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janellesmommy's Avatar janellesmommy 04:54 PM 11-23-2006
I was vegan with my first pregnancy. I ate pretty healthfully, although I craved restaurant chips and salsa. Maybe once a week, I would go to the restaurant bar and order an ice tea, and they would serve me free chips and salsa, all I could eat.

I thought my Bradley class recommendations to eat 80-100 grams of protein a day was absurd. I did not go out of my way to eat excessive protein, but I got enough protein through a healthy diet.

My baby was 9 pounds. I gained about 40 pounds, but the weight came off effortlessly with breastfeeding.

wanderinggypsy's Avatar wanderinggypsy 06:06 PM 11-23-2006
My first was just shy of 9 pounds, my second was just shy of 10 pounds. I don't think it had a lot to do with eating anything in particular, just a well rounded diet with lots of fruits and veggies, and protien too.

I think it's mostly genetics. My dh is a much larger person than I am. It will be interesting to see how this wee one comes out in April.
jstar's Avatar jstar 10:06 PM 11-24-2006
i would be happy with a 7 pounder this time. birthing my 9 pounder was amazingly painful. not that birthing a 7 pounder wouldn't hurt but it seems like it might hurt less. my ds's chest was bigger than his head. i thought the relief came when the head came out, but no.
Potty Diva's Avatar Potty Diva 10:15 PM 11-24-2006
Kailey was 9.5 and 20 inches long and born at 38.5 weeks
I ate junk. But Kailey is now above average height and below average weight (but not by much). Her bigness didn't last.
Adamsmama's Avatar Adamsmama 10:54 PM 11-24-2006
My last was 9lbs10oz and I don't want to admit but I craved carbs and sugar throughout the 2nd and mostly 3rd trimesters. I ate a ton of crackers and never cut out chocolate but also ate a lot of cheese/drank milk/yogurt. I ate more balanced and more healthy (except for a ton of ice cream) with my 1st and had an 8lb baby. ETA: My youngest was off the charts the first few months for weight gain, as well, but now has settled down into the 50% percentile for weight and height and is very well proportioned. I also wonder how much genetics play a part... my DH was 8lbs2oz at birth and I was 9lbs9oz.
Adamsmama's Avatar Adamsmama 11:02 PM 11-24-2006
Originally Posted by WinterBaby View Post
Why is a big baby any better? Well, it's not. A healthy baby is a healthy baby. So why might I prefer a slightly larger healthy baby? Well, in my experience, on average they feed better, they sleep better, and they're more substantial to hold (which makes me feel less generally nervous of breaking them somehow.) They just have a little more reserve for health challenges too, which makes me a heck of a lot less nervous as a mom when nursing isn't getting underway as smoothly as one would hope, or they get that cold going around in their first week. So - smaller babies are beautiful, averge babies are great, and larger babies? They soothe my mama worries a little bit, lol.
I just read this and had to I felt the same way. I think itty babies are so first son felt so tiny (at 8lbs0z) but my 2nd felt huge at almost 10 pounds. My 2nd slept much better, I was much less nervous about co-sleeping because he could already hold his head up and just huge (1 inch longer as well). He didn't nurse better though, he had trouble with his latch the first couple of weeks but after that he did great!
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