose body fat while still growing a healthy baby and maintaining my own health.

I don't want to go through this pregnancy fat either, so I completly understand what you mean. I didn't know that one could add an extra 10 points to WW while pregnant. Right now, I already added an extra 5 points to provide for my nursing 18 month old, so would I add a total of 15 extra points?

I am walking at least every other day, and on non-walking days I ride my bike pulling the little one in a trailer behind me while keeping up with my 4 year old. Hopefully that will help some!

Good luck mama! When are you due?
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Weightloss usually involves ketosis, this will dump ketones and any toxins stored in fat.

it is NOT reccomended to lose weight while pregnant because these factors can affect the baby. Now is not the time to work on weight loss. What you can do is minimalize weight gain through your pregnancy by eating right and walking or swimming.

My advice would be to adopt healthy habits now which will help you lose weight after you give birth. Make a plan to implement healthier habits. Give up the ice cream after dinner. Have a piece of fruit instead.

Make it a point to walk a certain number of miles per day.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Get the proper amount of sleep.

See if you can fit one more serving of fresh veggies into your diet each day.

Find healthier alternatives to some of your biggest dietary downfalls.

All of these things will make late pregnancy and birth easier as well.
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A low-carb diet is especially risky. It taxes the kidneys, which have a hard enough time during pregnancy.

I've read time and time again that if a pregnant woman is overweight and loses some naturally in the first 3 months of pregnancy, all is fine. So if it happens because of a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise, don't sweat it.

I think Chanley has some great points. Excessive weight gain doesn't have to happen if the right foods are the ones that are eaten. It comes down to understanding the why of cravings and hunger. A craving for Cheetos could simply be the need for more salt. A craving for 3 Big Macs could be an iron and amino acid deficiency. A craving for ice cream could be calcium OR could be self-solace for hormonal fluctuations.

Make sure your pre-natals really dissolve before they get elimated. (I take separate pills usually powdered in caps) Learn about and focus on the building blocks of food-then when you have to have potato salad, you know it's a natural need for potassium, for example.

Congrats and good luck!
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I've heard that lots of women have, after giving birth, actually lost weight... meaning that after the birth they weighed less than they had when they first found out they were pregnant. But most medical advice I can find on this says not to try to lose weight while pregnant. I'd personally more focus on how you feel... (this is what I am doing, I was a size 20 when I got pregnant) In other words eat when you feel hungry, try to listen to what your body says, and stay as active as you can. I *am* trying to not gain too much though... I've gained 8 lbs in almost 5 months and I am worried about the last trimester!!!!

Here's a resource about plus size pregnancy that discusses a lot of these issues...
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Weight Watchers official policy is to NOT allow pregnant women to participate in the program. Breastfeeding moms are welcome, and they do allot extra points in that case.

I'm an 18+, too, but wouldn't dream of dieting while pregnant. Make healthy choices, follow the advice offered here. Remember that you're also building fat on your baby, which is very much needed, and by restricting calories you're not just taxing your own body, you're limiting resources your baby needs.

Mama to DD : (7/23/03) & DS : (10/27/06) married to DH 7/20/01
and yet 90% more mainstream than the rest of MDC
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I feel a little guilty posting because I'm not an overweight woman and wasn't before I conceived but I did get pregnant again before losing all of my weight from the previous pregnancy, so, I am trying to limit my weight gain during this pregnancy. I'm not trying to lose weight because I know this isn't good for the baby, however I have started walking a mile every night with a friend of mine. Physical activity on a regular basis can kick-start your metabolism making it easier to drop the weight after the baby is born. Also, I plan to breastfeed. This not only has benefits for the baby, it also helps moms to get back into shape sooner. I didn't have that option last pregnancy since my daughter died but definitely look forward to the benefits of it for both of us this time.

Also, just in case you didn't know, your metabolism increases while pregnant anyway, so developing a healthier diet as the PP suggested could actually prove to have helped lose weight during your pregnancy even without putting forth the effort.

Good Luck Momma!
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I've gained 20 some pounds at this point (I'm 35 weeks along) and have totally been trimming up everywhere else but my belly. Obviously I don't know what I've lost vs. what I've gained, but it's noticeable that I'm in much better shape. I attribute it two two things -- a regimentally healthy and organic as possible diet (with plenty of good fat and calories), and the stairs in our house -- there are about six of them and the bathroom/bedrooms are upstairs, so I go up and down about 50 times a day. I figure doing that with the extra weight has really given me a good workout!
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I was about an 18 prior to getting pregnant. I also used to run 2 miles 4 or 5 times a week, did strength training and yoga. I still do the yoga and I walk. I also limit my sweets and try to eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and especially protein.

This is my third plus size pregnancy and the one I started at my fittest yet. It was a bit frustrating for me to deal with the physical limitations of pregnancy when I was right in the middle of getting my athletic groove on, believe me! Losing weight felt great and the confidence of being so strong and full of endurance was wonderful. However, this is not the time for me to be thinking of weight loss. It's a nine month journey for my little one. After that, I can get back into the swing of things, complete with a new jogging stroller

Don't worry about losing weight right now. Worry about making sure your baby has all the nutrients he or she needs. That is far more important than what size we end up at postpartum. There's an infinite amount of time to get back on the weight loss train after the baby comes. All the best to you and your babe
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Thanks for all the great advice Mammas!

(Mackenziesmamma - I am due in late March, some time between the 24th and 27th apparently, my periods fluctuated).

After reading your responses, i think instead I will focus on feeling better and being healthier. Probably part of the reason I don't want to be fat in this pregnancy is worrying how I'll feel and about complications. If I eat right, excercise moderately, take my vitamins and get enough rest, and enough water, I am bound to feel good.

I did lose all of my pregnancy weight last time within the first 4 weeks bfing my first DS. I am really more worried about during the pregnancy. Okay, and truth be told I'm jealous that I cant' look like the cute thin pregnant women with the cute round bellies! My belly didnt' get really pregnant looking last time (and I was 25lbs thinner!) until about 8 1/2 months! I just looked really big....

*sigh*. But I am just so thrilled to be pregnant I will truthfully be happy with a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby!

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FWIW . . . I was still carrying around 20lbs of baby weight after ds1 when I got pg with ds2. I ended up not gaining any weight until month 7 or 8, and ended up at the same top weight by the end of pg that I was with my first pg. I wasn't trying to not gain weight, it's just what my body did. So you may not actually add on much or any weight this pg since you're starting out heavier.

Here's to a healthy pg for you, mama!!

Jen, mom of R (9), T (7), C (5), and E (2) ... my stillheart.gifs

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