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Heathermhill's Avatar Heathermhill 12:00 AM 08-22-2006
I am almost 33 weeks and baby is breech, just wondering how late any MaMa's have had their baby's turn? And what worked for you..

mary3mama's Avatar mary3mama 10:26 AM 08-22-2006
A friend of mine was dealing with this late in pg recently. from about 30-35 weeks, IIRC, her daughter was breech and then by the 36 week mark, she flipped and stayed head down and was delivered that way. I believe she used suggestions from the Spinning Babies website to help this along...
moma justice's Avatar moma justice 10:46 AM 08-22-2006
my dd turned so many times at the end...i have way more amniotic fluid with my pregnancies so there is more room for my babies to turn around when they aren't supposed too....

so my case is a little different (as she turned all kinds of ways at the end but did not "stay" for very long ((more than a few days)) in any of those positions)

she ended up engaging in a posterior position and then turning antierior while i was pushing her out.

it did make for a hard birth.

i do think spinning babies is a good one and let me find the link for the UK sight i like>>>

i found it more helpful

if you don't have a lot of extra fluid...it has been my exp that breech presentation has something to do with an emotional issue with you, baby, birth, dh, or after birth plans...

most moms that i know who had breech babies (IRL) were palnning on going back to work at 6 weeks and did not want to.

i do not know anything about your life, but now might be a good time to do some journaling or talking to a dear friend about any worries you might be having.

also some midwives will deliver breeches at home...and they turn out just fine. are you planning a home birth?
maybe you should be.....is there a dr tellign you this means that you can only have a c section?
if so i would find another person to help you deliver.
good luck
Ks Mom's Avatar Ks Mom 02:05 PM 08-22-2006
My DD (now 23 months) was firmly upside-down (frank breech), until 3 days before scheduled c-section!

We had tried EVERYTHING - standing on my head, walking like an elephant, yoga, flashlight, music, moxibustion, and the dreaded external version.

FINALLY... I went to the chiropractor, only 3 days before I was scheduled for a C-section for my unturnable baby. She performed the Webster Technique - specifically to turn breech babies (you have to be specially certified in this technique - she was difficult to find).

I am not exaggerating when I say that DD had a party in my belly that evening. Went to the doc 2 days later to check on her position the evening before the sceduled C, and sure enough, she had turned!

It IS possible to turn your baby, and if my next is breech, I'll go to the chiropractor FIRST this time!
moma justice's Avatar moma justice 04:57 PM 08-22-2006
i want to second the chiro.
mine has been doing the webster technique on me (for a posterior lay) and the baby has turned anterior and has stayed there so far
(i am 36 weeks)
i still go once a week to make sure that the baby has not returned, and just b/c the adjustms he does feel so good period and will help over all with the birth and the post partum healing.
i do not know if mine is certified in the webster technique or if he just knows it...
123's Avatar 123 07:34 PM 08-22-2006
My dad was breech until after my grandma was in labor. She been doing everything to turn him for weeks and he'd have none of it. Finally she just accepted that he would be born breech and headed to the hospital. Half way there he flipped head down and that's how he was born. It's a running joke that he still tends to put things off til the last minute.
sparkprincess's Avatar sparkprincess 08:00 PM 08-22-2006
I was going to hop on here and mention the Webster Technique, but I see that was already covered! Good luck on getting that baby to turn!
lrlittle's Avatar lrlittle 01:26 PM 08-23-2006
In addition to the chiro, I'd also try acupuncture & moxibustion. Good luck!
NoMariposa's Avatar NoMariposa 02:16 PM 08-23-2006
I just want to throw support out there for birthing breeches. The OBs would have every woman out there doing c/s if it were up to them it seems. The naturally occuring rate of breech presentation is like 30% and guess what the national average is for c/s rate 29.1%!!!!

And you have rights. You have the right to birth a breech baby if you desire to do so. You have the right to refuse treatment, including a c/s. Know your rights. Also know that women have birthed breech babies for centuries, so had problems, so did not -- just like a head down.
maxmama's Avatar maxmama 05:12 PM 08-23-2006
I turned in labor. My mom was unthrilled at the time.

