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citizenfong's Avatar citizenfong 11:34 AM 06-27-2003
Please be advised that this post is graphic!

Okay, on 11dpo (Tues.) my temperatures dropped to 97.7, which is my coverline. I got crampy and that night af showed. By the next morning (Wed.) it hard started to slack off, it never got heavy. All day yesterday (Thurs) there was nothing on my pad, but I could see stuff in the toilet after I'd peed. I've been having persistant dizziness and mild nausea for several days and expected that to stop when af started. I chalked it up to higher hormone levels this cycle (I am a bf'ing mama, and anything goes, right?).

12dpo, my temp was 97.8, still above coverline and yesterday, 13dpo 97.7. This morning (Fri.) 14dpo I was expecting to finally see my temps drop below "last month's" coverline...98.2. ???

I decided to test. I got a VERY faint , but it came up within the allotted 3 minute time span.

So, was I pg and now have miscarried, but the hcg is still leaving my system? Or was all this bleeding late (well, I guess it wouldn't even have been late) implantation "spotting"?

Here is why I am confused. First, my assumption was that implantation would cause a dip in your temps for ONE day, not 2/3 days. Second, (VERY GRAPHIC) my assumption has also always been that implantation spotting or women who (have a regular period even though they're pg) are only bleeding. I had some regular af clotting. Third, even though it was a very short af, 48hrs seems a bit long for implantation spotting.

If I am/was miscarrying, why did my temp go back up? Never went below my coverline.

Please note, I have never had a miscarriage or implantation spotting, so these are only IMPRESSIONS I've had about both processes. So if you've experienced either, you likely know better than I.

Here is my chart:



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Charmie981's Avatar Charmie981 11:42 AM 06-27-2003
IME with very early miscarriages (around the time AF is due), they are caused by a sudden drop in progesterone, just like AF is, so they are accompanied by a large drop in temperature. And my early m/c have been full-fledged BLEEDING. Yes, sometimes they started with spotting for a couple of days (oh, the torture!), but usually after that it would be a standard AF for me, if not heavier. If you think about it, during a m/c, your body still has to shed all of the uterine lining, plus whatever tissue has formed during the pregnancy.

So my GUESS would be that you did have some spotting around the time AF would be due (and many women do this), but that you're still pregnant. Keep temping and test again in a few days, or if you're not comfortable waiting, call your OB or midwife .
panda's Avatar panda 11:44 AM 06-27-2003
Sorry, I don't have any good info one way or the other. Just sending out some peaceful, healthy vibes for you during this confusing time. It wouldn't hurt to call your midwife or doctor, and see what they say. They may be able to give you more to go on. Take it easy and be good to yourself!
bec's Avatar bec 11:56 AM 06-27-2003
I second what the others have said. I wasn't charting when I had an early m/c, but it seemed like a very heavy period. When it was done, I took one more HPT and it came up negative. Your chart looks good. It looks like an implantation dip to me. If you are still confused, you might keep temping and take another HPT in a couple of days. If you are pregnant it should be a darker positive because you would have more HCG in your system.

Good luck! I hope you get the result you want! And let us know what happens!

sagewinna's Avatar sagewinna 01:09 PM 06-27-2003
I spotted for several days around the time AF was due with this pregnancy.

Maybe you should take another test to be sure?
citizenfong's Avatar citizenfong 04:16 PM 06-27-2003
Thanks you guys. What you say makes sense, that af would be AT LEAST as long/much as regular if m/c. Also, why would my temps go back UP after?

It seems pretty likely that I'm pg, but I will test again in the morning. Not only will I keep you all posted, I may be heading over to this board!

its_our_family's Avatar its_our_family 04:52 PM 06-27-2003
i'd say that you just had spotting around the time of af. i'd def test again tomorrow and temp just to be sure though.

i had a m/c at around 5 weeks in november and it was still heavy clotting and contractions that early. I had an even earlier m/c in march....probably a chem pg and it was pretty much the same. the bleeding started a week after the pos...(only 1 pos hpt) it was much like a period with some clotting (more than normal)

A m/c will be as heavy as your normal af.

I hope we see you sticking around!!
SpringRain's Avatar SpringRain 09:24 PM 06-27-2003
Here is a chart I found on the Ovusoft chart galleries that is similar to yours and they were pregnant. It can happen. Good luck!
citizenfong's Avatar citizenfong 10:17 PM 06-27-2003
Okay, y'all rock. I can't believe you went over and found that chart for me! And thanks for the added encouragement, it's-our-family!

citizenfong's Avatar citizenfong 01:26 AM 07-02-2003
Okay, there's good news and there is WHATEVER! news. The frustrating news is that I took another hpt this morning and there is still only the FAINTEST of lines. If it didn't come up so quickly, I'd be sure it was an evap line. If dh hadn't said he could see it (finally), I'd be convinced I was imagining things. So it hasn't changed at all since Sat.'s result. UGGGGHHH!

