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I have a tooth that had a cavity in it pre-pregnancy that I didn't have taken care of. Yes, baaaaaaad me. I'm a dental chicken, beyond chicken - biggest baby you could imagine.

Anyway, sometime in the summer it broke. It didn't hurt aside from a twinge here and there that a dab of orajel would take care of. Well, last night it went bad. Very bad. I had to sleep with ice on it. I'm rinsing with peroxide and mouth wash.

I had planned on taking care of it once baby arrives (EDD Dec. 15), but now I'm not so sure holding of is an option. Or at least, I can't just ignore it. I'm pretty darn sure there is an infection there.

I just want the darn thing pulled, but I'm such a chicken that I need to be knocked out for it. Which, won't work while pregnant. I had an extraction once with just novacaine, it wasn't pretty for anyone.

Anyone had dental emergencies while pregnant? What do you think the chances that they would give me antibiotics to clear the infection and let me put off yanking the tooth until kiddo gets here? I can't live with the pain, but the idea of having the work done while pregnant freaks me out too.

Sorry for rambling. It hurts!


heather - wife to my wonderful husband , mama to Brenten William 12/29/06, and Devin Findley 10/20/09
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I recall reading something about antibiotics not being so hot for the babe. Also, once it has abscessed, the infection is in your bloodstream and that's no good for baby either. I had a root canal at 13 weeks and wrote up a big post about it. Let me go find it for you...

ETA - Here you go: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=516061. Post #5.

I'm sorry that you are dealing with this, especially while pregnant. There is a lot of info in the dental forum here, be sure to do some searches over there. Whatever you decide to do about it, just do your research well and trust your intuition to tell you what is right for you. Best of luck to you!
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i had a tooth pulled at 19 weeks with this one, i wasnt put under or anything etc but that pain was better then the pain of the toothache when the tooth was there, i had chipped it years ago and it never really bothered me until then. but i also didnt have an infection, but infections can hurt ya more specially in your tooth my mom had one it got real bad and if she waited any longer the infection coulda went to her brain and killed her but it was like bad , her face on the one side was swollen, id get it taken care of asap and if not while your pregnant id ask about being induced 2 weeks early to get it taken care of.
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I had horrible tooth problems in my 2nd pregnancy.
The best thing is to get the antibiotics, as much as you dont want them.
An infection like that can quickly spread throughout your body. Not to mention, they are known to cause labor. I cant imagine laboring in pain like that.
Most dentists wont touch a tooth until several days of antibiotics. If they dont treat the infection and pull the tooth, the bacteria enters your blood stream and is very dangerous.
I would see a dentist ASAP.
Tooth pain is worse than anything in the world. The best thing is to treat it and not let it go, IMO.
Good luck!
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I'm sorry; I feel bad that you're in pain. Whatever you decide, I just hope you feel better soon.
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I've never had any teeth pulled while pg, but I have had my molars removed under local anesthetic because of periodontal disease and I just had to pop in and tell you to go ahead and have the tooth out; a good dentist will numb you up to where you don't feel a thing. They gave me a topical anesthetic first so that I didn't feel the needle with the novocaine going in and then they waited until I felt nothing at all. On one quadrant, they had to keep pumping it in there and keep pumping it in there, but they didn't start pulling until I was numb.

My dentist told me to take some advil before the novocaine wore off and then to call hgim if I needed something stronger and he would phone in the prescription. After the first appointment, I forgot the advil and wanted to save them for my ds's back problems anyway.

When I'd wake up the morning after an extraction, i was momentarily giddy and aware that something felt strange and it took me awhile to realize that what i was feeling was the absence of pain. It was such a good feeling.

I ws always very vain about my teeth and having them taken out, even in old age, was just something "we don't do in my family" so I put off my extractions for way too long. I still have 17 chompers left that need to go when i can afford it and I still can't eat hot or cold or sweet foods, but I am SOOOOOOO glad that I finally broke down and had at least some of the work done.

You don't need the pain whyen you're getting ready to bring that beautiful baby into the world. You need to be able to eat well and rest and take care of both of you.
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get it pulled if its beyond repair, an abcessed tooth CAN cause labor

for the chicken aspect, my father is absolutely phobic of dentists
like he passes out in the waiting room phobic
he called 1800 dentist and told them he was phobic and found an awesome dentist that doesnt use gas
I dont know if 1800 dentist still exists though, that was years ago

as far as antibiotics are concerned, if the tooth is badly infected the nerve may not take novacaine, this happened to me once
the dentist opened up the tooth with a numbing gel ( which worked very well btw) and packed it with a clove oil temp filling to soothe the nerve...I went back a week later and it had calmed down enough to be pulled...without antibiotics..maybe you can ask for that

good luck, tooth pain is dreadful
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The OP have all given good advice--especially that the infection is more dangerous than the possible treatments.

I just want to send I have a terrible phobia of the dentist--full blown panic attacks and have been turned away by several who simply wouldn't work on me.

This won't solve your tooth pain at the moment, but for the future you might consider this--I use a monthly peroxide and baking soda cleanse with dental stimulator and was told by the dentist (HAD to go in last year because a childhood filling came out) that after 17 years without a dentist my teeth didn't even need cleaning.:
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Oh dear, I feel your pain. I had a tooth go bad once and it was the worst pain of my life, really worse than childbirth! I let it go for too long and the nerve was too inflamed to be able to numb. Go right away, if you wait, it will be worse. Take the antibiotics and have the thing out!
I ended up saving my tooth with a root canal and post build up but I waited so long that I had to be knocked out to have it done b/c they couldn't get the novocaine to work on my infected tooth... So don't wait that long!
Just remember that having the tooth out might be scary, but it will only take an hour or so of your life and you are strong and you can do it!
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