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tripleblessed's Avatar tripleblessed 06:03 PM 04-09-2007
Ahhh! This is so frustrating and dissapointing...after a crueling first 2 weeks of pregnancy (I'm really paranoid of another m/c)..I went in for an ultrasound today (thinking I should be 6 weeks) and they saw a sac but no baby yet...although she did say she saw the yolk sac, although I couldn't see it. She said my sac was measuring 5weeks4days...I"m not too surprised as I wasn't for sure when I ovulated..she said it's no too uncommon to not see a baby yet, and they rescheduled me for one more week to recheck. I think I'm going to go crazy!! really!! anyone have similar situations to share please?! thanks..


~Demeter~'s Avatar ~Demeter~ 06:07 PM 04-09-2007
This is actually rather common in the beginning of pregnancy. I would wait a couple of weeks and go back in by that point it's possible to see the heartbeat and the baby. Although sometimes even then everything isn't visible. My cousin went through something similar and it was very stressful for her because it was her first and they were unsure of her dates and kept saying she was much further along than she really was. Try not to worry about it too much.. trust in your body.
chrissy's Avatar chrissy 06:12 PM 04-09-2007
i had two early miscarriages before this pregnancy so i was really really nervous this time around. i was having my beta levels checked and they were really good. they scheduled me for an early u/s when they thought they would be able to see a baby and heartbeat (based on my beta levels)- i think i was just about 6 weeks. when i had the u/s we saw a sac and yolk sac but no heartbeat yet. i was *crushed*. the ob was very supportive and told me that there was no reason to worry, that it was probably too early, and that i should schedule another u/s. well, i was going for that one early u/s to ease my mind and really it had done the complete opposite!

after a lot of thought i decided to cancel the u/s and stop seeing the ob all together (seeing my homebirth midwife instead). in my heart i knew that this baby was okay and i decided to stop relying on technology to tell me what i already knew, particularly b/c of how it caused me so much fear.

anyway, to make a long story short. i am now 34 weeks pregnant with a very healthy, wiggly baby.

anyway, all that wasn't to say that you shouldn't go to your next u/s, just that that was what was best for me. the point is that i'll bet your baby is just fine. i'll be keeping you in my thoughts.
tripleblessed's Avatar tripleblessed 06:13 PM 04-09-2007
Thanks Nic...I just have to say..your boys are adorable! I too am I mom of three boys and hope to have a little girl on the way too!

The4OfUs's Avatar The4OfUs 06:15 PM 04-09-2007
Yep - a torturous week-and-a-half wait between apointments - sac but no baby on the first one, heartbeat chugging away on the second one...she's 9 months old now.

I hope everything works out for you!!
~Demeter~'s Avatar ~Demeter~ 06:20 PM 04-09-2007
Thanks Karen! I'll be keeping you in my thoughts.. let me know how things go. :
Ianthe's Avatar Ianthe 06:46 PM 04-09-2007
Me too...

I had a u/s a 5 weeks and just a sac. Went in the next week and saw the hb at 6w2d!
tripleblessed's Avatar tripleblessed 06:51 PM 04-09-2007
Thanks so much Chrissy and everyone else....it's very encouraging. I just need to let go and realize I'm not in control...God is....gotta keep reminding myself that. The support here is priceless...please keep this baby in your prayers and I'll update next Wed!

kkar's Avatar kkar 07:07 PM 04-09-2007
I'll be thinking of you this week.
cristeen's Avatar cristeen 08:43 PM 04-09-2007
I was still showing a sac at 8 weeks 1 day, and my dates are firm.
Tattiana's Avatar Tattiana 01:24 PM 04-10-2007
I think this is really common. One thing that helps is if you have had your betas done, that will tell you if things are progressing if they are doubling. I can't tell you how many times I have heard from women online who had an ultrasound that early and had to wait a week or two to see a heartbeat. MOST of the time, things are fine. Yes, there are those times that things just don't develop, but as I said, I still think your chances are good.

(((HUGS)))) I know that the wait is hard.
cappuccinosmom's Avatar cappuccinosmom 04:17 PM 04-10-2007
I can't tell you how many women I know who've been told "there's no baby in there" at 6 or even 8 weeks and a few weeks later saw a perfectly healthy baby.

That's why I don't like having early ultrasounds as a matter of routine. (or ultrasounds at all, routinely). There is so much room for mistakes.