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Two things: why does a pregnant woman's hips hurt when sleeping on her side (my sides included)? I don't remember my hips hurting when I wasn't pregnant. I'm 21 weeks and measuring small so my belly is not huge yet.

Secondly, my limbs go numb quite easily during pregnancy.

Does anyone know anatomically/physiologically speaking why this happens? Even pillow propping doesn't seem to help much.
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I have noticed the same thing. It seems if I lay down for a nap and I stay on one side too long (an hour) my hips are very sore. I am only 11 weeks pg but with twins, so it won't get any better. I do not know why this is and havn't found anything that works yet. I know that circulation is not great for pregnant woman because of the increased blood flow to the uterus so limbs falling to sleep easy is not uncommon. Hope you find relief, let me know if you do.

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That happened to me when I was pg with dd. I found seeing a chiropractor really helped.

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I think it's due to all of those relaxing hormones loosening up your ligaments, and then things settling when you stay on your side while you sleep. I get it early on, before I've gained any weight or girth. A body pillow might help with support. I found a pillow between my knees and, once my belly was bigger, a pillow under my belly helped.

ETA: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=609658 this thread has good info.

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This thread also talks about the problem you're having: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=609658

I am usually a pretty active person and when I'm sedentary for a few days (or more) I start to experience joint pain--only at night though. Standing up makes it feel better. My solution is to do something at least midly active every day and to not sit or lie down for long stretches without getting up.
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Interesting that I found this thread. I have been having hip pain also, on the side that I mostly sleep on. It really had me concerned but now I see that it is potentially normal in pg. Sheeesh, I thought I was falling apart.

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I posted about this in my DDC, but I have the same problem. Add to that some injured ribs that make it very painful to turn anyway, and I'm not sleeping a whole lot!

My muscles get really sore too. My hips, my knees, my shoulder, and my muscles. I wake up everytime I move, and I actually have to get up and walk around for a little while to loosen up again before going back to bed. That helps with the pain somewhat, but it does not help with falling right back to sleep.

I use the maternity pillow and several regular pillows for support, but I am just kind of resigned to the fact that I'm in for a lot of aching from here on out
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Until a month ago I too suffered with the feeling that my hip bones were going to pop out of my skin all night. No matter how many pillows I used I couldn't get comfortable.

My DH suggested we purchase a memory foam mattress topper. I put it off for weeks, but finally I became so inconsolable at night that I decided to give it a try. I bought one from Linen N' things for around $180. It has been money very well spent! I wish I had bought it sooner. It has relieved alot of my hip and shoulder pressure point pain. Also, I find crossing my top knee over to rest on a squishy pillow (letting my belly sink into the mattress pad) with my lower leg straightened out takes alot of stress of my hips and back. And it's the closest thing to sleeping on my stomach I'm going to get at 27 weeks! HTH.
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My hips were very sore in my most recent pregnancy (no problems in the others). It set in long before girth/weight would have been an issue.

While you say that pillow-propping doesn't help, you might want to try doing it differently. One pillow between my knees didn't seem to help much. Two sometimes did. My massage therapist also pointed out that it's bad to have the ankle hanging loose and unsupported, so I started using two pillows down the length of my legs. This also seemed to help sometimes.

I had thought the soreness was due to pressure, until I noticed that it was often my top hip that ached the most. After a while, I noticed this hip was getting unusually cold when I was sleeping. Layering extra blanket (or a thick pillow) right over my hip bone seemed to help with this.

Of course, by the time I got all the pillows arranged just so, I couldn't move at all and was usually within a few minutes of needing another trip to the bathroom!

Good luck!

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bottom leg straight, top one bent and propped from knee to ankle (that part is important) on a firm pillow of some kind keeps me okay. there's still the alarming THUNK of my hip settling back into place after 3 or 4 steps when i get up in the night to pee, but it doesn't hurt at all.

i would also be wary of warrior poses in yoga--i'm convinced that warrior 2 did a lot to loosen that area up last time, which made me much more uncomfortable.

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It's good to hear that I'm not alone. When I was pregnant with DS the hip pain/numbness didn't start until around 32 weeks or so. This time it started around 22 weeks. It's pretty painful. I sleep with a long pillow between my legs and a squishy pillow beneathy my belly and that helps a little. I also see a chiro. Switching sides helps a little too, but do it very slowly or you could get a cramp from moving too quickly - I learned that the hard way!

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Try sleeping on a couch-bed where the frame is bent upwards right at the knees. It's GREAT for sleeping on my back, SO comfy... but I'm a side sleeper. So my head and legs are elevated about 6 to 8 inches, and my belly and hips are down in this little valley... ARGH.

Lately, I've been working so hard though (we're just moving into a new apartment) that once I'm out, I'm out for the night. I'm so exhausted. But I am SORE when I wake up in the morning. I've been relying on a few baths a day to ease the soreness...
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