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Sharon's Avatar Sharon 02:05 PM 05-29-2003
I only have one planned shower so far, but my mother-in-law is working it like you wouldn't believe! This is her first grandchild and she's SOOO excited. She's one of 12 (?) kids and the ONLY one who isn't a grandparent yet! She's so funny...she's basically picked out the things she thinks we NEED (fortunately, I mostly agree - car seat, stroller, glider, co-sleeper) and she's telling all the guests to not burden us with unnecessary stuff and instead getting everyone to contribute $ to these things. YAY I was actually a bit scared because she said the guests are all going to be her church friends...she did a bridal shower with them and we got some INTERESTING things! But I'm THRILLED with what she's doing this time!

I passed my glucose test. I wasn't worried really since I've never had any sugar in my urine either. But it's nice to know. My iron is low though...but that's managable.

We get the keys to our new house today!!! It feels like christmas! I couldn't sleep last night and now I'm just waiting for the phone to ring saying we can go pick up the keys! I can't wait to get settled in!!!

Lilg127, I really want Nicholas, but DH really wants Luke. It's funny because I've never really liked Nicholas, but I heard someone say it a couple months back and I just really felt like that's the right name. And now I REALLY like the name a lot. Our girl name is Elaine or Elena (Elaine was my middle name before I took my maiden name as my middle name).

I can't believe how fast time is going! Yesterday at yoga, my teacher gave an alternative direction for people in their last trimester. It took me awhile to realize that's ME! I can't believe how rapidly August is approaching!

Wow! This got really long, but I'm trying SO hard to make the time pass faster. I want the keys!!!

Colorful~Mama's Avatar Colorful~Mama 12:41 AM 05-30-2003
horrible terrible appointment today . read about it here if yer interested?

finally got my head on straight again.... what a bad day
kaje62's Avatar kaje62 10:53 AM 05-30-2003
CM I am so sorry.
I do not think you trust your clinic right now
I think you should set up a meeting
with DH, no kids and maybe a doula
and have a come to jesus meeting
so you can trust them

Hugs either way!
seagan's Avatar seagan 12:58 PM 05-30-2003
Barb -- What this doc did/said is so infuriating, for so many reasons. My blood is boiling -- test THAT, Mr. MD!

How dare he question your willingness to do what's right for your baby. I think that's what infuriates me most of all. Grrrrrrrrr.

May you get loads of support to keep on doing what you're doing, Barb. You are taking GREAT care of yourself and that babe!

uppity moms unite,
DreamWeaver's Avatar DreamWeaver 09:23 PM 05-30-2003
Colorful~mama, s

I am so sorry that happened!!

Take care, I am sure everything will turn out fine eventually!!
MamaSoleil's Avatar MamaSoleil 08:55 PM 05-31-2003
ColorfulMama~I read your update, glad you and your m/w are on the same page!!!

Anyone feel suddenly queasy and dizzy when the baby moves on a certain spot? I remember 'vaguely' having this with Soleil, although only if I layed on my back...but now it's happening quite frequently, throughout the day, if I'm sitting....Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this....


Annais's Avatar Annais 12:56 AM 06-01-2003
Yes, mamasoleil! I've been having the same thing happen to me, it is rather disconcerting.
Very glad I'm not alone...
kaje62's Avatar kaje62 01:21 AM 06-01-2003
not that but i puked bile this morning

When I brush my teeth
or cough a lot
I all of a sudden gag
This happened to me at the end last time

Are we in the end.
MamaSoleil's Avatar MamaSoleil 01:30 AM 06-01-2003
Are we in the end.
NO doubt!!! It's hard to believe. I'm starting to panick, because things I've put off doing are now seeming overwhelming and I feel I don't have enough time to do everything! Soleil's new room is almost done, this will take a huge pressure off, then I have to fix up the other two rooms, for my own sanity..there's a part of the house being completely wasted for goddess's sake!!!

