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wanderinggypsy's Avatar wanderinggypsy 09:20 AM 05-18-2007
Have any of you ever had cholestasis of pregnancy? 6 weeks ago I ended my pregnancy early to ensure the survival of my daughter, as I was quite heavily afflicted with the disorder. I am just wondering about future pregnancies, and the chance of reoccurance. Does anyone have personal experience in this area? Thanks!

sarabrynn82's Avatar sarabrynn82 12:20 PM 05-18-2007
No personal experience, but has lots of info!
mexicomommy's Avatar mexicomommy 01:25 PM 05-18-2007
I second the site. They are wonderful. I am so glad you got your daughter out safely! We were not so fortunate and lost our baby at 32 weeks. I am now pregnant again and am hoping to avoid it but from what I have read once you get it you pretty much always get it. I know that sounds discouraging but at least in the end, after all the awfulness, you get a healthy baby to hold!
Hope that helps some, if you have any more questions feel free to ask!
luckydog's Avatar luckydog 05:00 PM 05-18-2007
I was induced for cholestasis with DD#1 at 39 weeks. For me the first symptoms didn't present until around 37-38 weeks. I don't know if a later diagnosis impacts recurrence rates, but I have subsequently had two full term pregnancies with spontaneous onset of labor at 40 and 41 weeks, and no recurrence.

Praying that I have the same outcome with this pregnancy!
mamaonthefarm's Avatar mamaonthefarm 09:12 PM 05-18-2007
There could be hope for some mamas. I had it with dc1, NOT with dc2, and am 34 wks with dc3 and no symptoms yet. If I avoid it with this baby too, I will contact the research team in Britain (I'm in the USA but there's a big research team in Britain for cholestasis right now) and report my case. I've heard too about the high recurrence rate. But the latest study out of Europe says it's like a 60 or a little higher % recurrence rate.

The way I understand it, cholestasis can be genetic and / or environmental. I did lots of things different between dc1 and dc2 with my diet that could have made all the difference. I don't know if the things that I did would work for others or not. Maybe I was lucky and had more of an environmentally-induced case. The main thing I did was change my diet to that which is described on I did other things too. You can PM me if you wish.