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neveryoumindthere's Avatar neveryoumindthere 01:34 AM 06-01-2003
i hope that's not a stupid question...obviously it has oxytocin (that's obvious right?), but what about any other nonactive ingredients etc..

i'm asking because someone mentioned b4 that it could have pig semen in it?? or am i getting it confused with prostaglandins (which i know semen has)...

can anyone help out

its_our_family's Avatar its_our_family 01:38 AM 06-01-2003
I think it has large amounts of LIQUID HELL!!!!!
stafl's Avatar stafl 09:51 AM 06-01-2003
You can always get the patient info sheet, but you'd have to know the manufacturer. Even if it does have pig semen in it, or more likely something derived from pig semen, they'd probably call that ingredient something else - KWIM?
frogertgrl's Avatar frogertgrl 11:46 AM 06-01-2003
I believe, saffiiyya, you are confusing prostaglandin gel (used to 'ripen' the cervix) with pitocin.

P-gel is derived from pig/bull semen. Just like people say, 'have sex!' when the mama wants baby here and is impatient, the p-gel softens the cervix. The problem is, pig/bull semen is a helluva lot stronger than your DH's semen. But isn't that the way with all medical inductions (like pitocin)? Inferior, risky imitations. Bleh.

I posted in your 'low amniotic fluid?' thread and gave two Mothering articles which describe Pitocin, how it is not FDA approved for labor the pitocin contractions are so radically different from those your body would make, that your baby isn't given the breaks in between to breathe as he/she needs to (and would in natural labor). That's why Pit inductions are notorious for producing the fetal heart decelerations. And the woman is told, 'your baby isn't tolerating labor well. Time to think about a c-sec'.

That's BS, of course. The baby would have tolerated natural labor just fine. It is hell, like Megan says, in the Pit drip.

Inductions are often the fastest way to a c-sec. By definition, the baby is not ready to be born. And those Pit contrax are so awful for you, that an epidural is pratically mandatory to get through them, then that has the risk to stall de da, your labor hasn't progressed, time's up, got to do the c-sec. Same old tale...

There is also an association in some studies between autism and Pit induction. Because the natural labor process is so complex, so very important to the baby's hormonal system (specifically, oxytocin).

I'd encourage you to read the history on Pitocin...especially why the FDA pulled it off the market for some time. It is sick stuff.

You can probably google on Pitocin or synthetic oxytocin and find a manufacturer label. If not, ask your OB BEFORE they induce you for the ingredients and risks, warnings.
its_our_family's Avatar its_our_family 02:52 PM 06-01-2003
Yup, I agree with frogertgrl......

Pitocin sucks and do everything you can to avoid it. I had the pit drip and became supersatrurated with the pitocin. I had been having early labor contrax for 9 days before I got the was face up so he wouldn't apply pressure to my cervix. He actually did very well with the pit, no decels at all....but I was a different story...bordering on uterine rupture and subsequent c/s.....

Do whatever you can to avoid that stuff!!!
bec's Avatar bec 03:33 PM 06-01-2003
I have to agree, pitocin should be avoided at all costs!

I labored for 6 hours on pit with dd. While she tolerated it fine, the contractions were the most painful thing I have ever experienced. I did manage to do it without any pain medication, using relaxation and breathing techniques, but it wasn't easy.

Also, hospital policy was such that, because I had the pit, I had to be continuously monitored (not that they could keep track of her heartbeat. She was so high in my abdomen that she kept moving out of the way of the monitor, the little stinker!), and that meant that I was strapped down and wasn't allowed out of bed.

Because of that, she never decended (the only thing that was helping with that was walking around), I stopped dialating, and, before you know it, I was labeled "Failure to Progress" and had a c-section. I didn't dialate even 1cm on the pit. It was totally useless. It just put me in agony for 6 hours.

Needless to say, I'm having a homebirth this time around. In large part to avoid the pitocin.

frogertgrl's Avatar frogertgrl 06:11 PM 06-01-2003
Bec, so sorry about your experience. You know by now how your experience mirrors millions of women. Way to go in a homebirth next time!!


And especially read this, saffiyya for a great FAQ on Pit:

I wholeheartedly encourage you to drink at least 80 oz of water a day. Your amniotic fluid isn't some mystery substance that just appears, it is mostly your baby's pee. Maternal hydration is critical and can reverse pre term labor and prevent it from happening in the first place.

Info on induction in general:

I would really encourage you, too, to wait for your baby to signal that he/she is ready to be born. Babies only have one chance to launch the incredibly complex symphony of birth and there are very important medical benefits to your baby if he/she is allowed to do what he/she is designed to do. If this critical process is interrupted according to your doctor's opinion, your baby never gets their birthright to start labor and be born the way babies need to. I cannot imagine your baby doesn't know how to birth - everything in babies is almost guaranteed to be fully capable to birth!