Anyway, Annais, I"m sorry you're getting this really does suck!
Kaje~Hope that goes away, that's no fun either!!!

birdwomyn's Avatar birdwomyn 02:15 AM 06-01-2003
Are we really close to the end? It sure doesn't feel like it to me.... It has gotten really hot here and my feet are sausage roll feet all the time now -- and I can't get cool or comfortable -- and I am just not sure I can do this for another two and a half months -- and I know the hardest/hottest part is yet to come.....

I am having a whine fest here -- sorry -- guess I am just over tired and over hot and over swollen and TOTALLY over peeing every 1/2 hour.....


MamaSoleil's Avatar MamaSoleil 02:33 AM 06-01-2003
Kathy~The hot weather hasn't hit us yet....I'm sure I'll be sounding like you when it does!!!
I'm sorry you're feeling uncomfortable.! I would definetly suggest a 'body pillow', one of those long pillows, I tuck mine under my breasts, belly and between my legs...I call it my 'gravity free zone'. Swimming is AWESOME too! Cold cloth on your forehead, soak your feet, and just do some lounging when you swell, feet up...

Hope you feel better!!!!

birdwomyn's Avatar birdwomyn 03:09 AM 06-01-2003
Thank you mamasoliel.....

Sometimes having someone just "listen" helps. I do sleep with a long body pillow on one side, two regular pillows on the other side, two pillows under my head/neck (one is a "comfort" squishy pillow I have had for years) and an arm pillow that I rotate from side to side to try and prevent numbness in my arm/hand. Sleeping this way helps a ton!!!! Even with all this, my feet are swelling.

We have one of those 4' cheapie pools that we set up every year. We had intended to have it up by now, but DP's back went out, then we went to visit her sister who is undergoing radiation and chemo for metastised breast cancer and DP ended up staying there a total of 3 weeks to help out and then she has been sick this week since she got back -- and of course she insists that I cannot set the pool up because of the heavy lifting.... etc.... But again, you are correct that the pool will make a world of difference once we get it up.

I did, however, make a snowcone with our new snowcone machine our kids gave us for mother's day -- it was a 3xl size snow cone and it has really helped my attitude and helped cool me off..... I feel much better now.... plus, the snow cone gets to count for fluid intake!!!!!

I think it helped just to articulate how freaked out I am about these next 2 1/2 months in the heat.... I just need to try and remember to take it ONE DAY AT A TIME..... I offered DP to do a uterus transplant -- she had a hysterectomy 5 years ago.... but we decided it would not be a good idea to try this with a 6 1/2 month baby inside

I would love to join some of you northern mamas for the rest of the summer!!!! You can come down here in the middle of the winter when the cold gets too much for you!!!!

Someone, I think it was in TAO, started a tread on A/C being bad for you -- I can't even imagine living in OK -- where the next 4-5 months will be so hot -- without A/C..... I would be alone, with no one to talk to because I am such a miserable person to be around when I am overheated, especially chronically overheated...

cooling thoughts to all......

Sharon's Avatar Sharon 03:09 AM 06-01-2003
Colorful Mama, I just wanted to send some good thoughts! What a demeaning experience. For what it's worth, it sounds to ME like you're doing a GREAT job of taking care of yourself! Hang in there and think lots of good positive thoughts. I have to say that I get REALLY frustrated when I have to explain my educated decisions to people who just go along with whatever the doctor tells them. I haven't seen a doctor since getting pregnant so I haven't come close to your experience....but sometimes a friend looking at you like you're crazy is pretty icky too. Anyway, I hope you're finding some good support here and in real life.

Mamasoleil, I think I feel something like what you're describing every once in awhile...usually when I'm leaning way back. I figure it's the vena cava (?) getting smooshed...same reason why it's supposedly not that great to sleep on your back. I just move and it goes away.

