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nostrow's Avatar nostrow 07:47 PM 07-06-2003
Hey lovely ladies! I know I don't post very often but I do read almost everyday and I'm due Aug 12. I wanted to ask you all if you would mind thinking happy-baby-stay-in-the-tummy thoughts for me? On my 34 week visit on Wed I was put on complete bedrest! Because they are fearing early labor! OK, I'm a first time preggo and this is really freaking me out!. I'm only allowed to get up to go to the bathroom and grab some food. It super sucks. And then to add insult to injury I had no computer access until today! Lukily a friend lent me his laptop! Yay! But bedrest still sucks. If anyone has any ideas for how to get comfortable or anything I would greatly appreciate them.

I am glad to see that everyone else it hanging in there! Keep up the great work beautiful momma's.


Chanley's Avatar Chanley 08:54 PM 07-06-2003
No clue on how to get comfortable. I am not on bedrest and would like that info too!

But I will send you all of the stay pregnant vibes that I can.

I cannot believe we are in the homestretch. Nesting is a good thing!!! I am hauling off so much clutter!!!


I am so scared of the wreck that will become this place once I have a newborn in arms constantly!! So all of the unnecessary mess making stuff is going going GONE!!!
mamabeard's Avatar mamabeard 09:08 PM 07-06-2003
yeah, that's the ironic flip-side to this whole nesting thing. when i was pregnant with my son i became a major neat freak. within two weeks after his birth, my apartment was trashed.. and now that things are getting orderly again, i'm trying not to get too attached! but yeah, getting the clutter out is going to help. and i'm planning on buying paper plates for the first month. i'm REALLY bad at doing dishes as it is..

nostrow, hi! sorry i don't really have any ideas other than to take advantage of the opportunity to rest while you can! i would read as many books as i could, do some drawing, journalling, meditating. but i can imagine it's quite uncomfortable.. maybe do some light stretching while lying in bed? i had a bit of a scare too, and almost ended up on bedrest.. i'm sending baby-stay-inside vibes too!

yikes, i'm getting kinda panicky thinking there are less than 2 months left, to get so much done!! anyone else?
birdwomyn's Avatar birdwomyn 02:23 AM 07-07-2003
Hi ladies--

40 days until my edd -- not that I am counting, or anything!!!!

I have felt funky all day today -- I guess it has been braxton hicks making my belly feel like a bowling ball....

I can't believe this pregnancy is going so fast AND dragging on so long, both at the same time!!!! I can't wait to meet Sam, but I have so much I want to get done before Sam is here!!!! This week is my last full-time week at work -- then I have two 1/2 time weeks of work, then my job ends.... Of course, I am scheduled to start full-time graduate school 10 days after my edd -- I REALLY hope Sam is on time or even a few days early!!!! I guess we'll just have to wait and see!!!!

Wishing every one well and appropriate keeping baby inside vibes....

Colorful~Mama's Avatar Colorful~Mama 01:31 PM 07-07-2003
hope everyone is doing well today.

i need some thoughts and to whine if thats alright.

most of you know that tho i have two beautiful girls, i've never experienced true labor. (water broke with first and they induced. i was 24, it was 1989 and i di dn't know better... and the 2nd induction i was just a stupid FREAK. lol). so anyway i have no idea what "normal" prelabor symptoms are . or what "normal" labor is.

here i am with #3. my last pregnancy as far as we believe and i'm going for the natural birth/vbac. I've been excercising a bit, eating right, reading tons, doign hypnobirthign/relaxation tapes. And i've felt wonderful this whole pregnancy. and considering i'm turning 38 in a few weeks i'm pretty proud of how my body has done so far.

ok. thats the background. the thing is....

i'm so sick all of the sudden! :
for the past day and a half i've been incredibly nauseous. I mean, laying down on the floor nauseated. it goes like this. I'm fine running around doing stuff. i feel it hit. I sit down. i rest. i drink. it passes. I'm hungry. i eat. i get up and do stu ff. it hits again.

yesterday i couldn't eat supper i was so sick. so at 9:30pm i was feeling good . and hungry. so i made a bowl of pasta with butter. was scarfing it up like there was no tomorrow. half way thru the bowl it hit again. total nausea - like 'i'm going to be sick' feeling. So i rest. i drink. i wait. it passes. I start feelign good again. i do the dishes. get into bed and go to sleep.

4am i'm up clutchign my stomache again! ate some crackers, walked around the house. drank some water. it passed. went back to bed.

its 8:20am now and i've had a few crackers. i feel good so i'm going to try to get out of here to the post office to send out orders but i'm afraid it'll hit again. OH! and now the sinus stuff has started again too after 3 months of relief from it i'm blowing my nose like theres no tomorrow! i'm freaking 35wks and a few days. i dont NEEEED this.

and the braxton hicks from hell aren't helping either. lol. at least one an hour. very sporadic but quite painful.

so - thats the whine part. i guess what i'm askign is , is this normal to have happen a few weeks before labor. or am i sick? lol
kaje62's Avatar kaje62 04:16 PM 07-07-2003
Okay Nostrow, we are sending you lotsa love and support right now. Hope you get good news tomorrow.

Colorful Mama, I am sick a lot too. And was with Charlie in the beginning and the end. I have vomited twice in the last few weeks with this one and three times in the end with Charlie. I have been doing chrystalized ginger and lotsa calmicid which is a natural tums basically. Don't get too hungry, hang in there. Maybe it is because it is a boy. Who knows. I am so with you on the VBAC and so excited for you.

And here is my big whine.

Both Jerry's sister (to Texas) and Jerry's parents (to Colorado) will be out of town during my due date. Now that my sister has moved, I just feel a little unsupported, lonely etc...with that. I just remember everyone at the hospital when Charlie was born. I don't know it just breaks my heart. I have been crying about it etc..And I feel angry. I don't know if I tell them I am hurt or what. I brought my laptop out here to enter my recipes into a filing system I am doing and Jerry's mom asked me why I am doing that? And I wanted to say, "Why are you going out of town during our due date?" I don't know. Hopefully I am just hormonal and sensitive cuz I am less than 5 weeks away but I do feel sad. And then I have people like doulasarah who changed her vacation so she can help me as a friend after the baby is born. So I know family is not always family but sometimes it is hard to remember that and all you want is love from them. Okay enough of that.
kaje62's Avatar kaje62 11:37 AM 07-08-2003
can't believe this but we need a new thread again. come and join us mamas.
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