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(Can I post about a friend? My thread here is regards to a friend, I’m still new to MDC so if this inappropriate someone tell me or remove it. I read the guidelines & think its ok.)

I just finished reading the pages of postings on the thread, “Anyone NOT against Induction??” If you have read it : then you will understand were my questions are coming from. I didn’t think I should post this in that thread however.

My friend was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, one (stand in) Dr told her they may plan to induce because of the baby possibly being too big (due to the GD), I also believe they told her it would help AVOID a c-section:. (She is 35 weeks, first preg.) She is always for natural alternatives. (I keep trying to get her to sign up on MDC, I know she’d love it, but until then…)

Anyway, I told her about everything I read on the "Anyone NOT against Induction??" Thread. Mostly new information to both of us (thank you MDC!) I would recommend her refusing the induction especially because of the “baby COULD be too big” reason. (how the heck can they tell how much it will weigh anyway??? Does anyone know anything in regards to induction because of GD? So many mamma’s on that thread were saying if it was medically necessary they would not be against it. Is big baby a reason just because of GD? IS the GD itself a reason? She’s scared because she’s small 5’1”, I told her SOOOOO many small woman give birth to big babies (my mom 5’ had a 9 1/2lb, etc). In the end I told her to really educate herself (especially on them saying induction would avoid a C). I’m afraid that they are trying to scare her into something she doesn’t really need to do. She doesn’t want a C, part of the reason she is being open to induction, are they misinforming her?

Sorry, too many questions, I don’t know where to begin. I hope you can help!

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Wow, I can't believe I missed this post.

Here's some gestational diabetes info:,,9z3m,00.html

Page 10 of the article specifically addresses inductions for "large" babies.

If there is a possibility of a difficult birth it is actually more important to avoid inductions because they can hinder the body's ability to labor as best as possible. Inductions disturb the birthing hormones and prevent the mother from moving around as she needs to.

It's really great you've been looking into this for your friend. She would probably benefit from reading positive birth stories, particularly those of people who had larger babies. is an interesting piece on hormones during labor.

I would recommend you also ask for information in the Birth and Beyond forum.

(Oh, and, by the way, there are a *ton* of homebirth midwives in Portland and your friend could still switch to a homebirth if she wanted. If not, then just keep that possibility in mind for future births.)
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If her GD was diagnosed and properly managed, then there's no reason why the baby would be huge.
I didn't have GD, but I was induced. I was told the day of the induction the baby was probably no more than 7.5 pounds. 38 hours later, after a c-section, it turned out he was 10lbs8oz and the 38 hours I spent sitting on my rear (not allowed to get up when hooked to pitocin at our hospital) kept him from turning out of a posterior position.
FF two years and I had an unmedicated birth center birth with a 9lb baby. NO problems whatsoever.

"Could be" is a terrible reason to induce. And as you can see in my case, even when they think they know how big the baby is, they can be horribly wrong. And to top it off I know I'm perfectly able to birth a large baby, so the induction was the obvious cause of the c-section I had with the first.
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I had GD during both pregnancies. (Insulin dependent for both, although we used glyburide off-label during the 2nd.). My first son was induced at 38 weeks. He weighed 8 lbs. 1 oz. My second son was not induced (my new OB says she rarely induces for GD...big baby or not)... and he weighed 9 lbs. 14 oz. Second son was a natural childbirth and came in 4 hours.

I think a lot depends on your doctors. When I went to the hospital in labor with DS2, the OB resident was freaking because he said... "OMG, it looks like it could be a 10 pound baby based on the Ultrasound." My OB said..."So what. 8 pounds 11 pounds...It doesn't matter. He's coming out anyway. This little guy wants to be born today." Attitude is everything . OB resident freaked... was assuming C-section... reality was no epidural, no intervention other than a small episiotomy.

Babies with GD can be normal size. A lot depends on how well you can mange your diabetes during pregnancy.

Mom to DS(8), DS(6), DD(4), and DS(1).  "Kids do as well as they can."

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One of my students with GD (insulin dependent) fought off the induction as long as possible. When she finally relented at 40 weeks- the induction didn't work and she ended up with a c-section.

I think that induction for size is ridiculous since there is no accurate way to really predict this.

GD is a tricky subject though as it does increase risk for stillbirth with no warning.

My advice is to manage the diabetes well. Try to avoid becoming insulin dependent. Exercise and don't cheat.... Keep yourself as low risk as possible and increase your choices!
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Like your friend, I am very small (5'1") and had GD with my first pg (and I'm sure I'll have it this time, too). I was induced at 40wks/3days because my water broke and I didn't start labor for over 24 hours, however, I was not induced because of GD. I would definitely recommend putting off an induction as long as possible. My old OB was comfortable going up to 41 wk and my new doctor is OK with up to 42 weeks.

The key (as others have said) is for her to REALLY monitor her glucose levels and diet. Also, excercise every day (I walked about 2 miles a day). It really helps keep glucose levels in check and helps prevent excessive weight gain.

I have read studies that say a baby's weight has much more to do with the mother's overall health, size, etc, than with GD. My baby was only 6lbs, 7 oz, so your friend may not have a big baby at all. If she does have a big baby, perhaps that is just what nature intended...

My best wishes!!
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I had gestational diabetes and was induced at 41 1/2 weeks. My baby weighed 6 lbs. 15 oz. I managed my GD with gobs of walking (like 3 miles a day) and watched my diet very carefully. I feel positive about the induction, because I let my body have more time to get ready. A lot of OBs will induce at 40 weeks for people who have gestational diabetes, but my family doc was just fine with letting me go as long as I felt comfortable. My bishop score was much higher at 41 1/2 weeks than at 40, and I feel like that gave the induction a better chance of success. I would not have wanted to be induced any sooner, and if I had not had GD I would have gone to 42 weeks. Assuming that a baby will be big just because the mom has GD raises a big flag for me. It can be controlled, you just have to work really hard at it. For me, cutting all refined sugars and white foods (potatoes, white flour, etc.) out of my diet and eating whole grain foods and other healthy things took care of the sugar issue. In fact, my GD was almost resolved by the end of my pregnancy because I had gained more lean muscle mass. I didn't gain any weight in the third trimester, and the baby is healthy and is amazingly strong for a newborn. I ate a lot of protein, which is low in carbs, and that helped too.
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