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08-22-2006 | Posts: 753
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Hi- When i was pregnant someone told me about and i ordered some baby products as well as some postpartum products.. they helped SOO MUCH! I just wanted to share they also have where you can make a birthplan to print out.. I Highly suggest printing it! because when you are in labor talking is not fun!
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Thanks for the link!! I have used their New Mama Bottom Spray and the Natural Nipple Butter and I loved them both!!!
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08-22-2006 | Posts: 2,845
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I love their products.
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haven't tried their products, but i did like the birth plan suggestions - got a lot of good ideas for mine from there.
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I love their stuff, their website, and their business ethics. Every pregnant mama needs their nipple butter for after baby arrives.
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08-22-2006 | Posts: 753
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I ordered the "something for new mama's sore bottom" it was aweesome and totally worth it.. the bath herbs were AMAZING I took 2-3 baths a day for the first 3 weeks after my son was born! But then again I looove baths.. the birth plan is a GREAT idea.. just remember to pack it in your hospital bag! I printed mine out and left it home
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08-29-2006 | Posts: 401
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I got an awful case of food poisoning and while thankfully I recovered and the baby and I are doing fine, it left me with some prenatal "bottom" issues. I have tried Tucks pads, drinking lots of water, yoga moves and doing more kegels. Nothing was helping. I ordered some bottom balm and spray from Earth Mama Angel Baby. I am comfortable for the first time in weeks. The only downside was the expense. However, I will probably order some more just to have it on hand before the baby is born. Relief is priceless!
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08-29-2006 | Posts: 34,451
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Has any one tried their heartburn tea? I'm having issues.
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