I just got back from my prenatal and my 32 weeker is finally vertex. I had a complete breech last time who never turned, even with an ECV, Webster, acupuncture/moxibustion, etc., etc.

Re: what the PP said about emotional issues keeping a baby breech at term: I emphatically disagree. To me that smacks of blaming the mom, when sometimes babies are just breech.
Heathermhill's Avatar Heathermhill 11:58 PM 08-24-2006
Thanks for all of your suggestions!
Especially the one about it not being my fault.. I agree that if you are under stress, you should get help, or talk to someone, or anything that works for you.
I was starting to get down thinking it was my fault.. thanks!
oregongirlie's Avatar oregongirlie 12:51 AM 08-25-2006
When are they supposed to turn? I'm at 30 weeks and he's all over in there... head up, down left, right.
Hayes's Avatar Hayes 12:44 PM 08-25-2006
Had a close friend whose babe flipped to breech when she was 8cm dilated. I would suppose it works both ways!
nikirj's Avatar nikirj 12:48 PM 08-25-2006
My firstborn turned at 38 weeks. By that point she was big enough and I am small enough that OMG it hurt. But it would have been tough (we would have managed) to find someone to do a vaginal breech delivery where I was at, so hey, the couple minutes of pain and day of soreness after were worth it. I guess she just knew she had to get that way; no way was it easy for her at that point, if the stretching hurt me that bad.
gardenmommy's Avatar gardenmommy 04:27 PM 08-25-2006
My second was breech at 36 weeks. She finally turned when I was (of all places to be!) grocery shopping. It hurt like nobody's business, and I had to hold on to something for support. BUT, it was definitely preferable to birthing a breech baby (I had a homebirth with a midwife skilled in breechbirths, so I wouldn't have gone in for a C-sec.)

So, they can turn pretty late!
Kajira's Avatar Kajira 04:35 PM 08-25-2006
my son turned at 40 wks was born at 42
lexbeach's Avatar lexbeach 04:39 PM 08-25-2006
Another suggestion to see a chiro asap! I believe that the success rate for external versions goes way up when does in combination with the webster technique (and often just the webster technique is enough to get babies to flip on their own).

I had breech twins, and while twins are even more commonly breech than singletons (40% chance), I do believe that in my case it was partially emotional. I was scared about the birth (I had wanted a homebirth, but because of the twins was looking at birthing on an operating room with tons of doctors all around ready to cut me, not allowed to move, with epidural in place just in case), and I think part of me even secretly hoped that they would be breech so that the "decision" would be taken out of my hands (since just about no one will assist in the vaginal birth of a breech twin A).

This pregnancy, I have been constantly picturing my baby in the ideal position, and imagine him sliding out of me that way. So far, it's working! At 29 weeks he is indeed in that ideal position, and has been for at least a month. While there's certainly still time for him to move, I am optimistic.

So, while I definitely wouldn't say that it's your fault your baby is breech, I would really examine your thoughts about the birth and see if there's anything that might be making you feel scared or like you're holding back at all (good thing to do regardless of your baby's position )

Good luck!!
midwifetx's Avatar midwifetx 04:41 PM 08-25-2006
My fourth baby was breech until 34 weeks, and she is the only one who came 'on time' When she turned it was an ENORMOUS relief of pressure.
Heathermhill's Avatar Heathermhill 01:28 AM 08-26-2006
Originally Posted by midwifetx
My fourth baby was breech until 34 weeks, and she is the only one who came 'on time' When she turned it was an ENORMOUS relief of pressure.
When you say it was a relief of pressure, what exactly do you mean? ( I'm the original poster for this thread ) Because there is almost constant pressure. I tease that he is trying to come out of my belly button and is always up in my lungs and I can't breathe! When your turned, did that pressure go away?
midwifetx's Avatar midwifetx 12:16 AM 08-27-2006
Yes, it felt that she was pushing up and out all the time. The pressure on my diaphragm was really strong, too. When she turned, the only pressure was cervical. I could breathe again, and of course, with her turned, I breathed easier even though I would have birthed her breech at home, anyway.