Take care, as always.
its_our_family's Avatar its_our_family 07:27 PM 06-01-2003
bec--you sound like me except it was 14 hours of pit. I was 3cm and 95% when I went in and only got to 3 cm and 100%. ftp and c/s.....I want a homebirth but dh is saying no....

Frogertgrl....shows you how dumb I am...I didn't know that amniotic fluid was a lot of baby's pee...even though it is only common sense!
Viola's Avatar Viola 10:27 PM 06-01-2003
So if your husband thinks he's a bull in bed, will that give better results with starting labor? :LOL

OK, sorry, couldn't resist. All I could think of when I read about the bull and pig semen (which I have heard before) is that I'm not going to have sex with a bull, I don't want his stuff up inside of me either.

Thanks for all the good information. I had pitocin augmentation last time, and I'm going to avoid that this time around. Everything I've read makes me want to avoid the hospital completely, but I've got that whole husband naysayer thing going on too, and now the truth is we just don't have the money for a homebirth. Maybe I'll just go unassisted.
Electra375's Avatar Electra375 10:54 PM 06-01-2003
Stay away from all the artifical "help labor along" drugs that you can.
Pitocin is bad stuff... I will never be on it again, of course, I'm now committed to have c-sections for all my deliveries after the first.
My advice would be to talk to a midwife about how to maintain labor on your own.
frogertgrl's Avatar frogertgrl 11:38 PM 06-01-2003
Fun point, Amywillow about the bedroom.

I never want to know how ejaculate from a pig is obtained to be smeared on the yonis of women. Good thing we aren't attempting cross species fertilizations.
momatheart23's Avatar momatheart23 12:26 AM 06-02-2003
Ok this question is sort of in line with this thread, I agree that pitocin is awful, horrible stuff. I feel it contributed to my son needing to be in the NICU for 12 days, no proof but I have my suspicions. Well anyways for me my water broke and then they said I had to be on Pitocin, because of the risk of infection if labor didn't progress fast enough since my water had already broken. My question is there any way to prevent your water from breaking before your body is ready to go into labor, because mine broke but absolutely no contractions were coming. Also how critical is it to have your baby in a certain period of time after your water breaks. I am pregnant again and want to avoid Pitocin at all costs possible.
bec's Avatar bec 01:14 AM 06-02-2003
Frogertgrl - It was a horrible experience, and I am aware of how over-used it is. It's just one more reason for my almost pathological distrust of the medical community in general. Avoiding the pit, and avoiding the bs they put my daughter through in the NICU. Standard hospital policy for c-section babies, regardless of how they are thriving . She had 9's on both her apgars due, I think, to not having been drugged up for very long (she was born about 5 minutes after they gave me the spinal).

But they were concerned about her blood sugar levels. Duh, I hadn't had anything to eat for over 8 hours (my mom snuck a grilled cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread and some cookies to me a couple hours before going on the pit. Yum!), had been through an exhausting labor, only to be cut open! And she hadn't had a chance to nurse yet. Of course her blood sugar was low (on the low end of Normal I might add!). But they stuck her in the NICU, pumped her full of antibiotics (just in case), fed her formula (they had to get something in her ), and pricked her poor little heels so often she came home with huge bruises on them!

We had a very rough time starting nursing. Only sheer persitence, lots of familial support, and eventually a very expensive, not insurance covered lactation consultant made it possible. I am proud to say that, over two years later, we're still nursing.

All of these things, I trace back to the pitocin. That and stupid hospital policy.

its_our_family - I found it was pretty easy to bring DH on board when I gave him article after article, website after website, and tons of research. It also helped that I have found a practice that has OB's that come out to the home. I don't know if they are the only practice like this, but you might look into that. It helped to reassure both of us. My doctor has been practicing medicine for 40 years, has attended over 4000 births! and most of them have been completely natural, normal homebirths. He has been with this practice since 1982!

I think DH's concern this time around is the same as mine, which is, that, if I am in a hospital, I will be put on pit again. And if I am, I will end up having another c-section. He has also said that seeing my first c-section was the scariest moment of his life. He wants to do everything possible to avoid another section.

Finally, in addition to having a doctor attend me, there is a hospital that is 5 minutes away by ambulance in bad traffic. There is paramedic service within 90 seconds. They're about 1/4 mile down the road. The way we figure it, if something goes catastrophically wrong, we are closer to actually seeing a doctor, than if we were in the actual hospital! When the nurse couldn't find dd's heartbeat for over 10 minutes (cause dd had moved), and she went to get the doctor, we didn't see her for another 10 minutes. This time around, we'd already be in the emergency room for over 3 minutes!

