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Jennisee's Avatar Jennisee 02:31 AM 12-20-2007
Originally Posted by DBZ View Post
She said that it's a new growing trend to send "big girls" to the anesthiologist prior to delivery and that all these docs do all this because they are afraid of lawsuits.
I don't understand...what exactly does the anesthesiologist do at this pre-delivery appointment? Is it just a verbal consultation, or do they do something like measure the vertebrae? I don't mean to be dense, but I don't understand what they could do at this appointment that could "minimize risks" in the minds of the midwives.

DBZ's Avatar DBZ 02:55 AM 12-20-2007
Beats the heck out of me. If I go to that appointment, which I doubt I will, I'll let you know. The only risk it minimizes IMO is the legal one $$$$$.
Jennisee's Avatar Jennisee 06:30 AM 01-05-2008
raversangel's Avatar raversangel 12:38 PM 01-05-2008
Hi mama's I'm not pg as of yet, hope to be soon but read through the first couple pages about not having maternity jeans and what not long enough and just wanted to mention that I've found that you can order jcp online or from the cataloge tall sizes in maternity that go up to a 2xl and the tall inseam is 34" and they just came out with some stylish work attire as well...

raversangel's Avatar raversangel 12:44 PM 01-05-2008
Originally Posted by DBZ View Post
I thought my MW group (cnm) was "fat friendly" until today. They want me to have an epidural with or without the meds to keep anesthia "in house". Today, they told me I need to have an appt with anesthia because I am a "big girl". WTF! I am getting even more POed typing this out. Sorry, but I don't have layers apon layers of blubber on my back where they think they are going to insert a needle (hell no) and last time I checked my throat was pretty normal. Giving me an IV is not a prob, so where the heck is the problem?!?!?

Thanks for listening. I just wanted to tell someone who might "get it"
mmk, that's just bs, I'm 5'10" and when i was ready to give birth to my last i was 330lbs and the anastesialogist had no problems w/me AT ALL! I think they just want to 'evaluate the situation' so they can weigh the lawsuit risk if they screw up and decide whether they want to do it for you or not...I'd tell them to forget it...
DBZ's Avatar DBZ 03:33 AM 01-06-2008
So how is everyone doing?
~Megan~'s Avatar ~Megan~ 03:59 PM 01-06-2008
I actually just read all 13 pages! Whew. Lots of thoughts about lots of posts but I read it over 2 days so many of my thoughts are lost.

I'm about 8wks pregnant with my third child. This was a big unexpected surprise for us. I had hoped to make some changes for better health. I don't care so much about loosing weight as I do about being healthy. I'm hoping I can still do some of these changes even though I'm pregnant but the 1st trimester is a hard time for me to make diet changes because of nausea and cravings. I sometimes have to go with the flow and eat what I can.

The last few days the nausea has been much relieved so I can eat a big more normally. One day last week dh forced me to get food on my way to work. I ended up eating 1.5 chicken strips, a coke, and then later that night a frappucino from the coffee place next to work. It was horrible but all I could keep down.
Of course now that the nausea is better I'm worried!

Luckily my mw doesn't care about size at all. It never came up and she doesn't weigh you at appointments either. I had an OB (and c-section) with dc1 and think I started around 210, I gained around 20lbs. She was okay with that but kept warning me to not gain more. It was quite annoying because I was eating healthy.

Last time I think I started around the same weight, maybe a bit more and gained 20 again. I always loose it in the first 2 weeks though.

Its not something that really concerns me. I don't think that weight is the problem but the things that one might due that made them overweight. That is if you are at least moderately active and eat a healthy diet (ie not low fat but natural foods like veggies, milk, meat, and a little big of grains and sugar) and you still weigh the same then your chances of health problems are no more than those of a person that has the same lifestyle but weighs 100lbs less.

Now I just need to get myself more motivated to do all the things I want to do!

