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Phoebe's Avatar Phoebe 01:53 PM 07-18-2003
I know we only concieved 3 weeks ago but I'm a bit worried since I haven't had any morning sickness yet. I'm not feeling really tired either. I have heard that this can indicate something bad...I don't want to even say the word.

Can anyone share their experiece with this?


Carolinamidwife's Avatar Carolinamidwife 02:26 PM 07-18-2003
Not everyone has morning sickness. I know lots of women who sail through pregnancy without a green moment. We aren't really even sure what causes morning sickness so the idea that it indicates a healthy pregnancy may be outdated.

Your m/s may not have shown it's little green face yet, I think average onset is 8-10 weeks. If you never have it consider yourself lucky!

Wooby's Avatar Wooby 05:41 PM 07-18-2003
Sheena is right. I think the average onset of m/s is about 6-8 weeks. I didn't start to feel the bone-numbing fatigue until that point either. Then, overwhelming nausea (both times) until 12 weeks. The great thing is, it has an end point and the rest of the pregnancy is BEAUTIFUL!

However, I have several friends who never had a day of morning sickness or even a blah feeling during first trimester. : Lucky girls went on the deliver beautiful healthy babes!

Congratulations on your pregnancy!
Clarity's Avatar Clarity 07:25 PM 07-18-2003
I have had healthy pregnancies and disastrous ones. And was never sick with either. Women vary. Truly, women with multiples tend to be a little sicker (higher hormones.) Not true for me though. And sometimes when your mroning sickness or other symptoms stop very suddenly, it's a sign hormone levels have dropped and maybe there's a m/c happening, not the lack of pregnancy symptoms at all. But mostly, it just keeps moms with normal pregnacies whose symptoms are wearing off further into pregnancy up at night.
simonee's Avatar simonee 08:07 PM 07-18-2003
I was NEVER sick the first time, and not bad at all the second (more because I was aware of every little symptom, but I never had to puke). Both babies were'/will be (due any day now) very healthy.

Bless yourself and enjoy the healthy food.
Golden's Avatar Golden 08:26 PM 07-18-2003
I had no m/s with my pregnancy either. Although I have heard some say that m/s is a sign of a strong pregnancy, I have NOT heard anyone say that LACK of m/s is a sign of something other than luck!

kate42's Avatar kate42 08:44 PM 07-18-2003
No morning sickness here, either! I felt queasy every once in a while, but that was it.
stafl's Avatar stafl 11:16 PM 07-18-2003
Slightly over half of all pregnant women don't get morning sickness. You only hear from the other half that do get it!

I don't have it this time, but did the first. I think not having it is a *good* thing!!!
lilyka's Avatar lilyka 02:46 AM 07-19-2003
Mine starts in the second trimester.

But yeah, I don't know anyone whyo has had morniong sickness before 6 weeks.
Sharon's Avatar Sharon 04:19 PM 07-20-2003
I've heard that if you have morning sickness, it means that you probably won't miscarry, but that the reverse ISN'T true (ie. if you have no morning sickness, then you will miscarry - not true). I had terrible morning sickness starting at week 5, lasting through week 13. My sister had no problems at all. So even heredity doesn't seem to play much of a factor... Who knows. The whole thing is a mystery, but if you're feeling good, enjoy it!!! And eat well, because who knows how you might be feeling in a couple weeks!! I hope you're one of the lucky ones. I was ready to adopt any future children when I was feeling sick! (but now I think pregnancy is awesome!) Oh and CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Electra375's Avatar Electra375 11:40 PM 08-03-2003
Happy happy day!!!
With my first two baby's no morning sickness to speak of ( a little nausaus once maybe twice) My third, I'm about 5weeks prego, no morning sickness either, a bit tired, but it might be mental b/c I know I'm prego now. The urinating frequently has never really left, but it is back full force.
Don't worry. By the way, I have that pre-period is coming feeling, but I had it with the other pregnancies too. (A little full in the uterus feeling and a very little crampy.) I'm just taking it easy and eliminating anything in my diet that might cause harm.
ramonagrowsup's Avatar ramonagrowsup 07:28 PM 08-04-2003
"I have that pre-period is coming feeling, but I had it with the other pregnancies too. (A little full in the uterus feeling and a very little crampy.)"

i have that too, and don't really remember it from #1 pg. i also haven't had any m/s, which is why i looked up this thread... i've been a little wierded out, as i was sick as a dog the first time.
well, glad to hear others experiences, i'm still newly prego and am having difficulty totally recalling first pregnancy (blockage??)