Sorry to rant, everyone! Planning this birth has brought up everything from the last one, and I'm realizing that I'm very angry about it and how I was treated, and how typical it is for women to go through what I did and worse. I'm still apalled that I thanked these people when I left! I'm working through it, bit by bit.

Viola's Avatar Viola 05:22 AM 06-02-2003
Originally posted by momatheart23
Also how critical is it to have your baby in a certain period of time after your water breaks. I am pregnant again and want to avoid Pitocin at all costs possible.
I'm sure that there are different ideas on this, but my understanding is that the 24 hour rule is bogus. I think if you avoid doing things that get germs up in there, like vaginal exams and such, you can go for much longer. I don't know for sure what the thinking is, so hopefully one of the birth experts can answer.
Viola's Avatar Viola 05:26 AM 06-02-2003
Originally posted by bec

I think DH's concern this time around is the same as mine, which is, that, if I am in a hospital, I will be put on pit again. And if I am, I will end up having another c-section. He has also said that seeing my first c-section was the scariest moment of his life. He wants to do everything possible to avoid another section.
That's great! I'm glad he realizes the importance of not having these interventions. I feel like I am very negative about my husband sometimes, and it isn't fair of me, but I feel like he would be fine if I had a c-section. He just seems to trust the doctors implicitly because they are the "experts" on certain matters. Now if he had to actually watch the surgery, no, he would not be in favor of that. But I can guarantee that if I had had a c-section, he would not have looked at all. He didn't even watch our daughter being born, just looked at my face, because he is very squeamish and tends to faint at the sight of blood (or even the discussion of it). I can't really even talk about these things with him because of that.
its_our_family's Avatar its_our_family 11:06 AM 06-02-2003
Originally posted by Amywillo
Now if he had to actually watch the surgery, no, he would not be in favor of that. But I can guarantee that if I had had a c-section, he would not have looked at all.
My dh watched my entire c/s. He said it was awesome to watch. Now, he is NOT in favor of them at all....he said he was making sure they did it right : He is a silly man! I actually wish I could have watched. I didn't know they had a mirror in there that I could have used. I waish I could have seen Tracy come out...I feel like I was robbed if that.

Anyway, i'm going vbac this time...I would love a Bradley Waterbirth. But I don't think with our financial situation it'll be an option.
KFH's Avatar KFH 02:01 PM 06-02-2003

To answer your question about waters breaking--I don't think there's anything you can do to avoid it, but refusing internal exams toward the end could increase you chances of that NOT happening.

As far as how long is ok--my midwife (CNM, and director at a freestanding birth center) says there they give you 72 hours. That is, of course, if the water is clear, and you don't have a fever, etc. etc.. Apparently they'll have you come in for a check at 24 hours if nothing is happening. They trust you to moniter your own temps at home. She says the current literature supports the 72 hour time frame if there are no other issues. Most women WILL START labor within 24 hours of this happening, but not all. Then, she says they always suggest nipple stimulation, maybe an enema. If you're with an OB in a hospital setting, they MOST likely want the baby OUT of you WITHIN 24 hours--so that's a likely scenario of wanting your labor augmented with pitocin within 6 hours of your waters breaking. In our area, those are the "liberal" ones. Many are even more conservative, and want you in the hospital right away. HTH
neveryoumindthere's Avatar neveryoumindthere 03:10 PM 06-02-2003
i was goin to ask about the water breaking on another thread...

i know mostly everyone that posted is saying 'STAY AWAY From pit' etc... and i would LOVE to...

i also have my husband to convince, but he's being very supportive in helping me find info so we can grill the dr. tomorrow...

my question is though...isnt there EVER a necessity? i would think so...but each case is individual i guess...
frogertgrl's Avatar frogertgrl 03:41 PM 06-02-2003
OMG, saffiyya, please, do not grill your OB on the Pitocin issue. If you are trying to convince him/her that a non-augmented labor and an unmanaged birth are safe, it is impossible. He/she went to school, residency, internship for what, 17 years? There is no study or anecdotal evidence that can persuade someone who does augmented birth day in, day out, that it isn't a good idea. Seriously, you decide whether to do Pit (and the rest of it) or not. Your doctor can disagree with your choice and act menacing about the 'risks' (what a farse) but YOU DECIDE. Not your husband, not your doctor. The only thing that your doc can do is say what the risks are for not breaking your waters, not giving you harder contrax, not making your baby struggle to breathe, not risking that you will die in a c-sec (c-sec have six times greater maternal mortality than natural birth). No, your doc probably won't tell you those risks, but he/she should.