Originally Posted by avasmomleigh View Post
Where do you find nursing bras? last time I had some that just didn't fit, I think they only ran to 36 D or 38D at target, so those are the ones that I got. they were uncomfortable! I don't want to/can't spend a fortune on them, but I do want some that fit this time. Any ideas? Thanks!
Lane Bryant is where I'll be ordering my bras. The website has Goddess bras in my size (40J!). There aren't many sizes left but lots of big cup sizes

Also, yesterday I was at Sears and found 5 nice maternity shirts and one pair of cords for $55. Oddly enough though I got 3x in the shirts and XL in the pants and in every other brand I wear 18/20 top and bottom, if anything I'd wear 20 pants! So if you have a big bum try the 2x and 3x pants at Sears!
Granted the 2x shirts fit but I didn't think they'd last the whole preg because my belly is where I carry my weight.
When not preg though I wear Spanx and it holds it all and I think I look nicely hourglass! I'll be going back in them after the babe is born I think.
butterfly_mommy's Avatar butterfly_mommy 04:56 PM 01-06-2008
Welcome Megan!

I am doing well. Getting huge but not too bad, i am only measuring 2cm over now I feel pretty good except my hips are achy now and I need to turn over about every hour. baby seems to be head down and am hoping he/she stays that way so I can have a VBAC. bought some fleece the other day and am planning on making a fleece pouch for the babe this week. Hope everyone else is doing well.
~Megan~'s Avatar ~Megan~ 02:50 AM 01-07-2008
These are belly pics from last time.

21wks, 24 wks, 28wks...I guess I didn't do any after that for some reason!

DBZ's Avatar DBZ 03:21 AM 01-07-2008
You looked great in those pics Megan! BTW, I can't get your knitting link to work.
~Megan~'s Avatar ~Megan~ 04:08 AM 01-07-2008
Originally Posted by DBZ View Post
You looked great in those pics Megan! BTW, I can't get your knitting link to work.
Do you have a Ravelry account? I think you can only see it if you have an account.

I sometimes update here
Teenytoona's Avatar Teenytoona 12:59 PM 01-07-2008
Hiya Mommas!!

As I'm sure you can see, I've got a good bit of updating to do on the list! I will get to it at my lunchtime today, if that's ok with you all... (I'm quite the thread keeper slacker, sorry!)

I also wanted to see if someone can take over as keeper of the thread, maybe make it a seasonal/half a year thing? I thought I read that threads getting super long have caused some of the issues the boards have had lately, so I wonder if we shouldn't make this thread into seasonal installments. Also, seeing as I'm due next month, it might be a good time to hand over keeper duties to a momma due later in the year.

But I suppose we should see what you all would like to do, monthly, seasonally, semi-annually? or Other?

I guess I'd go with seasonally to be my vote.
DBZ's Avatar DBZ 01:09 PM 01-07-2008
It's the threads that have 10,000 posts that kill the board. We are far from that LOL. I do think starting a new thread every so often is a good idea since we will eventually have our babies and not be hanging out here so much.
jennythx's Avatar jennythx 04:48 PM 01-07-2008
I just saw this thread for the first time today. I think it is awesome and hope to join in with you ladies. I am 21 weeks pregnant 5'11 and was 250 when I got PG this time around. I had hoped to slim down after my first baby, even threw away my big maternity pants, didn't happen though and now I got to restock my supply of pants that actually fit. So fun. I've gained a lot of weight already, I still have Morning Sickness and have to eat all the time to stave off the nausea. It kind of stinks to gain so much weight and not enjoy any of the food. Anyway, I am just doing my best to be as healthy as I can even as a big girl.

Hope to talk and hear from you ladies in the future.
~Megan~'s Avatar ~Megan~ 05:33 PM 01-07-2008
It is a new year. Should we start a new thread now? I can be keeper if you want.
Teenytoona's Avatar Teenytoona 01:24 PM 01-08-2008
I think that a new thread for the new year is a fine idea! Thanks also for volunteering!! :
~Megan~'s Avatar ~Megan~ 05:13 PM 01-08-2008
Okay, I started one over here.
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