I braved the swimming pool/swim suit in public today! The water sure felt good, but I suddenly realized how big I'm getting!! I must admit to being rather proud of my big tummy though! I love it that it's so obviously a baby in there. DH was playing with some kids in the pool and I just kept thinking how much fun we're going to have!!
MamaSoleil's Avatar MamaSoleil 03:29 AM 06-01-2003
Sharon~good for you for getting in a bathing suit!!! I just got a real funky one..I can't wait to use it..though I'll be on a private beach at my proud I am of my legs are a little uh...lumpy :

Kathy~vent away sister, this is the place for it!!!!
kaje62's Avatar kaje62 11:32 AM 06-01-2003
Kathy I don't think you want to join us northerners.

Did you know in MN we freeze in the winter and in the summer it can get up in the 90's even way up there for three weeks straight and along with it we have swarms of mosquitos. But we live in a beautiful state and I love it and I really ususally don't mind being pregnant because of one loss and being 41 and having my first at 38 healthy. I just feel grateful. Now let me see if I still sound like that in 6 weeks.
Colorful~Mama's Avatar Colorful~Mama 01:49 PM 06-01-2003
thanks for the support on the doc/midwife/gd nonsense. ugh.

and the gd diet STINKS. am following it...a bit modified maybe but following it til the test wednesday. then we'll see what the results of the 3 hour are and i can decide how to proceed since most of what i read says that the gd diet can actually cause lower weight babies and lead to more interventions. ugh ugh ugh.

as for the bathing suit thing..i'm in arizona and have been in my suit for a few weeks already. lol. We have our own pool so hardly anyones seen me-- but my teenager likes the public pool cuz it has a highdive so i took her and 2 friends last weekend... omg it felt weird to be in a suit so pregnant in public!!!

my chart on the fridge says 69 days to go for me. lol. but 69 days of waking up all night every hour to pee doesn't sound like too much fun to me. lol. body pillows and relaxation tapes .... the last two months are the hardest, but soon it'll be over and we'll be missing it!!
Joanell's Avatar Joanell 02:50 AM 06-02-2003
Originally posted by Luckymomma
On another note, anyone else's baby really bouncing on your bladder? Ugh! It's like, I have to pee, no I don't, yes I do, no I don't.....:
Ugh!! Yes!! Yes!! I know this feeling well and it's driving me
nuts!! Also, I keep waking up at around 3am to pee and then
I can't get back to sleep! So, of course, the computer calls
and I find myself still online at 5am. Sigh,,,,

I'm 32 weeks now and I can't believe how fast the time is
flying! Didn't I *just* get pregnant? I'm due 7/27 and my
goodness, it's already June!! ACK!!
Colorful~Mama's Avatar Colorful~Mama 08:35 PM 06-04-2003
expecting Leia sometime around 7/27!
july 27th is a great day to have a baby. Its my birthday. Its also my fathers birthday (yes i was his gift. lol). and when my grandmother remarried, it was also my stepgrandfathers birthday.

Luckymomma's Avatar Luckymomma 10:19 PM 06-04-2003
Anybody else starting to "hit a wall"? I am achey, I have to pee all the time, walking through a stinkin Walmart or grocery store wears me out(plus the bathrooms are miles away). My 3 1/2 year old is getting on my nerves. I finally understand that whole back-ache thing. I've gained so much weight that I can't even laugh about it. I wish my husband wanted 10 kids, so that I could at least pout like I want to, instead of realizing this is my last pregnancy and I feel like I'm not "enjoying" it enough. I am having tons of BH contractions. I feel like my uterus could pull a bus. Am I missing somthing? Should I be savoring every second? Or should I just focus on the baby and wish all this to reach a climactic finish and then go back to reality. I've only felt this way for a few days, but I don't think it's going away anytime soon. I'm starting to swell too, which is normal and all, but I sure don't feel like "one hot mama". So, anyone else who wants to bitch a little, please do, I'd hate to think I'm the only complainer.:
Sharon's Avatar Sharon 11:28 PM 06-04-2003
Luckymomma, some days are like that, huh? I've been doing fairly well, but today I was completely wiped out. We're in the process of moving (YUCK!) and some new furniture was being delivered today (yay!). I was SO excited, but after lunch, I just HAD to lay down. DH comes in to tell me the delivery guys had arrived. I just waved him away and kept right on napping! Later, he said, "wow! you must be REALLY tired! You've been SO excited about the furniture coming!" I too am having lots of BH contractions. Usually an hour or more apart. I started getting scared today when I had 3 within an hour. But the nap and two big glasses of water seemed to help. Good luck. Any chance you can have some quiet time to yourself every day (or every couple days)? I get REALLY cranky and irritable unless I have a little alone time every so often. And no, I don't see any reason why you should feel the need to savor every moment...some moments SUCK!