The good news is this. I am convinced that I am pg! Even dh is convinced. Shall I list ALL the symptoms? It is just like I remember it from when I was pg with ds. Umm, except we did eventually get a nice, dark line.

Peeing about 1.5x/hr on average--Sat night I peed 8x between 8:45pm and 7:30am.
Hungry about every 2 hrs., if I don't eat I start to get that burning, empty pit of a stomach feeling followed by nausea
Have napped 3 days in a row. After 10hr nights.
Craving salt. ummmm. I've been eating a little something sweet followed by something really salty to make taste saltier yet (okay, don't remember doing exactly that when pg w/A)
Headaches (not normally prone to them though I do get them occasionally)
Completely enhanced sense of smell--cat food <shudder>
Lower back fatigue/cramps.
Recurring crampy O-type pain (one of my first clues I was pg with A--it lasted through the first trimester)
Noticable flush across bridge of nose and apples of cheeks (looks like what you get after a hot bath)
Increased acne, especially acne on other parts of my body. Almost NEVER get more than one at a time any place other than face.
Consistantly high pulse--90's+ at rest
Increased asthma attacks
Much more emotional
Oh, and did I mention 18 days of temps at or above coverline? I know that some have had that, but has anyone heard of that AFTER the cycle is reestablished? And it not be a cyst? Cause I don't have any of the cyst symptoms.

So here's the plan. We are going to get one more hpt in a different brand than the 3 we've used (Answer). I will wait as long as I can to take it, realistically from an hour to 2 days. Dh suggested waiting a week, but I can't continue to live like that. If the hpt remains inconclusive/extremely faint we will proceed privately on the basis that we believe I am pg. We are not going to get too excited, if possible. We are not going to tell anyone else for now. One friend and my mom and you guys know. Eventually, I'll take another test when I can't stand it any more. But also eventually, it will become obvious that I am pg, even to strangers!

I always used to wonder when I read novels set in different time periods in history why they never told everyone they were pg until they started showing. HA! They couldn't be 100% sure!

We have decided NOT to get a blood test for several reasons. If it was negative, they would tell me all the symptoms were in my head and would not be likely to give much if any weight to my charting. If it was positive but not increasing at their preferred rate (which is only what's average, it's not the only normal rate of increase of Hcg) they would want to do additional tests that I would be unwilling to do. Because, in the end, even if there is something wrong, there is nothing they can do! The only exception is an ectopic pgy, but if I remember correctly (and I do plan to buff up on my research on this) my symptoms do not fit.

Soooo, that's where we are left. I will say that if someone reads this and things they recognize what's going on with my body and it's not good, please do not hesitate to say so. In other words, if I'm missing something, let me know!

Other than that, I'm not making any plans for the end of next winter. I think I'll be busy. What do y'all think? Am I nuts?

Charmie981's Avatar Charmie981 01:39 AM 07-02-2003
When you buy your pg test, buy an equate (wal-mart brand). It's 3x more sensitive and much cheaper than Answer.

My only concern is that it is possible, with the bleeding, that the pregnacy is ectopic. I have a friend who had an ectopic recently (would've been due in Sep.) and was really confused because she had a period and then a + pregnancy test.

But I also have a friend (also due in Sep.) who thought she was only 6 weeks along when she went to the dr, but then was measuring 10 weeks. She'd had a "period" as well, but stayed pregnant.

I'm sorry I'm so ambivilent. I really think the Equate would give you more of the result you want, though . And yes, eventually you will start showing and you'll *KNOW*.

Good luck!!
bec's Avatar bec 03:05 PM 07-02-2003
It sounds like CONGRATULATIONS are in order!

Those list of symptoms are all classic. And the 18 days of high temps says it all!

citizenfong's Avatar citizenfong 12:47 PM 07-03-2003
I want to thank you all for your support. This morning I got a
I guess I WILL be joining you guys! Woo-hoo!

mamaley's Avatar mamaley 12:48 PM 07-03-2003
Wow! Congrats!!!
bhdavison's Avatar bhdavison 12:50 PM 07-03-2003
Yeah Tracy! We all knew it (including you), but it sure must feel good to see the BFP in such broad colors!

Congratulations and hope to see you on the pregnancy boards by the end of this month!