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I have/do drink sometimes while I am pregnant 84 44.68%
I have before, but I will never do it again 5 2.66%
I have not but its no big deal if it's just a little 45 23.94%
I have not, I think you should stay AWAY from alcohol while your pregnant 54 28.72%
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I drank nothing at all with ds and with this one, I had one sip of wine at about 14 weeks (tasting it since folks really wanted me to also try the fab wine they brought, and I did not feel bad about this teaspoon of wine). I may have one glass of wine at graduation (I am scheduled to get my PhD 3 days before my due date.

But, with the exception of one drink, once in the thrid trimester or amounts so minute once or twice, I really think it is wrong to drink while pg.

We had a friend who I met in a moms group. Based on my training, I felt their daughter had signs of fetal alcohol posioning. Another mom brought up drinking whil pg once and this mom chimed in that it was okay and she had regularly had three beers in one night throughout her pregnancy and look how great her daughter turned out! I felt sick.

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I didn't vote because I don't want to skew your results, but I have had a few sips every month (wine, beer, champagne). Literally, 2 sips at Thanksgiving, 3 sips at Christmas, etc.

Ultimately I don't believe that even a glass of wine (or similar) on occasion is harmful, but I'm not much of a drinker, so a sip here or there has been plenty for me.

I have had some non-alcoholic beers though (which are "less than .5% alcohol by volume ). Then again, I am sure the sauerkraut and kefir I eat/drink is at least that!
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Personally, I had a glass of wine occasionally while pg with dd. I very quickly realized though that the taste was too off for me to enjoy even one glass. I love drinking wine when not pg and am a bit of an affecionado, but while pg, the wine nearly always tasted "turned." Too vinegary.
This time I won't drink, for that reason, although I would have a glass while in labor if recommeded by MW.

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Personally I don't consider it a "risk" at all to have a few sips a couple of times during pregnancy.

A nice glass of wine during labor can really help a mama calm and center herself for the work ahead.

I have had a half a glass of wine a few days after I found out I was pg (4th of July) and a sip of a mixed drink for my birthday in Oct. (I ordered virgin for myself). I had a few sips of dh's beer last week while making dinner (mmm, the first sip right out of the fridge is yummy but after that it just tastes nasty). I think that's it. I didn't have any on New Years - had chocolate instead

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Originally Posted by ChelseaG
Here is a link to the study in NYT - in case anyone is interested.
Thank you for posting this article link. I never actually asked my OB about drinking while pregnant, and didn't drink while knowingly pregnant with either of my first two sons. With this pregnancy, I've had an occasional glass of wine (during the holidays). For the most part, alcohol turns my stomach and I have no desire to even taste anything, though.

My sister asked her Dr about drinking while pregnant and he told her that it was fine, and that as long as she didn't feel tipsy, then the baby didn't feel it, either. She lives in Montreal, though, and her OB is the head of OB-GYN at the medical school there - he's very 'old-school' and has seen it all over the past 50 years, or so :

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Hmmmm....I have no trouble with a small glass of wine now or then (say at a special event, wedding, holiday...that sort of thing). When I'm not pregnant I have red wine with dinner probably 4 nights a week, and a beer with friends on Friday. While pregnant I have that above mentioned "special day" glass of wine. I've seen two care providers (one last pregnancy, and an OB this time for a higher risk pregnancy) and both have said that the ocassional glass of wine would be fine....neither provider is terribly old, so it may not be a generational thing.

I certainly wouldn't suggest drinking heavily, or on a daily basis while pregnant, but I really think the American "pregnancy fear" mentality has gotten out of control. The lists of foods/drinks that you can or can't have while pregnant is crazy IMO. Other countries seem to be much more laid back about wine, olives, feta, raw milk, raw fish, etc...and they still "score" better than the US in terms of infant/mother health.

I think this country needs to focus more on creating a healthy and nurturing relationship with food/drink for everyone over their entire lifespan instead of just encouraging pregnant women to feel like they are somehow "at risk" or "especially delicate" simply because they are pregnant.

But that's me

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I'm not a big drinkewr anyway, so I haven't had a drop since being pregnant (excpt probably week 1 or 2 that I was preganant and didn't know it.... I had gone to a party and had 2 cocktails!)

I think wine and beer are probably more natural than if one was to eat a big mac, loaded with trans fats and a whole lot of crap that, IMO, would be much more harmful than a small glass of wine. It's too bad this country adds sulfates to our wine to preserve shelf life, but if you can get a clean, unprocessed, organic wine with no sulfates, a small glass would probably be safe.

I'm serious about the quality of food people eat in this country. If you lean organic, eat fruits, veggies and stay away from fast food, processed food etc, and have a glass of wine or two, I bet you would be in much better health and safer for baby than if you ate crappy, processed food day in and day out.

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Originally Posted by ChelseaG View Post
There are many other things that are more harmful to a fetus than small amounts of alcohol - yet alcohol seems to be the one thing that people get most worked up about.
I'm sure that this is not unrelated to the fact that alcohol abuse is stigmatized in the US. People that have issues with alcohol here are often looked down upon and are even held in contempt.

It is relatively acceptable socially for one to get up on a high horse about alcohol-related issues, and that includes any and all imbibing during pregnancy (no matter how minimal).

In this society, a mother that drinks the occasional beer or glass of wine during pregnancy is seen as having no control or no care for her unborn child, while a mother that eats at McDonalds is just having an occasional indulgent snack.
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I never drank with my first, had one glass of wine per midwifes orders with my 2nd (preterm dinrk and a hot bath stopped it), never had any with my 3rd (she was a surro baby and I woud never do something the parents asked me to not do...I didnt drink any caffiene during that pregnancy either and listened to baby mozart every day, lol), and I think I had one or two drinks with my last baby but I cant remember for sure. I dont see a problem with the occasional glass of wine or beer or eggnog

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Not an American, and over here it isn't even an issue. The advice is to consider avoiding in the first trimester and after that to stay well within a safe number of units per week (14-21.) I have yet to see any evidence that suggests that the US has a lower incidence of FAS than the UK or other European countries? Does it exist?

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1 to 3 births per 1000 worldwide


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