One of my favorite children's books (from when I was growing up) is called "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day". It's great and makes me laugh whenever I feel like nothing is going well.
Luckymomma's Avatar Luckymomma 11:37 PM 06-04-2003
My son had a day like Alexanders. Unfortunatley he expressed it by throwing a class A tantrum at the grocery store. I'm jealous of you having your first. I took naps when I was pregnant with my son. But now...Well, his needs must be met. Even if it means dragging my weary, sore body out of bed twice a night in combination with my own 2-3 bathroom trips. I actually get some time away tomorrow. I go to work for 12 hours. It's actually easier than being at home. Alone time is truly a gift. Ugh. Time for bed.
Annais's Avatar Annais 12:31 PM 06-05-2003
Originally posted by Colorful~Mama
july 27th is a great day to have a baby. Its my birthday.
And my dh's birthday! C~M, I hope your 3 hour went well.
I had my 30 week appt yesterday and everything is great! I passed my glucose (yea!), my iron levels are good, etc. etc. Baby is great! She's apparently head down but not low, so that's good.
And we started our Birthworks class , and our instructor is great. We're the only people in the class, so it's pretty intense! But she is VERY AP, and since I don't know many AP parents IRL, I'm going to try really hard to make her be my friend!!! How pathetic do I sound?

So, is everyone doing the kick counts? I have to admit I'm a little stressed about that...some days she's really quiet, and some days it's like she's breakdancing in there! It seems weird to me to assign an arbitrary # of movements that should apply to every baby. One more thing for me to worry about!
seagan's Avatar seagan 12:34 PM 06-05-2003
Luckymomma, I am sooooooooooo right there with you. In fact, as I was waddling in to work this morning, I was feeling so sorry for myself but wondered if I should vent all my complaints here or not -- didn't want to sound like the whiner I feel I am sometimes (ahh, that nice guilt layer on top of everything else!). Thank you for making me feel OK about letting it out...

So in addition to feeling very achy and huge and swelled and hot and exhausted already, for the past week I've been fighting back the blues...the kind that seem so generalized that it's hard to know where/how to address them. I think it's mostly a result of not sleeping enough; I work full-time and although I sometimes am able to squeeze in a bit of an afternoon nap in my office, it just hasn't been enough to compensate for the poor nighttime sleeping. Between peeing, being beckoned 2-3/times a night by my 33-month-old DS (who is also having trouble going BACK to sleep), and sleeping so slightly that DH's snoring and even the DOG's snoring is waking me up repeatedly, I'm just exhausted! And I seem to be more affected by sleep deprivation than most people, I think.

OK, one more thing and I'll shut up: this morning, walking said snoring dog, I tripped and ended up pulling something in my back and in the front lower part of my belly/pubic area, too. It hurts so bad and I'm so tired, I just want to cry! I'm sitting here at work with an ice pack discreetly (?) tucked underneath my belly, ready to break into tears at the slightest provocation...oh, what a lovely, professional set up.

