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Ok this is technically my third baby but my first labor I only got to 2-3cms after laboring for 24+ hours and was diagnosed with failure to progress and had a c-section. (really a stupid OB... but anyway)

Second which my midwife labeled as a first birth since I had never dilated all the way was about 25+ hours. (I think it was like 18 hours of contractions 5 mins apart or less)

So.......... I'm praying this one will be slightly shorter... how long was your second labor/birth?

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Here's another thread on the same topic. I was curious, too.


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My first labor started at 9 am on a Saturday and I had my son at 12noon the following day. I don't know if I was given poticin, though, might have been because there was meconium in the fluid and they were trying to hurry things up.

My 2nd labor began at 9:30 on a Monday night and he was born at 6am the following morning. It was much quicker and he came out in only a few pushes shortly after my water broke on it's own. ETA: I went from 5cm to 10cm in about 20 minutes and pushed him out in about 8 minutes.

I'm hoping this one is as quick as that one!
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my first was about 36 hours including about 4 hours of pushing.

my second (just less than a month ago) was about 6 hours including about 30 minutes of pushing.
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I too am VERY curious...
First baby was a 52 hour labor. Anything less than 24 hours this time will be a breeze

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Well..with my first I started having mild contractions at 2am at night(thankfully, because I was almost two weeks overdue, which is the time limit at which midwives can still deliver in my state). It was slightly uncomfortable, but I didn't think it was *really* labor yet. I was scheduled for a non-stress test that day, and showed up at 2pm, still with light contractions. I was curious as to what was happening so my midwife checked me, and I was three cms but slid to five cms as she was checking me. So, I decided to stay there and labor, and ended up having my little girl at 11:48 pm, after a complicated labor that because her head was stuck at a weird angle inside me. Afterwards my mom remarked to me had I been in a hospital I probably would have ended up with a c-section, because at one point my cervix started to swell. So all in all, *soft* labor lasted about ten hours, which was pretty mild, and *hard* labor about nine hours.

With my second I was almost at the two week mark again, and hadn't gone into labor and my dds non-stress test was less than reassuring, so I had my midwife seep my membranes. Again, I had mild contractions from that moment on (it was about 8pm when she did the procedure) until about 2-3pm the next day, when labor started getting going pretty quickly. I went straight to the birth center, where I was found to be five cms. My was broken and I ended up with a premature urge to push, so my midwife just held my cervix open and I pushed from 7cms to 10cms, and my dd was born just 5? or so pushes later, at 7:45 or so. So pretty much the same...lots of hours of *soft* labor followed by a couple hours of intense contractions.

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My first technically started around 8 am Mar. 12th and he was born by 4am March 13th. However I usually count "active" labor which was 6 hours (from 11pm-4am). I had all day contractions that I knew that I was in labor but they didn't start getting really close together and more intense until around 10:30/11pm that night.

My second labor although 6 hours of active labor again seemed much shorter. My pushing time was *much* shorter and the overall labor was incredibly easy. I used the Hypnobabies techniques...a lot more walking/birthing ball/hopped in the tub towards the end, etc and it was so easy. Technically my labor began that morning around 10 am and I had him by 11:51 that night. Again though the earlier day labor I was at the park with my son and preparing lunch/dinner until right after I finished prepping dinner when I went upstairs to relax more and listen to my music then I went to the hospital at 10 pm at 9 cms and had the baby by 11:51 pm.

Your body knows what to do more with the second and your memory of the "first" birth may seem harder than what it actually will seem with your second. I would easily say that the majority of second births are so much easier.
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My first was 9 hours. I was 6 cm dilated and I let my MW break my water to get things started (before evacuating for a hurricane). It took so long because DS was posterior for most of labor and things didn't really get going until he turned over.

DD's labor was just over 2 hours. My cat woke me up, otherwise I might have slept through more of it. As it was I hit transition about 30 min after I woke up.

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Hah, I don't think I could since my experience probably wasn't typical, but hey, it could happen.

Number one was 26 hours active labour (4-10cm) with 2.5 hour second stage.

Number two was one hour, 40 minutes with seven minute second stage.


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my first labor was about 36 hours plus 4 hours of pushing.

my second was right about 2 hours, including about 15 minutes of pushing.

i'm hoping number 3 is somewhere in the middle.
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My first was a total of over 48 hours. But I was not progressing because she was posterior... But real active labor started after my midwife broke my water and that was only 4 hours which including 2 1/2 hours of pushing.

My second was a couple days of prodromal labor that started and stopped. I think he was posterior too because I felt all the contractions in my back. But I count labor to have really started at around 11 am on a Monday and he was born at 11:51 pm... with only 2 or 3 pushes. The active labor started again pretty late in the game because at 5 cms I asked to have my water broken and it went really fast after that. 2 hours with only about 5-10 minutes of pushing.

The second time was much easier. More painful! (I did it natural the second time) But it was definitely much faster and easier. I hope that it is the same for our third! I will find out in a few months!
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