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GreenAmber's Avatar GreenAmber 07:51 PM 03-02-2007
Hey Moms,

I've been poking around quite a bit, but can't find an old thread about bleeding during pregnancy. Can anyone help with some experienced insights?
I'm 14w preg with third pregnancy (miscarried naturally in September). I had a big bleed yesterday (soaked a pad in an hour) and when straight to the ER. I'd just gotten home from a routine visit with OB. They gave me an extensive ultrasound (the baby is fine so far!!) and found a little bleeding coming from a tear between the placenta and the uterus. The placenta does not present low except during a contraction.

My fabulous MD (she's had 3 home births herself) said to be on "vaginal rest" but did not indicate that I needed bed rest or any other remedy. I'm still spotting bright red today but really only seeing it in the toilet and when I wipe. I've been resting and laying around much of the day. I was also having quite a few uterine contractions (no cramps or pain) last night and earlier today.

Any advice? Bed rest? Anyone continued bleeding throughout with happy results?


OTMomma's Avatar OTMomma 08:41 PM 03-02-2007
I had a placenta seperation at 5 weeks that caused some spotting/bleeding and cramping. I had another incident of spotting at 22 weeks.

I think if you are still spotting- you should put yourself on basic bedrest for a week- while things heal. My midwife says that the cramping afterwards is good because that's how your body stops the bleeding. She recommended taking up to 2000 mg of Vitamin E daily for healing, and drinking catnip tea to relax the uterus. They also had me take extra calcium and magnesium to keep my uterus relaxed. The OB I was seeing at 5 weeks said that you can have up to a 90% seperation and still have a healthy baby- so a small tear is no reason to panic.
megviolet's Avatar megviolet 10:18 PM 03-02-2007
Aaaaw that must have been pretty scary- glad that you and baby are alright!
I had a friend have something similar, and she went back over and over to her OB because she wouldn't believe it was all ok, but it was.

I was told that taking Arnica helps to heal, maybe look into that?

Also drink lots of water to keep your cells at their best and ensure you have a healthy diet.

I would rest a lot so as not to exacerbate the bleeding, but sounds like you'll be ok!

Take care!
Full Heart's Avatar Full Heart 12:27 AM 03-03-2007
The condition is called a Sub Chorionic bleed or hemmorage. I had that at 4 weeks and again at 10 weeks. Really scared me cause it was rather large and I bleed heavily for a week both times. But here I am 40+1 weeks pg. I did rest as much as possible till the bleeding stopped. I upped my vit E intake and calcium. And was on pelivic rest for 3 weeks.