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crayon's Avatar crayon 06:45 PM 03-24-2003
Okay- Can life be totaly great and toataly falling apart? I am due to have my baby any day and I am so stressed about money. I am late on everything- well I will be by April first if I am not already I own my own business so I go with the flow of money, I have to. But I also have rentals and we are having a hard time getting rent and then we just bought one that needs tons of repairs and cost me $1700 a month just for that mortgage- I am behind on! I was late on my car payment and DP's parents have it in there name and she called today all pissed at me, I understand why, but I am 10 months pregnant and I keep getting waken in the middle of the night not being able to sleep thinking about money. I have to come right back to work after the baby is born, luckly I can bring the baby with me, but that sure doesn't leave time for bonding. I just want to take a few days off and bond with my baby and not force him/her to come right to work with me. I could see money would be tight but I have 4 mortgages, 3 power bills, 3 gas bills and an office that I own and run so I have rent, power and gas here and then my phone lines and computer lines and cell phone and... and... and... Maybe this is why my baby is not coming out! I am a little to stressed! What can I do? I have been working my behind off day and night and I feel like it is not paying off, I am one day away from complete failure. How am I going to be a good mom when I have lost control of my money- It seems like sometimes we have enough money to pay several months in advance and then we have times when we fall behind, but this is the worst it has been and with a baby due anyday- I just cant take it! I need a good cry and a money tree

naturegirl's Avatar naturegirl 07:10 PM 03-24-2003
Angela I am so sorry. I wish you hand fulls of money to pay your bills so this baby will come out and join this wonderful world.

I know what you mean by owning your own business and some months have access money and some months are searching the sidewalks for extra change! Just remember that you made it through these times before and money is just money.

Also a great book that I have been reading is "Absolutely Effortless Prosperity" by Bijan

Good luck!
Mommiska's Avatar Mommiska 01:17 PM 03-26-2003
Angela - I am so sorry as well. Your life sounds so stressful at the moment...I can so understand your desire to relax for a while, not worry and just enjoy your new baby (when he/she arrives).

I'm afraid I don't have any great advice. Have you and your partner sat down and really looked at expenses and planned out what you will pay and when? Then contacted banks, etc. to get everything sorted out/let them know where you stand on things?

Most of the time, if lenders see that you are genuinely doing your best, they will cut you some slack- it is in their best interests for you to continue to pay them!

Might also be helpful to talk to a financial advisor (not sure if that would just cost lots more money?). Would it be possible to consolidate debt at all and decrease monthly outgoings that way?

Will be thinking of you.