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Anyone find out they were pregnant *without* sore breasts?

dianna11's Avatar dianna11 (TS)
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02-24-2007 | Posts: 1,413
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I have had some strange pregnancy symptoms this month, and I have been joking all month that "If my boobs were sore, I would think I was pregnant" My boobs hurt before I found out I was pregnant the first time.

..and now I'm a couple of days late :

I have decided that if AF still isn't here by the end of the weekend, I will test, but for now, I just keep telling myself that "pfft - your boobs aren't sore, there's nothing to worry about" but then I realize they may have just been numbed by nursing my daughter for 18 months :P

so have any of you found out you were pregnant without sore boobs?
risen_joy's Avatar risen_joy
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Yep! I never had sore boobs with my dc as a tip off. Best of luck - this might be it!!
trmpetplaya's Avatar trmpetplaya
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I haven't had sore boobs this time until the past week when my milk dried up (I'm still nursing) and I'm 22 weeks along as of tomorrow : I don't remember having sore boobs with dd until my 2nd trimester either...

love and peace.
MotheringMe's Avatar MotheringMe
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I couldn't stop crying. I mean, you would have thought that someone had just died. I got sore breasts soon after, but it was the inconsolable weeping that tipped me off and made me test. It made for some rather embarrassing commutes on the subway (although I always got offered a seat when I cried like that! )
Marvelleaux's Avatar Marvelleaux
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02-24-2007 | Posts: 963
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No sore boobs for me until I way past the BFP.
AlbertaJes's Avatar AlbertaJes
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02-24-2007 | Posts: 1,751
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Never had sore boobs here.
dianna11's Avatar dianna11 (TS)
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02-24-2007 | Posts: 1,413
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Thanks ladies! I have had that unusual crackling/cramping/zapping feeling in my uterus area and my last period was a week early, very strange and very short. I have also had INSATIABLE hunger - which is very unusual for me.

I just haven't had any breast-related symptoms - they are still two flat little pancakes - not the least bit sore or swollen.

Hmm, it will be interesting to see though...

...keep the stories coming!!!
crysmomofthree's Avatar crysmomofthree
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02-24-2007 | Posts: 2,402
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I didn't get sore boobs until just a couple weeks ago (i'm 29 weeks now) same as a pp my boobs weren't sore until my milk dried up
mahogny's Avatar mahogny
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Mine were incredibly sore during my first pregnancy (I couldn't even hug my husband too tight!) and the second time around they didn't even tingle.
stacey2061's Avatar stacey2061
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02-24-2007 | Posts: 1,049
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i didn't have any symptoms and was completely surprised when i found out.
~Demeter~'s Avatar ~Demeter~
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Actually because my boobs weren't sore and the lack of "monthly" growth tipped me off. I think when I finally observed that and the took stock of my other symps was when I decided it might be time to test. I found out when I was all of 3 and a half weeks pregnant. Good luck.. hope you have the outcome you desire!
Momma Aimee's Avatar Momma Aimee
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02-24-2007 | Posts: 9,304
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in 9 months of first pregancy i NEVER had boob pain or discomfort...........

so YES

But -- my back aches now, as it did with T's PG soooooooooo I am HOPEING for a pos this weekend.................
CrazyCatLady's Avatar CrazyCatLady
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02-24-2007 | Posts: 4,556
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My boobs never hurt, got tender, or even bigger during my second pregnancy.
wendyland's Avatar wendyland
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02-24-2007 | Posts: 1,715
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I don't remember any pain with my first two pregnancies. I did have it with this one and with my miscarriage last year. I knew I was pregnant this time because my dreams were so vivid, and I was remembering them.
megviolet's Avatar megviolet
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My boobs didn't hurt at all until near the end of first trimester.
trmpetplaya's Avatar trmpetplaya
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02-24-2007 | Posts: 3,757
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I forgot to mention that it was my weird food cravings that tipped us off with dd... this time I had implantation spotting/cramping (that was recognizable because I'd had it before) and so I tested...

love and peace.
engineer_mom's Avatar engineer_mom
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02-24-2007 | Posts: 334
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other than regular PMS-like feelings, nope.
beckyand3littlemonsters's Avatar beckyand3littlemonsters
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02-24-2007 | Posts: 3,214
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I don't remember getting sore boobs with any of my pregnancies mamybe a little near the end but appart from that none it was after they were born when my milk came and when i got engorged they got sore
Amiesmama's Avatar Amiesmama
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02-24-2007 | Posts: 9
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I didn't have sore boobs this time around, maybe b/c I am still nursing? My daughter is 16 months....
Alohamelly's Avatar Alohamelly
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02-24-2007 | Posts: 1,894
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With this current pregnancy, I didn't have them at first because I tested so early I hadn't had any pregnancy symptoms yet. The symptoms didn't hit me until about 5-6 weeks along.
phathui5's Avatar phathui5
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Blucactus's Avatar Blucactus
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big and sore with my first pregnancy, they were out of control. even before i got my BFP.
this pregnancy (8.5 wks in) nuthin. they are just sitting there watching the world go by.
good luck!
kerilynn's Avatar kerilynn
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02-25-2007 | Posts: 395
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I just started feeling sore and I am 8 weeks
Sunflower223's Avatar Sunflower223
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02-25-2007 | Posts: 342
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yep. I had sore boobs my first two pregnancy's before I could pass a test, but this time around nothing in the boob department until seven or eight weeks and even then it was mild..I didn't believe i was pregnant bc of the missing boob pain.
Frisbee's Avatar Frisbee
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02-25-2007 | Posts: 583
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My tip-off that I might have been pregnant is that my boobs weren't sore a week before AF like they usually are. And I was insatiably hungry, just like you describe.

I'm 5 wks now and they are starting to get a little sore but not too bad...similar to my monthly symptoms.
ReadyTobeMommy's Avatar ReadyTobeMommy
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09-19-2013 | Posts: 1
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Thank you for posting this, it is giving me hope! I was pregnant about 3 months ago and lost the baby. The doctors say I am good to go and everything looks perfect, so I am okay to try again. When I found out I was pregnant that time, it was actually the sore boobs and weird cramping that tipped me off. This month, I have all these weird strange symptoms that I had before EXCEPT the sore breasts and nipples. I have the strange cramping, the nausea, vivid dreams, hot flashes, and small other things. I love reading the comments and hearing it is possible. I have 6 more days until my period is due. PRAYING for good news. I want that BFP. 

michelleepotter's Avatar michelleepotter
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09-20-2013 | Posts: 978
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This is my 8th pregnancy, and I've *never* had sore boobs. It's not a thing for me.
Redmom's Avatar Redmom
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09-22-2013 | Posts: 192
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I'm 6 weeks p/g with # 2 and don't have sore breasts - not many symptoms other than tiredness and funny taste in my mouth.

With p/g # 1 I did have sore breasts, but I also had sore breasts just before my period - and when my period returned a few months back I never had sore breasts. I'm bf my toddler so maybe this impacts the hormones??

Chloe'sMama's Avatar Chloe'sMama
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09-22-2013 | Posts: 3,138
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I did have sore breasts with DD1 but not DD2 and DS because I was nursing the toddler.  It is a plus for sure!

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I never had them. This thread is like 6 years old. I wonder if the OP really was pregnant.

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