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I have/do drink sometimes while I am pregnant 84 44.68%
I have before, but I will never do it again 5 2.66%
I have not but its no big deal if it's just a little 45 23.94%
I have not, I think you should stay AWAY from alcohol while your pregnant 54 28.72%
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I'm Pregnant > Alcohol if you are pregnant???
Live~Laugh~Love's Avatar Live~Laugh~Love 10:19 PM 01-02-2007
I have 3 friends that are pregnant, 2 have told me that they drink beer "occasionally" while they are prego... I think it is a terrible idea, I crave a good drink, but I can wait for the sake of my baby. I push away several meds while I am prego too, these mama's take whatever "if they dont feel good" The other mama is in agreeance with me, we do NOT touch alcohol.

I was wondering if you mama's would disclose whether or not you touch alcohol while prego...

I mean, are you for it or against, did you do it or not do it?
Little background one is almost 5 months, the other is almost 7 months.

Live~Laugh~Love's Avatar Live~Laugh~Love 10:25 PM 01-02-2007
I posted a thread in another forum but I was wondering if you think it is okay to drink alcohol while your pregnant?

I have 2 friends that have the "occasional" drink with a friend or SO while their pregnant, I believe that you should stay AWAY from alcohol and anything harmful while pregnant. I was wondering what the majority on here thought.
angelpie545's Avatar angelpie545 10:27 PM 01-02-2007
Since there is no measure of how much is safe, I wouldn't drink at all during pregnancy. Not worth it at all.
Jilian's Avatar Jilian 10:28 PM 01-02-2007
There have been tons of threads on this in the pregnancy forum, they usually get heated.

IMO I think it is ok to have a small drink in the 3rd trimester, but I have yet to drink during pregnancy. I may have a half glass of wine in eary labor this time around.
Live~Laugh~Love's Avatar Live~Laugh~Love 10:29 PM 01-02-2007
Originally Posted by angelpie545 View Post
Since there is no measure of how much is safe, I wouldn't drink at all during pregnancy. Not worth it at all.
ITA, ppl try to argue with me about it all of the time, "a drink is fine", or "its only occasional", but I feel the same way, Its not worth the risk....
LavenderMae's Avatar LavenderMae 10:30 PM 01-02-2007
I used to think you should never ever drink while preg. Now I feel a little differently , as long as it's occassional and in small amounts I think it's most likely fine. I don't drink preg or not so it isn't an issue personally for me.
I think that this conversation tends to get ugly here just like the pot threads though , maybe it won't this time.

I couldn't vote because none of the option fit how I feel about it.
UltimateSerj's Avatar UltimateSerj 10:35 PM 01-02-2007
i have and will, i had a glass of champagne at my best friends wedding in september. i also had a glass on chirstmas and a few sips of champagne again at a christmas party on saturday. my dh and i are not big drinkers we don't really keep alcohol in the house,
i feel drinking a little bit here and there isn't a problem at all, i don't NOT think you should get drunk or drink every day, but i feel that way about alcohol when not pregnant also.

I know that a nice glass of wine and a hot bath can help in labor.
wanderinggypsy's Avatar wanderinggypsy 10:39 PM 01-02-2007
I don't drink when I'm pregnant, but it's no biggie, because I don't drink hardly at all even when I'm not pregnant. I think an occassional SMALL drink is probably harmless, but I don't have any desire to partake, so I don't.
crunchymomof2's Avatar crunchymomof2 10:39 PM 01-02-2007
I have had half a beer this pregnancy and I had one whole beer end of last pregnancy. The day before she was born in fact. I wanted the beer this time but when I drank some I just wasnt in the mood so I didnt finish it. I dont know what my actual opinion is. Obviously I didnt avoid it. But I see both sides of the debate. I probably wont have anymore until afterward.
sarah04's Avatar sarah04 10:41 PM 01-02-2007
I had wine on a full stomach (one glass or less) every so often during my last pregnancy. I had a friend that drank a glass of red wine every evening on a full stomach. Neither of us had any ill effects ... but this pregnancy I'm feeling more cautious. Don't know if that's helpful ...
doudat's Avatar doudat 10:49 PM 01-02-2007
I used to think NO WAY in my last pregnancy (which was my first) and judged people that did. Now I've mellowed out. I don't really drink anyways, I've had 3 sips of wine over christmas and that's it. But I understand that one drink on a full stomach once in a while can't be that harmful. No more harmful than a BigMac and a Coke would be. I think the North American philosophy is too restrictive, I mean, health care professional would even have you cutting out occasional alcohol while nursing, which IMO is ridiculous. Europeans have a more relaxed approach to all this.
North_Of_60's Avatar North_Of_60 10:50 PM 01-02-2007
I had a glass of wine while I was pregnant. Actually, it wasn't even a full glass of wine. It was at thanks giving, and I wanted some wine with my turkey. That was all I had. I may or may not do it next time.
Salihah's Avatar Salihah 10:52 PM 01-02-2007
I'd definitely stay away from it.
pookel's Avatar pookel 10:53 PM 01-02-2007
I have on rare occasions and I don't think it's a big deal as long as you're talking about less than one drink a day. I also drank heavily (for me - 4 or 5 drinks a night on some days) during the first month of this pregnancy because I had no idea I was pregnant ... I would never do that intentionally.
KsMum's Avatar KsMum 11:02 PM 01-02-2007
Prob 5 sips total whole pregnancy, mostly when toasting someone, on new years, wedding.... I'd do that again with no issues at all.
delicious's Avatar delicious 11:03 PM 01-02-2007
i had one glass of red wine at the very end of my pregnancy with ds. he was late. two weeks late. my midwife suggested it as a way to relax and see if it would get labor going. i took a hot bath and had a glass of wine.