Anyway, sorry to go on and on. I hate feeling so negative and worn out, and I know it's no fun to be around, either. Thanks for being there for me!

birdwomyn's Avatar birdwomyn 12:49 PM 06-05-2003

Hang in there -- I have been feeling really whiney these days, too -- maybe it is just the "stage" of pregnancy combined with working full time and parenting full time? My 19 yr old DS and 21 yr old DD have suddenly become intensive need kids and it is tough when there is so much else going on, especially the lack of sleep.

Hang in there.... YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!

Sharon's Avatar Sharon 07:55 PM 06-05-2003
Today is a big whiney day for me. We're moving (still) and I'm SO tired and there's so much to do still. We have a bunch of friends who will help over the weekend and then we'll be done (except for the unpacking). Thank goodness. I will NEVER move while pregnant again (famous last words, right?!) Anyway, whenever I feel too crappy, I just think about how lucky I am that this is my first!!! My sister-in-law asked the other day why we decided to move BEFORE the baby was born! I said, "well, at least this way, I don't have two mouths to feed, I can't hear any crying, and the baby is always being held, but my hands are still free!" (she doesn't have kids yet!) So anyway, you ladies who are on your second (or more) pregnancies, you have all the sympathy in the world from me! I completely understand how you feel about work being more relaxing than being at home! I generally do most of my work from home, but I went into the office a couple days ago just to get away from the moving mess! It was GREAT! I wasted so much time just chatting with people... hee hee

I think we're all clearly into the 3rd trimester! The mood of these posts has drastically changed!
MamaSoleil's Avatar MamaSoleil 10:17 AM 06-06-2003
Hey, I'm joining in on the whine here...
For me though, it's more that's I've lost all desire to excersize, and I'm looking at my body, and not too impressed. I love my belly, but I don't think my legs and arms should be growing so much. It's just so discouraging. And as far as sleeping goes, I'm just wanting to sleep 24hrs/day...Yesterday, Soleil and I ran errands, then hung out in the yard for a few hours, then I basically put on her favorite show (George Shrinks), and slept beside her for 2 hrs...I felt so guilty, but man, I'm just tired!!!

Ah, the third trimester!!!

kaje62's Avatar kaje62 10:39 AM 06-06-2003
I am on number two. Never had a bh, kinda felt jealous of those who did cuz I never went into real labor cuz he was breech and we did a c/s. But my water did break. I have a good doula signed up and hope to VBAC so my mind is preoccupied with that and having a healthy baby as I am 41 but I know I am cranky, ask DH. Yesterday I started crying on the way to play group grieving being single, living in my apartment with my cat. It does not mean I don't like my husband or Charlie, just had some grieving to do I guess.

Hope you feel better today Seagan.

I pee a couple times a night but not much comes out so I never feel the trip is worth it. I had the worst stomach ache yesterday but decided it was the FOUR rice krispie bars I ate that afternoon.

I have one more glucose test this upcoming week. They made me do three since Cha was 9.15 at birth. I think I will pass.

Are you all sitting on the birth ball and doing kegels? My doula said best position now is hands and knees, play with Charlie, scrub the kitchen floor. I actually might today.

Have a good day all.
MamaSoleil's Avatar MamaSoleil 06:04 PM 06-06-2003
Baby has first case of the hiccups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nightowl1234's Avatar nightowl1234 09:32 PM 06-06-2003
I hope you take time to check out the following site:

Good Luck to all of you,

Colorful~Mama's Avatar Colorful~Mama 09:41 PM 06-06-2003
ignoring what i consider the last post to be...a rude interruption to our thread...

i passed my 3 hour glucose test just had to share. my thyroid levels were high (i had to ASK them to please test me since i have thyroid/graves disease) so they'll adjust that but my #'s for the glucose test were perfect. wanna stick my tongue out at that ob and say "nanny nanny foo foo. told you so you darn jerk".

anyway. i see the midwife thursday for what'll be my almost 32wk appt. and will hopefully get my thyroid meds adjusted then if not by monday.

i'm so happy i don't have to stick to the diet that i just made my family chicken parmesan, vegetable pasta and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. LOL
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