I'd get real clear, real quick about your safety and health and those of your precious baby. You are in the System now, and it will take much strength and courage to stand alone to the System and all its disbelief in the power of your body and the wisdom of your baby. You see, obstetrics in general, doesn't belief you can birth without 'help', 'management'. They do not believe your body can do it. Nor do they believe in the inherent perfection and wisdom of your baby to be born without their 'assistance'. If you aren't offended by that, you should be. As should your husband.

IMHO, you are heading for a c-sec if you allow (because it is YOUR CHOICE) induction on any level, and get on the clock for birthing within 12 hours of hospital admittance. If you want to avoid what could be the worst experience you've had, and tremendous suffering for your baby, then you must take control and not ask for permission to birth the way you want.

Btw, are you drinking lots of water? That is so critical right now. If you get too dehydrated and your amniotic fluid decreases, you could have pre term labor and then the System will try to get your baby to come out using Pit and surgery. Drink water, please!

Bec, your story of birthing made me cry. Oh, how hard for you and DD!! I always cry when I read stories as've learned so much, that is obvious and I commend your strength and vowing next time will be different.

KFH: ITA with everything you wrote about the time limit for ROM. Thank you for posting this info.
Leddie's Avatar Leddie 09:30 PM 06-02-2003
wow - I'm so glad that I have read this thread -

I was on pit. for 17hours with my dd. My water broke and they had me come in to the hospital right away - they left me alone for 10hours - but then told me that it was my choice but that I needed to start pitocin because of the risk of infection. I'm positve that with more research, next time I would tell them no thank you and leave. The pitocin caused horredous contractions which I was able to manage ok for about 8 hours but then broke down and got the epidural. (I was 3cm at this point..ARGH) Two failed epidurals but luckily I had a midwife who really helped me a lot and kept me from having that c-section -

I HATE Pitocin and never want to have it again - hopefully my water won't break before labor starts this time. urgh.
bec's Avatar bec 01:02 AM 06-03-2003
Originally posted by frogertgrl
Bec, your story of birthing made me cry. Oh, how hard for you and DD!! I always cry when I read stories as've learned so much, that is obvious and I commend your strength and vowing next time will be different.

It was hard, and I have shed lots of tears about it. And thanks for the support. It means a lot to me. I have great support irl, and that is making a huge difference. DH is fabulous. He listens to everything I say, reads anything I ask him to, and is one of the best cheerleaders you could ask for.

I think my biggest hurdle now is my own self-confidence. I'm working at it, bit by bit, but it's hard. My trust in my body was shattered during the whole experience and after. Succeeding in nursing went a long way in helping to pick up the pieces, but it's like they're all just precariously balanced. I'm working on gluing it all together so it's solid. My brain knows I can do this. Not just think, but really knows it. I just have to convince my heart.

This site is the absolute best. DH and my family and friends are great, but they haven't been there (only one friend has. She's pregnant and due in August, so I'm holding my breath to see how she does). Being able to talk to people that have lived it is a huge inspiration for me.

Sara29's Avatar Sara29 11:14 AM 06-03-2003
Both my birthings were at home(one mw watched and the first was unassisted),so no first hand expereinces with hospitals(TG).But....
I have a friend who has had 7 kids and she often got the pit drip ,because she says that after a certain point her cervix won't dialate anymore.She,unlike me has no issues/regrets with hospital birthing.She never took pain meds,but she does say the pit induced contractions are much more painful.From all that I have read I agree that one intervention leads to another.With my first pregnancy no one did internals(I did one),and my water broke well into labor.With the second I had a mw from 4 or 6 months pregnancy and she never did internals.She did her first and only one when she arrived half and hour before ds birth. I really see no point in doing repeated internals.One during active labor is enough.They baby will come when it will come.A mother needs to move and position herself the way she wants,and she needs to be free to eat and drink if she wants.
With ds my water broke well into labor.I drank lots of water,did herbal teas,and followed my cravings(healthy for the most part).I don't know if any of it helped.I do know nutrition is very important during the developemental stage of the placenta.

If I had to birth in a hospital I would probably lock myself in the bathroom(after I cleaned it,lol),and labor in the shower on a labor ball.I would not allow internals,and I would only allow them to use a doppler.I would never get into the hospital bed until after I delivered my baby.LOL, in short I would drive the staff nuts.I would have a cooler with pineapple juice and RRL tea,some luna bars,and some tintures of herbs for whatever.

And for the record my dh is the type of person most happy to hand me over to the doctors while he waits in the other room for it all be to over.No thank you. I gave a little for his sake and hired a mw the second time around..She was very nice and pretty much had a hands-off approach.He would not be the one living with the emotional scars of a bad birth experience had I done it his way-OB/Hospital.

Best wishes to everyone in their birthing.Healthy and happy momma's and babies!
Mendy101 09:42 AM 06-14-2014
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