it didn't get labor going but it sure was nice !
leafwood's Avatar leafwood 11:07 PM 01-02-2007
Personally, I didnt' and wouldn't. But, I wouldn't get crazy if someone else made the decision to have an occasional drink while pregnant. We all take risks while pregnant on a daily basis...alcohol is just not one of those I am willing to take.
KsMum's Avatar KsMum 11:09 PM 01-02-2007
I'll paste my answer here too.
Prob 5 sips total whole pregnancy, mostly when toasting someone, on new years, wedding.... I'd do that again with no issues at all.
QueenOfThePride's Avatar QueenOfThePride 11:15 PM 01-02-2007
I won't drink at all while pregnant, but I did eat a rumball over Christmas without thinking. But I'm sure there's hardly any alcohol left in it. I do know someone who had an ocassional drink in the last trimester, and I won't judge anyone for it. It does seem to be safe, all her kids are normal and healthy. I was surprised to see it often advised here to drink a glass of wine during prodromal labor to help sleep.
mothragirl's Avatar mothragirl 11:16 PM 01-02-2007
i had a beer occasionally in my 3rd trimester. it was
LovemyBoo's Avatar LovemyBoo 11:31 PM 01-02-2007
I had sips of beer. Would do it again.
babygrant's Avatar babygrant 11:32 PM 01-02-2007
I have never and would never drink while pregnant. I don't drink anymore even while not pregnant anyways.
onelilguysmommy's Avatar onelilguysmommy 11:35 PM 01-02-2007
i completely stay away, though i might would have a glass or something in labor since its not exactly affecting the babys development like it would now, ya know? its about to come out anyway and barely anything gets to the milk and well, it would be quite a while in between.
other than that, though for some reason ive been *really* wanting a mudslide, LOL i wont do it.
antannie's Avatar antannie 11:38 PM 01-02-2007
Alcohol crosses the placenta into the baby and will affect whatever part of the baby is growing at that time. The brain grows the whole time. As a person who works with people with fetal alcohol spectum disorder (FASD) I have seen too much to think it is ok to drink while pregnant. Since there is no known safe amount I would say it is not worth the risk. Alcohol does scary things to a growing brain.
neetling's Avatar neetling 11:48 PM 01-02-2007
I have tasted new beers that my DH has tried out. So not really drinking, when it's just a sip.
sunnmama's Avatar sunnmama 11:54 PM 01-02-2007
I've had wine a couple times in the third tri of this pregnancy (I'm 40 wks now). Once was at 34 wks, cause my braxton hicks contractions were *really* strong and I was considering going to the hospital. Drank 1/4 glass of wine and they stopped.

The other time was this weekend, hoping that 1/2 glass might relax me into labor. I knew I would have to have an ultrasound today if I didn't deliver first, so I thought it was worth a try. Didn't work, obviously
Shanana's Avatar Shanana 11:56 PM 01-02-2007
I had a shot of vodka and a glass of wine (spaced 24 hours apart) during my 40+ hour labor in an attempt to space out the contractions so I could get some sleep. Didn't work, and I didn't really consider this "drinking while pg", since it was used with a sort of medical pupose in mind, lol.

My thoughts on drinking for pleasure while pg are conflicted. I tend to feel it's probably not a big deal in moderation, but would still probably abstain if I got pregnant again. But there are so many things that are potentially dangerous -- do you eat non-organic food when you're pg? Drive your car? When it's snowy???!!! Take a walk? Breathe? (lots of toxins and pollutants in the air, folks!) Just being alive can be dangerous, and I don't believe it has been proven that drinking small amounts will harm the fetus, so .

Everyone draws their line at a different place. My friend would remove her ds from his car seat and bf him while her hubby drove (on a long road trip), because she hated having to stop the car for 30 minutes every two hours to nurse. I find that risk unacceptable, but she didn't. My dd was an awful sleeper, and if she fell asleep in the car seat while running errands, I would run into the post office, etc., and leave her in the (locked and running, as it was winter) car. My friend's dh thought this was an unacceptable risk, but I did not. With something like drinking that is not completely clear cut, people are going to come down on different sides, and I can see it both ways. But that said, I would still probably avoid it, just to be safe. Also, I had an aversion to alcohol while pg (except at the very end), so it was no big deal.
roadfamily6now's Avatar roadfamily6now 12:22 AM 01-03-2007
Originally Posted by angelpie545 View Post
Since there is no measure of how much is safe, I wouldn't drink at all during pregnancy. Not worth it at all.

I agree. Besides, I did not reply to the poll. The answers were confusing.:
RubyWild's Avatar RubyWild 12:27 AM 01-03-2007
I didn't drink a drop when I was pregnant, but I have many European friends who drank wine with dinner most every single night, yet they don't even know what Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is and think it's rather silly how uptight Americans are about something that is so natural to them.

I'm not planning to have another child, but, maybe if I did, I might drink once in a while. I don't know.
AileenM's Avatar AileenM 12:31 AM 01-03-2007
I guess I'm the bad mama... I had an entire glass of champagne to ring in the new year, and a glass of wine at a friend's wedding a few weeks ago. I don't see the problem with one everyonce in a while. I won't drink hard liquor, but a small glass of wine can be beneficial, IMO.
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